Final Cut

February 21, 2009
By blondey234 BRONZE, Whitehouse, Ohio
blondey234 BRONZE, Whitehouse, Ohio
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I could feel all my pain go away with that first sight of blood. I have been feeling this way for as
long as I could remember. Every day I would lock myself in the bathroom and cut all my pains away.
You see my mother killed her self my hanging in our basement. After my mother died and my dad's wife
he killed him self by overdose. So now I live with my grandparents. My grandparents always see the
pain in my eyes when they start to talk about my parents. Everyday I would come home from school and
lock myself in my room. The week of my parent's death changed my entire life, starting with just a
text message. The Moring of Monday I got a text message on my phone saying that I was to be at the
school at 7:15. It hit me strange but really did not think about it. I got to school around 7:13. I
walked up to one of my best guy friends named John Wasting. We have been friends forever and
secretly I have like him this whole time. 'Why did I have to been here at 7:15' I asked. Well, I
know it is the hardest week for you so I just wanted to see if you wanted to do something after
school. Then all of a sudden I had a feeling in my stomach that I had not felt since my parents
died. 'Sure' I said. 'Want did you have in mind' I asked. 'A movie' he said 'That sounds great' I
said with a little joy in my voice. I told I will see him later. I went though school with a knot in
my stomach. After school I went home for a bit to put my stuff down. When I got home from the movies
I went to bed I was so sleepy. It has been a year and I and John are still dating. That Monday of
our two year I overheard him talking to his friends that this was all a bet and he never wanted to
go out with me. I skipped school that day and locked my self in the bathroom.

The author's comments:
this story was the feeling had when i ay best friend had died and seem everythign seemed to be going wrong

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