The Great Debate

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Connie and her best friend Jenny sat in her room on a Friday night. Her room looked just as an eighth-grade girl’s room should look. It was covered in pink: the walls, the bed, the curtains and all the clothes. The room was polluted by stuffed animals and dolls. The walls were draped with posters of The Jonas Brothers and other cute boy-bands. They were sprawled on her bed discussing the boys in their grade.
“Jake is so cute!” Connie blurted while looking at his picture in the yearbook. “True,” agreed Jenny, “but Mark is way cuter!”
“No he’s not,” Connie screeched, “Mark’s okay, but Jake is better. He is not just cute, he is H.O.T, hot!”
“Not really, Jake kind of looks like a monkey.” Jenny teased.
“Yeah, but a very very cute monkey,” Connie whined.
“I don’t think so. Mark is even nicer than Jake. That makes him cuter!”
“No it doesn’t! And that’s not true anyway liar, Jake is nice too!”
“Yeah, maybe to his friends, but not to us!”

Both girls stood up as the argument became more boisterous.
“He is really nice to me!” Connie screamed, “He’s just not nice to you because you’re not as popular as me.”

Jenny’s mouth dropped open as she thought of something to say.
“If I’m not popular, then why are you my friend?” Jenny finally conjured up.
“You’re right, Jenny. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. Forgive me?” Connie cooed.
“Okay, I forgive you. Let’s never fight again!” Jenny said as they hugged.
“Never!” Connie agreed.
“But Mark is way cuter than Jake, Connie.” Jenny said as she started to walk out of the room.
“NO HE IS NOT!” Connie screamed as she ran down the hall after Jenny.
“Yes huh!”
“No way!”
The two argued all the way downstairs to the living room. Connie’s older sister, Sarah, was on the couch. The girls looked up to her because she was in high school. The girls went up to Sarah to have her settle the argument.
“Sarah, is Jake or Mark cuter?” Connie asked her.
“Eww, eighth-grade boys. You two should be going for high school boys. They are all cute.” Sarah said as she texted on her cell phone.

The girls looked at each other and both smiled. “She’s right!” they both said.
“Aren’t I always?” Sarah snooted.
“She is.”

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