July 19, 2009
The year was 2050 all people on earth were leaving to find a better and suitable planet that could sustain life. Earth’s atmosphere was dissolving and oxygen was running on low. People had to wear gas mask in crowded cities all over the world. I remember the first time humans notice that the oxygen was running low, when half of L.A.’s population died or was hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Now the sky’s weren’t blue and the grass weren’t green and the water….well let’s just say the water was pure acid. All life in water was gone and if anything went near it would dissolve into nothing. All animals had gone extinct about two decades ago. This caused humans to become vegetarians and lead some to cannibalism. A couple of years back all vegetation was disappearing due to the strong rays of the sun and acid water. That’s when people started leaving to other planets trying to find a new hope.

The scorching heat was getting to me; the sun was too bright in the empty room, in the abandoned houses. I felt around the bed Zeke was gone, probably getting ready for the morning meeting. We lived in this abounded neighborhood where a group of people lived and looked for food in the empty houses. This was our hunting ground, to find food to get us through the day. It had been a year since the spaceship took the last group of people to planet Xian. “It will be arriving soon again Darla.” A familiar voice opened my eyes. “I know Ethan only if we would know where it would be landing.” I replied sleepily. “Then we can try to find the rest of the family on Xian.” Xian was a planet like earth, but not like home. I thought to myself. Ethan walked to the window, while I was getting up. “Darla, I don’t even remember what the sky looked liked.” “To be honest I don’t remember either or the night sky full of stars. I’m too busy trying to keep you and me alive long enough to get out here ok.” I said sliding into a pair of ripped jeans. “Okay Dee, well let’s hurry up and get ready for the meeting.” “Ok be there in a second.” “Okay now let’s go find everyone else on this beautiful morning.” Ethan said in a sarcastic tone.

By the time I got down stair completely dressed everyone was waiting for me for the meeting to begin. I sat between Zeke and Ethan while listening to Aurora speaks about our food rations. When she finished I got up to speak about the ship coming again, and what we needed to do. “We don’t have much time before the ship returns to earth again.” I said in a protesting manner. “If we don’t prepare now we have to wait a whole year until the ship returns again, and I don’t think we can survive on this God forsaking planet of ours for another year.” Zeke spoke softly to the group saying, “I agree with Darla, I say we should pack our things and all the food, and leave as soon as possible.” “Okay I agree with Zeke and Darla we should start packing a.s.a.p.” Zyler said out loud. “Then we should start packing today and leave by tomorrow afternoon. We only have three days until the ship leaves.” I said getting signaling to everybody the meeting was over. Everyone got up and said their goodbyes and scattered to their abandoned homes. “Hey Dee, can I go hang with Zyler and Tyler for a little bit?” Zeke called from the front door already leaving “Yeah sure just be back in time to pack your things okay.” I was yelling while he slammed the door.

As Ethan left I thought to myself…what if I can’t do this I’m only 23, what if I fail again. Then suddenly I felt someone grab me from behind and pull me into their arms. Zeke whispered in my ear, “I know you can do this, we can do this together Dee. I love you with all my heart and we can do this we will not fail.” “Ughh….Zeke what did I tell you about listening to my thoughts again, but thank you for your support. I love you too. Now let’s go pack our things from the room.” I said escaping from his killer grip and running upstairs. We were having a great time until I reached the top of the staircase, and that’s when I had my premonition. I fell to the ground with many pictures flashing through my mind of this town named Perryville. It had flashing lights of the spaceship and it was dark, and at the end of the vision I heard a girl scream follow by a birth a twins. Suddenly when I snapped out of it Zeke was just there next to me and all he said was, “Wow, what was that, and how that possible nobody was has had a baby in years never less twins.” Zeke and I were in shock wondering who was carrying these mysterious babies. Zeke saw my whole vision in his mind. As we just sat there on the top of the staircase thinking I felt something move in my stomach, and out of know where I shrieked. “ZEKE!”, “IT’S ME…THEY ARE INSIDE OF ME!!!” I was shrieking and confused. I stared into Zeke’s hazel eyes as we sat there in shock. “This is impossible.” He told me. “So if the baby part is true the ship will be landing in three days somewhere called Perryville.” I said quietly. As we were getting up Zeke laughed quietly to himself and said, “You woke up this morning thinking this would be a normal day, and in the last 30 minutes, we learned that we are going to parents and we could be on another planet in four days what a normal life on this normal planet.” I rolled my eyes and chuckled a little. “Well after we finish packing we can call an emergency meeting, but let’s just go to the room.”

I got up slowly and walked to the backroom where we slept, Zeke followed behind slowly, as we both try to compute all this information. I sat at the edge of the bed on the floor, and let Zeke packed our things. I could tell he was listening to what I was thinking. So I cleared my mind and got up to pack my clothes. I threw all my clothes into a backpack and some other bags. We took everything of value which was hardly anything. Our clothes and personal items were all we had since the move here. I listened closely and heard footsteps. “Ethan is that you?” I asked curiously. “Yup, Dee it’s me I am going to finish packing.” It said in an indistinctive voice. I knew Ethan used his abilities to duplicate himself, so he wouldn’t have to leave Tyler’s. I just let it pass me. I went back to what I called a bed and laid on my back. I told Zeke in my mind that I was going to fall asleep for a little. As I nodded off into a land better than the one we walk upon, I could feel Zeke crawling next to me and holding me in his arms. This was the first time I had hope in years I thought as I dozed off.


When I awoke it was early afternoon by now and I could hear the meeting taking place downstairs. I found it hard to get up, so I sat up and pushed myself forward and caught myself on the broken dresser. As I looked up in the mirror my belly had gotten bigger and more out there. I had to put extra layer of clothes on just to hide it. I kept my mind clear and walked downstairs to surprise everyone. I kept quiet, while listening closely to Zeke’s speech. “This morning after the meeting Darla had a premonition about the spaceship landing. The pickup will be in a small town called Perryville, which is only four hours from here. So as soon as everyone finishes packing we should leave by tomorrow.” Zeke said all this with motivation, power, and persuasion. Hastily he asked, “Any questions?”, and everyone nodded their heads saying no. The room was silent until I let out a loud screech and ran outside. When I reached outside I fell to my knees and threw up whatever was green in my stomach. After getting up and examining the vomit, it was gone. In the area where I threw up, it was a small patch of green with little white flowers. “Oh…this is not normal at all.” I said to myself as I slowly got up and returned to the meeting. “Ugh…” I groaned. “They moved non-stop and won’t leave me alone.” I thought so Zeke could hear me. When I walked into the meeting everyone was looking at me funny. “Umm…. I guess that was some bad spam that I ate.” I said with a little chuckle. Everyone just went along and laughed quietly. Aurora quickly jumped up and said, “Well the meeting is over, and we all should finish packing. Bye Darla hope you feel better soon.” Most of the people got up and just followed her. Ethan left back to Zyler and Tyler’s house.
“Zeke did you tell them about the babies?” I asked accusingly. “No I won’t say anything until it’s the right time.” “Well it’s going to be soon anyways.” “What do you mean? You can do this, we can do this Dee.” He said softly in my ear. “Somehow we were chosen to parent these children, and that is what we will do ok.” “Alright Zeke, but I don’t know but these babies are developing quickly, and they are smart.” I said while walking upstairs. While unbuttoning my shirt to expose my stomach I said, “This is was what I am talking about with developing fast.” My bellybutton was almost poking out. “WOW! Dee this is all happening so fast what can we do?” I reached for his hand to put on my stomach and said, “Listen to their thoughts, they communicate with each other, listen. I had a vision of them before.” Zeke concentrated hard listening carefully. “I hear them, one is boy he is the one growing faster and is in control, then the second is girl, she is smarter than her brother, but listens to him.” As soon as he snapped out of his trance, Ethan walked in. His eyes got wide as he narrowed them at my growing abdomen. “Ethan, let me explain, don’t tell anyone! Do you hear me, they will find out soon. I barely found out Ethan, it all happened after my premonition.” I said pleading in agony. “How is this possible Darla? Women have been infertile for years, and why you?” He asked. He stood at the doorway looking confused and in shock. Ethan sat on the floor mumbling to himself, Zeke walked over to him and put his hand on his shoulder. “Ethan, I know it’s hard to believe, I’m still in shock myself and I’m the father.” He said with a little chuckle trying to ease his mood. He just looked up into my eyes and said straight forward. “Darla, what is next first you take care of me, next we start this group and took care of people, and now twins…two live babies for the first time in years. Dang Darla what do you get yourself into now a days.” He said with a sly chuckle towards the end. “What does the future have in store for you next Dee?” He said laughing. As soon as he finished I ran to give him a big hug. “I love you Ethan thank you so much.” I said cheerfully. “What are little brothers for huh? Wow I think there is something between us.” He said laughing. “Alright you two let’s get some sleep, we have a big day in store for us tomorrow.” Zeke said sleepily. “Goodnight Zeke and Darla see you in the morning.” Ethan said walking to the other room. “Night, Ethan.” Zeke and I said at the same time. “So many surprises in one day can wear me out.” Zeke said in a mocking tone. “Ha-ha, really funny Zeke no lets sleep.” “Ok but no more surprises tomorrow Dee.” “I will make no promises Zeke, ok goodnight Z, I love you.” “Love you too Dee.” Zeke said kissing my forehead. We both fell into a deep peaceful sleep that took us away from this world.


Night came went, and when morning arrived I refused to move. “Hey Darla come on everyone is packed and ready to start the drive to Perryville.” Ethan said shaking me gently awake. As I lifted the covers and rolled out of bed, Ethan eyes bulged out of their sockets, and said “leaping lizards Dee.” When I finally realized what he was talking about I looked at my mutant stomach. “ZEKE!” I yelled. My belly had doubled in size over night. Ethan and I stood in the room dumb strucked looking at my growing abdomen. “WHAT HAPPEN, WHO’S HURT.” Zeke said running into the room. “Oh…nothing Zeke I am just fine.” I said with a sarcastic tone as I turned around to face him. “Oh...WOW!” he said looking at the gigantic stomach. “Umm….what do we do now?’’ “I think we should get going.” Ethan said. “Okay let me figure out a way to hide all this.” “Okay.”Ethan said walking out of the room. Zeke sat on the floor against the wall. As I got dressed I thought to myself I’m an oversized lump…. “A beautiful oversized lump” Zeke said with a little chuckle. “Shut up Zeke I hate when you do that, but thank you. I needed that I walked over to him. “You’re welcome.” He said getting up and grabbing my waist and pulling me into a hug. “Are you ready to find a new life?”He asked. “We have to get to get their first.”I said smiling “Okay then let’s go.” Zeke said grabbing my hand and walking me to the van the group was using.

We were separating our groups into two. Michael and Aurora drove the first van with five people and Ethan and his duplicates drove the second one. Zeke and I snuck into the back of the second van, and sat by the window. As we drove out of our safe haven, I thought “this is harder than I thought it would be” “But we will be better off.” he whispered grabbing my hand. “You are right. I can’t wait to get out of here.” I whispered lightly. “Me too.” He said laying his head on mine. As he dozed off I looked out the window and stared at the dying earth. The earth was barren, no life but us driving in this hell hole. It wasn’t a hell hole until two hours later, when we came upon this group of people. As we pulled up we saw these people covered in blood, mostly on their arms and face. Then we saw the first van…it was empty and covered in blood. “No!’’ Zyler screeched. Her brother grabbed her and pulled her into his chest so she wouldn’t see the gruesome mess. Those people were cannibals and they were after us now. As they came closer the people were deformed and messed up real bad. Ethan was paralyzed as for everyone else. Words were stuck in my throat as I stared in shock at the approaching demons. Finally I yelled “ETHAN HIT THE GAS NOW!” As he hit the gas the demon got in front of our van, and Ethan ran him over. After we were thought we were safe Ethan pulled the van over and hopped into the back and held Zyler in his arms. While Tyler got out of the van to get some air, we didn’t know we were in a low oxygen area. As soon as he stood up straight and fainted. Zeke got out of the vehicle as fast as he could and grabbed Tyler and dragged him back in. He slammed the door shut and got into the driver’s seat and drove away. An hour after the accident Tyler woke up in my lap. “What happened.” He asked weakly. “You passed out due to no oxygen an hour ago.” I said running my fingers threw his hair. “Oh, well I’m feeling better now.’’ He said sitting up and moving to his sister. Three and half hours into the drive I felt a sharp pain go through my back. I let passed but a few minutes later the twins were moving uncontrollably. Then Zeke said sorrowfully “We are here in Perryville.” Finally I said painfully “Zeke, Ethan its time!” “Oh! Now Dee.” “Yes I think NOW!” I almost screamed. Zeke came to me in the back and held my hand. “Oh don’t chicken out now Zeke check see what’s going on.” I said laughing through the pain. Suddenly he said “Oh man those things are coming fast.” He said coming back near my head. “Just relax and breathe and don’t budge.” He said. I listened to his voice calm be down then next thing I know I blacked out. While I was out I felt numb, no pain nothing came to me. Then I saw their face, two angelic faces staring at me. After that I saw a single building in a destructed town. Suddenly I heard. “Darla wake up, can you hear me.’’ “Yes, I can hear you.” I said halfheartedly. “What happened?” I asked feeling a headache coming on. “Why don’t you open your eyes Dee?” Ethan and Zeke said. When I opened my eyes I saw both of them holding the two angelic faces from my thoughts. They were wrapped in my second and third layers of clothing. “How long have I was I out for?” I asked curiously. “Three hours.” Zyler said in shock. “Where are we are we at…” “The building” Zeke said interrupting me. “Yes I listened to your thoughts.’’ “Well you missed the strangest thing, after the twins were born a bright light flashed and then the sky was blue the ground was green and everything looked normal. Plus we have only a few hours until the ship gets here.” “Wow. I missed a lot.” I chuckled. Suddenly I looked up at the night sky seeing the stars for the first times in years and smiled. As I held the twins in my arms, staring at their beautiful faces Zyler and Tyler asked. “What are you going to name the babies?” “I think Aries for the boy and Luna for the girl since He was born when the sun was going down and she was born when the moon was coming up.” Zeke said holding Aries. “I like it Zeke.” I said looking into Luna’s grey eyes. “Hi, Luna welcome to this world.” Ethan said playing with her tiny little hands. Soon after dark, the ground shook and lights filled the sky. Finally the ship was here. After so many years of waiting we were getting a new life, leaving our horrible past behind us. This was a new beginning for Aries, Luna, Zeke, and I. As we boarded the ship we thought all our friends we lost to the demons, arriving to the town of Perryville, and the birth of the twins. This was a long journey; we sacrifice a lot, but gain two beautiful lives in the end. I thought about this as I looked out window hold Luna and Aries in my arms with Zeke behind me. “Darla we did it we made to the ship and now we are starting a new life that is filled with hope.” Zeke said kissing my neck. “Thanks for believing in me and helping me I can’t wait until we get to Xian.” I said looking at the stars.

Epilogue: After arriving to Xian we didn’t find our family, but we still all live together in a home. Tyler found a girl named Ophelia and in with her. Ethan and Zyler soon became expecting parents to a little boy and lived with Zeke and I. The twins were highly developed they could do astounding things with their minds. Aries could levitate objects, make objects (including people) disappear, and read minds like his daddy, Luna did the exact opposite of her dad and showed everyone what was on her mind, and she could make herself invisible and create force fields. Who knows where they got their powers from but I know that both of my kids and my nephew will save planet earth from dying.

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Cute_Girl94 said...
Jan. 12, 2010 at 8:06 am
Hope you write this story longer.How about make it into many chapter? If you have more publish it. I really love this story.
evermore5 replied...
Jan. 16, 2010 at 5:16 pm
thanks you kno what i will change this up into chapters and post it when i finish it....THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS!!!!!
Cute_Girl94 replied...
Jan. 17, 2010 at 4:18 am
Good Luck!!!!
evermore5 replied...
Jul. 23, 2010 at 1:06 am
Okay Nur SCute Girl im almost done with Aries& Luna sorry it took so long i have been busy im writing like 4 diffrent stories and im not finish wit anything yet haha thx for your comments
Nur S. said...
Jan. 7, 2010 at 8:00 am
Woah!!!!!!!This story is so good.But it should meke this story longer.I like this story.
evermore5 replied...
Jan. 7, 2010 at 9:53 am
thanks, It is longer but the internet only allowed so much so i had to cut it really short.
evermore5 replied...
Jul. 23, 2010 at 1:05 am
Okay Nur SCute Girl im almost done with Aries& Luna sorry it took so long i have been busy im writing like 4 diffrent stories and im not finish wit anything yet haha thx for your comments
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