Orange Carrots and Colors!

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Mommy gives me an orange carrot from the fridge. See? I know my colors and I’m only six! I’m sure Mommy and Daddy are very proud of me! I slip on my super-cool sunglasses. They are sparkly purple. Mommy says sunglasses are for eye protection. I have eye protection! I dash out the back door and my black pigtails bounce up and down. I prance off the deck in my pretty pink dress like a princess. Summer is fun and warm; I love it! The neighborhood has old people, so I usually don’t have friends to play with. I don’t even have a brother or sister. Mindy is my best friend. Peering under the big deck, I find Mindy resting. I open up her cage and pet her white, cuddly fur. Her tall ears are so cute! I proudly show Mindy my orange carrot. Her tiny pink nose twitches and she starts to nibble it. She loves carrots! Her nose is small because it’s a bunny nose and not a people nose. Mindy and I skip around the big backyard. Then we run so fast that I almost fly. I could probably be even faster than a butterfly! It has very old trees and they all have giant shadows.

“Bark bark!” The sound comes from the neighbor’s yard. That’s the sound dogs make. I look through the gate. The neighbor’s dog has his mouth open and he won’t stop drooling. I’m not allowed to leave the backyard gate by myself. But it’s okay. It’s too dangerous anyways. That dog is so scary. I remember he jumped on me once when Mommy and Daddy took me over to talk to the neighbors. Mindy and I ignore Mr. Dog and we dance under the happy sun. The Sun is red. Did you know that? You probably didn’t! I learned that it looks yellow but it’s a trick and it’s actually red. Yeah, I’m very smart. Mommy and Daddy even said so and I know that they’re right because they know everything.

“It’s time for lunch!” Mommy hollers. I am very speedy and I take Mindy back to her cage. Maybe I accidentally tickled her because she starts shifting around. I whisper to Mindy that I’ll come back later with even more orange carrots and I put her back in her cage. I slide off my purple sunglasses. Mommy already has the food all out. There’s brown meat, green vegetables, white noodles, and soup! I’m hungry!

I gobble down five whole bites and gaze out the window. Oh, it looks so fun outside! I stare back at my food. This is boring. Wait, is that an orange carrot?

“There’s an orange carrot in my soup, Mommy!” I gasp.

“Yes, carrots are very good for you” she tells me.

“I thought orange carrots were only for Mindy” I say.

She tells me that carrots aren’t just for bunnies and people can eat them too! I did not know that. I told you that Mommy and Daddy knew everything! They are the best, smartest, and greatest. That is so cool! Wow, I learned something new today! Oh, I also know all the colors! I’m a very smart girl!

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