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July 11, 2009
By G B BRONZE, Delmar, Delaware
G B BRONZE, Delmar, Delaware
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As the entrance to the Cyclops cave becomes less distant, a moldy and musty aroma saturates the lungs. Off in the distance there is a war between waves as they collide with rock-solid land. Fruits are plentiful in lands around and form a scrumptious taste in the mouth. Ahead there appears to be a cave with a fence constructed of iron surrounding the entrance. Going beyond the fence a bolder is blocking the entrance to the cave. Positioning warm hands on the cold stone doorway sends a shivering shock through the body. As challenging as it is to budge the block of stone to reveal the entrance the task is achievable with tremendous strength. The stone finally shifts gradually revealing the inner cave.
The roaring of a sleeping monster and cracking of a fire echo throughout the cave. The body shivers as the warm heat is being replaced by the cold sea breeze. Stepping into the cave a sandy and gritty texture of a floor meets the feet. A fire is blazing in the center of what appears to be a living headquarters leaving the flavor of smoke. The fire creates a slight crack, breaking the silence, distributing flaming ashes in the air. Positioned by the fire the gigantic, tall, and ugly Polyphemus lays in a deep enchanted sleep. He appears to be nice and snuggled up in a fetal position to preserve his body heat. The clothes on his back are covered with gaping holes and dirt, the sign of a hard worker. Warm unsoiled clothes hang from a chair near the fire slowly drying. Their texture is soft, except where holes have been mended. The numerous rows of pens jam-packed with rowdy kids and lambs that line the wall do not appear to disrupt Polythemus. A foul odor of feces and unwashed animals creep from their pens. It produces a malicious tang in the mouth.
Situated in the back of the cave racks occupied with pails of fresh milk and aging cheese tower. A single whiff of this makes anyone want to engorge themselves in a feast. It is evident that some being has feasted on these goods due to the absent edges of the cheese. Stains of what appear to be blood make themselves visible on the gritty floor. Obviously, this is where Polythemus has devoured raw flesh in the recent past. Whether human or goat it remains a mystery. Pairs of luminous eyes are gleaming from the dark corners. They are Polythemus’ flock of goats and lambs. Trickles of water are seeping down the side of the moist cave walls. Stalagmites and stalactites grow from the floor and ceiling. With a single caress it is simple to realize how sharp, rigid, and wet they are. Moist particles in the air disembark on the tongue and generate a musty tang.
Polyphemus gradually rouses from his sleep and situates himself in an upright position. He is a Cyclops with a temper and howls at his sheep to relocate to the entrance where he lets them out to graze. Quickly he puts out the fire with a single splash of see water out of a pail. Now he is off to an extensive day of work, harvesting the pasture of its fruits and caring for his animals. The cave remains in total silence until the roar of his voice returns.

The author's comments:
Mythology was the topic in my excellerated English class. we where required to create a story about a mythological creature's domain. I chose to use the Cyclops Polythemus. Not really interested in Mythology but my story is pretty interesting and worth reading.

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