January 27, 2009
By Bobbi Jo Kintgen BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Bobbi Jo Kintgen BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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Dark; crowded space. The air is misty, and there is a horrid smell reeking from the outside of the stall. I've been bucking for hours. Whining and kicking helplessly screaming for refuge. There are little holes worn through the wood of the barn and a little light is peaking though them like God is looking down on me. I don't know where I am, and I don't know what is in store for me. The blood on the walls doesn't look to promising though. Hours have passed, and I can hear men screaming. I'm frightened. I can feel my eyes practically popping out of my head. My tail is mangled; my mane is raggedy like a piece of trash thrown into a cell. There is blood pouring down my side. I don't remember what happened. The voices grow closer; fear strikes me with a sudden surprise. Whips crack the ground like lightning. The animals are whimpering like thunder. I see footsteps creeping slowly in front of my door. Slowly a bright stream of light appears into my death hall. I'm Determined! They can hit me, whip me, or even cut me. But they will not kill me. Rage over takes me as the tiny men try to victimize me. They yank and drag me out of the hell hole as I struggle for freedom of my limbs. But they are soon bound by barbed wire

The author's comments:
Hi :] My Name is Bobbi Jo Obviously. Well i dont usually write such dark stories but I decided when i wrote this I was going to writ about somthing that happins to many animals. This is my story Scars it's about a young horse who was killed in a slaughter house.

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