Dark Fighter

January 26, 2009
By Rob Wolf, North Attleborogh, MA

Just another morning, my alarm is just going crazy. All I see is my dark hair in my face. I pick up
my hand and look for the snooze button. I get up and get dressed. My parents were yelling at me to
get downstairs for breakfast. "William! Time for breakfast!""I'm comin' I'm comin'"
I sit down to a steamy plate of pancakes. My older brother was drowning his pancakes with syrup.
"Would you like some pancakes with that syrup Mitch?""Shut up Will"I keep my mouth shut. I
don't feel like getting pounded on by my older brother. I was tired as it is. The bus was coming
at about 6:45. When I head out to the bus stop, my neighbor was walking next to me. He got a new
jacket that was red and white, looked like a ski jacket. I figured that he was going to ski after
school. There was a tag that he forgot to rip off. Nobody told him about it. Everybody was laughing
on the bus. Just so he could fit in, he was laughing too. Then everyone laughed harder. I just had
to tell him. I chuckled "Hey Joe!""Hey dude why is everyone laughing?"
"Dude just look at the back of your jacket."He looks back and sees the huge tag that's
just flopping around. "Jerk! Why didn't you tell me!""It was funny, calm down."
Everyone looks at me. One of them said to me "Idiot why did you tell him?""I'm not that
mean"I just sit back. We reached the high school. Homeroom was very funny today. Ben was
acting up again, there was a sub today. She says "I went to Las Vegas this weekend but some of the
businesses where going down"Ben moves to his seat "Well, my dad has some buildings there that
aren't going out of business""That's great Ben.""Ya I like the strip clubs he owns,
the poles where""Ben, Please,"Everyone just roars laughing. "the girls where so hot
there they made me so""Ben!!!! Office!!!! NOW!!!" I never heard her so loud. I thought
she was a nice sub, but he did go a little to far "Why what did I do?""Ben, really now?"
she stands up. So does Ben, he starts flipping over chairs. "Ben! Go to the office!""Fine,
jeez, calm down"he walks out the door. Just silence. Then Mrs. Chanlece says "that was a little
awkward,"I just sit and stare.

In S.L.P, I was doing my Spanish; I was so glad that this was my last year of Spanish. Why does 12th
grade have to be so hard. Maybe because it's the last year before graduation. But come on, it's
only the first quarter. Whatever. I was watching the clock so I know when to get ready for the lunch
rush. When the bell finally rang, everyone bolted to the door. I guess they where watching the clock
too. I was first in line. Unusual. Our Cafe wasn't bad like other schools. I got two tacos. I sat
down next to Joe and my girlfriend, Megan. She was mostly the hottest girl in the school, with her
blond hair and blue eyes. She kisses a lot, but I was cool with that. "Hey Will!""Hey
Megan"She gives me a strange face, "What's wrong?""Nothing.""I Know you better
than that."She leans on me, well, mostly on top of me. I love when she dose that, and she knows
it. It's kinda embarrassing, but it's a good way to show off. "I said there's nothing wrong,
I'm just Tired.""Ok. I believe you, but only because I trust you. You can tell me anything
you know.""Ya I know."She puts her fingers under my chin so I can look at her. She puts her
lips on mine. I didn't want to make out in the middle of my friends, so I pull back. She knew why.
I take a big bite of my taco. I wasn't spicy at all. I got up and snuck out and went to my locker.
I got my Cayenne pepper, the Hottest pepper in the world. I always had some just for this reason. I
am like a Spice fanatic. I snuck back in. I pour the powder all over it. Joe stared at me "Dude!
Your going to have tears in your eyes!""Ok, you know who I am don't you? I can take it."I
take a bite. It was spicy enough. Joe stares at me again, he doesn't say anything, he holds up
some water for me, I didn't want any. I look at Megan "I'm scared to kiss you if your mouth is
going to be that spicy.""Wow, man how cheesy was that sentence write there?""What else am
I going to say?""Say nothing, maybe?"Joe says, "I Agree, that was a very cheesy
sentence.""I don't care, I'm perfect the way it is"

Chapter 2

After lunch, I went on to science, just great, I mean I love to build stuff and I love technology,
but I just hate working with cells and bone structure. Then, the principle called me down to the
office over the loud speaker. Thank god I can take off a couple of minutes of class. But then I
noticed that the principle wasn't even in school today. I went anyway. When I was walking down the
hall, I see three people leaning against the wall. They where all my age, maybe a little younger.
One was tall and had brown hair. One was my height and had blond, spiky hair. And the last one was a
little shorter than me and had the same hair as me. They where all wearing an outfit that had
pockets everywhere. One had a med kit. All of them had a case for a gun (It looked like they had a
gun in there but I didn't know). It really looked like they where in the army or were pilots. They
pulled me over and started talking to me. The tall one said to me,"Do you have any experience
flying?"Woh, a little straight forward? This was way to weird. "No, why you ask?""I'm
just making sure.""Making sure for what?"The guy with the spiky hair grabs me "Just come
with us and you'll know everything."Wow this was very sketchy I walked away, like really
fast, almost running. I just went on to class, who where those guys? I was thinking about it all
day. When I went home, I didn't even mention them to Mitch. Looks like he was staying after school
anyway. He's always getting into trouble, That's why he stayed back twice. Then I just started
my homework. After that I went on my video games and talked on my friends online. That's usually
what I do during my free time. We always face each other in NFL. I kick there butts all the time. I
played until ten. When I went to bed, I had a ringing in my ear. Even in my sleep I could hear it. I
was thinking too hard about those three guys.

The next morning, I awake to my moms face in mine. "Wake up Will! You only have thirty minutes!'
Still sleepy, I get up. I look at the clock. Its 5:43. "Holy Crap!"I get up. Take a seven
minute shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, and skip breakfast. I was in time with two minutes to
spare. On my bus, I sit next to Joe. "How was skiing?""Great, I learned how to do a back
flip!""Cool!"When I look back to look for Jimmy, I see the same three guys. What the hell
are they doing here? They move up to the empty seat in back of us. "Hey, Will, why did you run
off?"I look back, "Uhhh It was kinda creepy that I didn't know you and you grabbed my shirt
telling me to come with you? Ya you figure it out.""I Told you Mike!""Shut up Rosen!"I
scream, "Guys! What do you want anyway!"They all look at me surprised. I guess I yelled too
loud. Actually, the whole bus was silent. "Meet us at the front of the school. Your not going to
classes today."The other guy turns around "Ya, We took care of it""Wait, I don't even
know you how can I trust you?""Just come. Its Urgent."Even though I didn't know
anything about these guys, I went. I was curious. These guys looked cool, but I didn't feel well
at all. At the front of the school, they told me to take a drive with them. I did. I could take care
of myself so, ya. The tall one drove us. We drove for almost two hours. Where the hell were we
going. I just fell asleep. When I woke up, we pulled up to this huge what looked like to be a
spaceship. I thought it was just a model that some idiot built but it was way to big for that. I had
to ask, "Is this a. plane, ship what the hell is it?""its called a X12X8""Does it
fly?""No, it just stands there. Of course it does."I was amazed. Everything was there. The
controls, the monitor, everything. I wanted to see it all. Then I realized, How can these guys build
something like this? I had to know. I asked, "What the hell is going on?""Sit down and ill
tell you"I sit down in one of the chairs looking at the window. I just sat there for about a
minute. "Ok Will I'm just going to be strait forward right now, we want you to be a fighter,
Pilot to be exact."He looks at me seriously. This wasn't true and I knew it. What kind of guy
just goes up to you and says 'Hey fight with us!' "What? Ok dude, where are the
cameras or something because you guys are just being weird right now.""I'm serious! Ok
listen. You know the marines, the navy, right? "Yaaa"where is he going with this? What is
there another one? "Well there's another, really one that no one knows. Its called the S.F.F, or
the Space Fighter Force."HA knew it. "Uhhhhhh, and there's 18 year olds in it? Ya ok"
"Ok man do you want the whole story?""Ok whatever; tell me you're 'Story'.""Ok
well the S.F.F was in trouble. Apparently there IS life on a different planet, well, galaxy to be
exact. Anyway the leader found that this different 'Life' declared war so we can be there
slaves. Well we are running out of recruits, so they got desperate. They started to hire pilots in
the air force. Then people in high school like me. He said I could choose three other people to
be with me. I chose Mike on my left with the blond hair to be my co caption, Ty on my right with the
dirty blond hair to be my fighter. We turned out to be the best pilots. They where surprised too.
In the force usually there is four people on a team, and we only have three. We needed another
person, also a mechanic. And I want you to be my mechanic. We saw your grades and saw that you can
repair things easily. We want you to make us some new weapons for us and you to use. I think you
will make a great pilot. So the question is, are you in?"I couldn't take this in all at once. I
stood there for a second to take it all in. "Well I can repair things, but I just need the
blueprints to know how to fix it.""Think fast!"He throws me the blueprints of the X12X8 and
the AMK (a fighter ship). "Well are you in?"I thought about it. It would be cool flying in a
AMK and flying in the ship. Heck I might be able to see the whole army! I said "Well, I guess I
could hang around here."All of them shook my hand. "Welcome to the team!"Then I asked,
"Ok, I know your name is Joe and yours is mike, now what's your name?""My name? Oh I forgot
to tell you. My name is Rosen.""You can wait. Next time you see an AMKs, you'll be flying it.
I got so excided. They started walking to a different room, then came back. In their hands they had
the uniform they where wearing, a head set, a Magnum, and a badge. "Here you are, put this on to
see if it fits."I try it on. It fits perfectly, Rosen walks over, "Well we should be heading
back."Joe said, "Yah, your parents are probably worried about you Will."Mike says, "Oh
yah, you need your tools don't you."He runs back to the same room. He comes out with all of
these futuristic tools. On top of that are some goggles. They weren't safety goggles though, they
where goggles that were all electronic and everything. He said to save those for later. Then, I
heard a rolling noise. It was a robot thing that was the size of me. "Oh, Ya this is C.C,
Condition Checker.""Cool, How did you guys make him?""Don't ask"They took me back
home. It was about 5:35pm. My parents weren't home yet so I was ok. I put my uniform in my closet
and looked at the tools. All of them where used with batteries. Also they where all automatic.
Fixing anything with these would be a snap! I was so excited when I hear a knocking on the door. It
was a package, a really big package. It said from Rosen, to Will, bring to your basement and open.
The thing was twice the size of me. It was on wheels so I rolled it to the back of the house so I
could put it in the back door of the basement. I open the big metal doors and put it in the
basement. When I opened the package, it was literally a big white, metal box with a door. There was
a note too. It read: "Will, please use this training device to help you on your flying and
fighting. Use the goggles on top of the tool kit to use it. When you go in the device with the
goggles on, it will look like you are in an AMK. It will give step by step instructions and you will
be able to fly and fight for training. You will be able to fight on foot too so practice that in
this device too. Use you Magnum on foot. When you go in. you will have the option to fight on foot
or fly in an AMK. Please master both. Thank you and start training."I did the instructions. When
I went in, the doors closed, it was pitch black. When it lit up, it said to chose Flight or Foot and
it looked like I was not even in my house. I was standing in like a whole new place! I did the
fighting training first. I took out my magnum and started to shoot the people for practice. I could
walk around and everything. It felt like I was really there. Then I started the flying training. I
was in an AMK and it told me how to fly it. That was really fun. When I got out, it was 9:30pm. I
went to sleep (barely) The next morning I went to school, I saw Joe, Rosen, and Mike standing there.
We started to hang out everywhere, we sat in lunch together, we played outside together, and we
where best friends. Then, they met Megan. That was the worst mistake ever

Chapter 3

She Comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek. "Hey Will, who are they?""Oh just some new
friends""Oh"I introduce all of them to Megan. Then we walk away. She just followed us
everywhere though. I guess she wanted to know them better. It was kind of stockerish. But that's
what she does when she wants to know someone. When she finally left us alone, it was at the end of
the day Rosen looked at me. "So that's your girlfriend?""Ya. Pretty hot huh?""More
like a Score!""Do you have one Rosen?"He looks down. All the Excitement in his face was
gone. I had an idea why. "She was lost on a mission""Oh"I shouldn't have
asked that. But how would I know. Then Megan came up again. "What about'missions'?"she
stared at my magnum. I carry it around everywhere for protection, same with Rosen and Ty, but not
Mike, I thought I had it zipped up so no one could see it. Then I zip it up once I noticed it.
"Nothing, not the right time.""Oh, here we go again, what are you tiered again? Don't lie
to me Will.""Come on, Meg, just stay out of this one.""What, you don't trust me? I
thought we could talk about anything""Meg! Please!""Just tell me what's going on!"
"Meg""Now!"Then it was silence. Not a word from any of us. Then I broke the silence.
"Meg, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Just, stay out of this one.""I I thought
I could trust you."Then she just walks away. Mike just stared. Ty was looking away, than looked
at me. "Quite dramatic, huh?""Well you know I couldn't tell her, if she knew she would brag
to everyone.""Why was your pouch unzipped you moron!"Mike turns around, "That's why I
don't carry mine""Calm down. I don't know why.""Could of blown the whole thing, be
more careful""Well now that that's done,"Rosen points to a door, "Off to history."I
started thinking about Megan. I think she's scared of the gun, but how could I tell her? I
didn't know what to do. How would I tell my family? How would anything fit in? I was too stressed.
Good thing it was last period, I needed to go home. April Vacation was coming up so I don't think
history will have any work.

When I got home, I went downstairs to start shooting. While I was in there, Mitch opened the door. I
totally forgot to hide the damn thing. "Will. What is this?"what could I say?! There's no
way to get out of this, but with my imagination I could think of something. "Uh, it's a new
video game system.""Really? How did you get it?"Crap, I'm screwed. "A friend."
"Who?""Know one you know.""Can I try?""Nah, I don't feel like explaining it and
how it works.""Why do you have a gun?"Oh my god just go away and stop the questions
"It's the controller""Looks pretty real""Its supposed to. Can I continue now?"
"Fine."He finally walks away. Thank god. Then I continue. When I was shooting, I felt a pain in
my back. Like a big pain. I fell to the floor panting. I look back and see a guy that had a gun
pointed at me with smoke coming out. Then everything went black for about three seconds. I wake up
to see big white words saying "you died". I guess that's a feature I didn't know about.
You can actually feel the pain and everything. I was going to be more careful next time I use this
thing. Then I decided to work on my flying, I thing I got the whole shooting thing down. So I chose
the flying. Once I got used to it, it was pretty easy. Then I went to bed.

Next morning when I get up, I get dressed and do the usual routine. At about 12:10, Rosen shows up.
I figured that he wanted to play some football or something, but then I saw his uniform on.
"Gather your gear, we are heading out.""Heading out now? On vacation?""The Commander
sent for us, he also wants to see the new recruit."Well, I have been waiting for this, but what
can I tell my parents? I cant just leave them behind! And also all my friends will wonder where I
am. "Well, what about my parents?""Just tell them that you will be going to somewhere with
your friends for the vacation.""Well, what about school? We will be probably gone for a
while.""Well than, say your moving out and going to a new school. I can get a new house
that's a pretty good size for you. Now start packing!""Fine"This was so cool! I was
actually moving out! I just realized how strait forward Rozen is. I go to my mom; I tell her that I
was moving out. I said that there was a new house up for sale and that I bought it behind there
backs she said good for you, cried, and said goodbye. I gathered everything that was mine. It
took the whole day. The team helped, my brother helped, and my mom just sat there. Then we drove to
the X12X8. I forgot how big it was. Good location since there are no houses around so people can see
it. Then, we went inside with all my things.

The author's comments:
This is only the first few chapters of a story that i am working on. Its probably bad since im only 14 but i got really board

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