Wonder Girl

January 18, 2009
By Emily Mulcahy Mulcahy BRONZE, Slatington, Pennsylvania
Emily Mulcahy Mulcahy BRONZE, Slatington, Pennsylvania
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"We've destructed ourselves; we've created our own end. Get to your safe zone; get out of
your" Then all I heard was static; the TV went black. That meant the broadcast was over for the
last time. It was the last time anyone would see the flickering of commercials or reality TV. I
think this destruction all started when I was young, or maybe when my parents were young. The
history teachers never wanted us to know too much about the subject. It's said that people started
wanting everything, even what they couldn't have. They would do anything for it, even if they
didn't want the objects. My guess is that it finally caught up with us. I was headed to New York,
because I was the only Calhoon left. My father was a cop and one of the first to disappear. After my
father disappeared my mother hung herself. Other crazy events started happening; the president
became schizophrenic, and brand new buildings began to collapse. I decided to ship my three younger
siblings to an aunt in Alabama. I called there one day, and no one answered the phone. My guess is
as good as yours, but I'm figuring they disappeared with everyone else. My name is Kathleen, and I
am one of the remaining one million. An older person would be asking why I am headed for New York,
which is anything except a safe zone. This is because 80% of the population will be there for the
last concert. One last time to actually be free and unscarred; my generation wanted to die this way.
I guess doing what we loved, creating or listening to music and dancing our hearts and souls out was
a great way to die. We did not care about being great, or making "text books." Nothing ever had
matter more to us than the art of music. I took a last peek into the mirror and headed into my
garage. I'll admit I'm not quite old enough to be driving, but no one is truly around to stop
me. All the police and other people working for the government disappeared over the last four years.
Getting into the car I started the engine. I put in the destination and turned on cruise because I
was only heading to my best friend Cole's place. Cole opened the door and said, "Hey Katty."
That got an eye roll from me; I hated when he called me Katty. It reminded my of the animals my
great-grandparents spoke of owning. I know people have not owned felines or "cats" in years, but
every time he says Katty I get chills. He thinks it's new, cool, and hip but really it's
annoying. "Cole could you please not call me Katty? You know how I feel about that," I scolded.
Cole grumbled, "Sorry babe, I think it's such a cool name." Yes, of course he would think it
was "such a cool name." I turned the corner and typed in Veda's address. She lived close to
the school, which has been closed for a while. When Veda lost her mother, most of our parents had
already disappeared, I looked out for her. Veda had a hard time recovering from her loss; she went
through stages of not eating and hurting herself which most people haven't done in over a 100
years. I guess the reasoning is her mother and her were very close. She let Veda do everything. Once
Veda was in the car, we turned the music up and headed to New York. When the world had people in it,
it could take 2-3 hours to get to New York. Now as long as you went 80 miles per hour you'd get
there in an hour and thirty minutes or less. We arrived in about an hour, and the concert had not
begun yet. People were still arriving. I was thinking about how beautiful and large everything was.
I could see my reflection in the tinted glass of the buildings. I walked around an empty block, and
then I hear the music starting; it was loud and fast pace. I walked back slowly where the stage was.
The concert was huge; there were about 20 bands that were all going to take turns playing today.
One was a band from our town; they had gotten good around the time school ended. It was a shame
because there had been no concerts after that. The concert started, and of most the kids started to
dance or mosh and scream. I stood and watched the band; I swayed to the music and got taken away.
It was captivating; it truly blew me away. The concert was still at the same tension when someone
called out for me. I did not know where it was coming from, but I wanted to go there fast. I turned
from the concert racing to the side of a building. The building was all tinted glass; the building
was large; it was possibly the biggest building in New York. The calling subsided when I resided by
this large building side. Turning back to watch the concert thinking nothing was wrong, I hear a
dreadful scream. This time I realize I am the only one who is hearing these screams; no one else is
looking. No one else has even flinched. Heading to the entrance of the building I realize it is the
new model of the world trade centers. It is shorter then it was when it crashed but it also has 90
stories underground. Deciding to go in, I throw open the door of this building. Stepping inside, I
am hit with the dreadful warm air that comes rushing out the door. It smells weird, like urine and
some other indistinct smell. I walk to the elevator and press the button. It does not light up, and
under all my powers I can not will it to light up for me. "I guess I'll be going up the old
fashion way," I grumble half-heartedly to myself. I see a sign that is marked stairs, the arrow
points down the hall. I start to walk; the soft pounding of my sneaker soles against the tile
frightens me into stopping. Once I calm myself down, I start my journey towards the end of the hall.
I slowly push open the door to the staircase. It creaks loudly, reminding me it's annoyed that I
have come for a visit. I look up and see all the concrete above me, and tell myself it's only 20
stories. I start my ascent up. At first it is easy, like internet was when my great grandmother was
young. Suddenly my breathing is labored, and I can not lift my legs. I lean against the wall and
slide into a sitting position. I rub my aching muscles. Thinking of how I would be in better shape
if the schools would not have let out all those dreary months ago, I stand myself back up and head
up again. Realizing I only have four more sets, I begin to run, which probably wasn't a good
choice. It makes me become extremely dizzy; I make the decision to sit once I reach the cool outside
air. Once I close my eyes, I begin to feel a lot better. Standing up, I make my way to the edge of
the building. Once at the edge, I look a long way down. I see the waves of people; they are dancing
and swaying while I stand here by myself. It feels as though they are beckoning me to jump.
Beginning to feel wet, I realize am sweating with anticipation. My heart is pounding in my head; I
feel nausea waves rolling over me. Before I new it, I had jumped. I thought I had slipped at first,
or tripped. Thinking of some excuse, I was trying to keep throwing by body towards the crowd in a
hopes that I could live. My guessing was that I knew I'd never make it threw the fall. I finally
landed with a crunch of my bones and a huge up roaring cheer. They pushed me back making me crowd
surf. I enjoyed my last few moments; Veda got me at the end, and carried me to a bench. It hurt so
bad; I was screaming in pain. She handed me a bottle of water and an advil. Finally Cole came to my
side and kissed me. I don't remember much between that and now. The pain was unbearable. I do
remember my last breath came gasping out as "You're saved, everyone is. Spread the news. I love
you." Now I'm in heaven or hell. I don't quite know which it is. I do know that my death
brought the return of billions of people. My father and siblings were reunited. My death was the end
of the possessions. I found out, when I appeared wherever this life I'm living now may be is, that
I had a demon inside of me upon birth. It had opened a portal between our world and another world.
When my death had arrived, it was closed and all the people were released. I also found out the
voice I had heard was an angel, and that I didn't jump; the same angel pushed me. I'm glad
though, Veda was glorious when her mother returned. Cole gave his brother a kiss, which has never
happened. People on earth won't ever appreciate me but that's ok; I did my job, and I guess
I'd rather do it right and be forgotten then do it wrong and be remembered.

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