The Abduction

January 15, 2009
By Matthew Haas, Logan, UT


Jack slowly started to open his eyes his vision was blurred and his head was throbbing. The room was
completely dark except for a faint green glowing light on the sides of the floor. He couldn't
make out much of the room except what looked like an octagonal door with faint green lights around
it. He tried to move but he couldn't he felt like he was paralyzed from the neck down. He heard a
loud metal clanking sound he looked up the door was opened. The lights started to grow brighter; he
saw a figure moving towards him. It was shorter and skinnier than an average man. Except his head
witch looked a little bigger than a normal mans. It can't be he said there's no such thing he
told himself trying to calm him self down. There was a bright flash of white light that filled the
room. An object started to grow closer he still couldn't see from being blinded by the light. It
slowly started to come into focus until he could see a face staring at him. The face was blurry but
he could tell that it was very pale and had big black eyes and had no hair. He looked horrified at
the creatures face unable to look away. The creature started moving of to the side of him and walked
behind him. He looked at the room his vision was still blurry he still couldn't make out much and
he still couldn't move his head. A dark figure moving down the hall way caught his eye. Unlike the
other creature this one was massive compared to the other. It stood around seven feet tall as the
other one was probably only five feet. The creature looked like a body builder it was covered in
metal armor with spikes sticking out and some kind of animal fur. The little creature came out to
meet him and said something in a strange language. The little creature's voice was raspy and snake
like. The big creature responded back his voice was deep it sounded like thunder. The little
creature turned and shoved something into jacks arm with a tube running out of it. Then everything
started growing dark until everything was black. Jack shot up out of his bed panting covered in
sweat. It was only a dream he though as he got up out of bed. He made his way to the bathroom. It
was just a dream he told himself, but it did feel like it was real and he did feel a little funny.
No it was just a dream, there's no such thing as Aliens. He looked in the mirror and saw his green
eyes staring back at him. He looked sweat dripping from his messy blonde hair. He then realized how
tiered he was and collapsed on the floor. What is it honey? What's wrong? He looked up and saw his
moms face hovering over him. I'm fine mom You don't look fine, what happened Nothing I just woke
after a weird nightmare and I guess I passed out for some reason. What was your dream about? Aliens
but it's not important. I'm calling Dr Herbert No mom I promise I'm fine Dr Herbert became
Jacks phycitrist after jacks dad died. Jack hated him he made him feel more messed up than he
already was. Plus he was always hitting on his mom. To make it worse they went out for a while. Jack
sat there while his mom was telling him that her son thinks he was captured by Aliens. When do you
think he could come over to your office? I'm sorry but you have to wait until your next
appointment. What there's no way I can get him in sooner. I'm sorry Not even for me? Well I do
have a friend who specializes in stuff like that I could give him a call for you. Oh thank you
Herby. Jack started hacking on his cereal. He got that way when ever his mom talked like that to
Herb. Are you going to be alright? Or should I call in sick? I'm fine go to work. Are you sure?
Yeah, I'll be fine. Ok by honey love you. Love you too. Jack went down to his and collapsed on the
bed. He sat there thinking about all that's happened. Hey sickie. Jack opened his eyes to see his
friend Steve standing at the foot of his bed. Sluffing again. No I'm sick. Dude you mist out Megan
was looking fine today. She always does. She was asking about you today. What, you serious? Cause
I'll beat you if you're lying. Yeah and you can't beat me anyway. Steve Jacks not felling
well, you should probably go home and let him rest said Jacks mom. Alright see ya Jack. Bye

Jack slowly made his way to the bus stop the air was cold and wind was howling. Hey buddy said Steve
sitting at the bus stop. What's up? Responded Jack Just waiting for our fricken slow bus driver,
how is she always late? I don't know About time as the bus came down the road and screeched to a
stop in front of them. Jack hated school not because he struggled he just didn't like it. The only
part of school he looked forward to was lunch and his last hour of the day. Because Steve was in it
and he didn't have any real friends in his other class but mostly cause Megan was in it. The class
was Geography the teacher was boring but he kind of liked it. Especially sense he studied it as much
as he could in order to impress Megan. Which paid off cause she sat by him and would ask him for help
every so often? Today he was having us study for a big final next week. He was quizzing Steve who
never studies. Mongolia uttered Steve No Think you're so smart don't you what's the capital of
Bosnia and Herzegovina? Sariavo What! How the heck did you know that? As he stared puzzled at the
book Hey Jack could you help me study? Asked Megan. Jack was stunned by the question and barley
managed to utter out the words. Yeah I'd love to. Could I come over tomorrow to study? Yeah that
would be great. The bell rang and Jack and Steve went to the bus. They made their way on to the bus
past their bus driver with a little nod. The bus driver she was a middle age women who was a little
chubby. They made there way back to there seat and sat down. Dude I can't believe Megan is going
over to you house. I know I still don't believe it. The bus came to a screeching stop Jack and
Steve got off. Hey we should hang out later, call me when you can. Alright see ya. Jack made his
way up the stairs to his house he opened the door. There was a man sitting on couch. Jack looked at
the man on the couch; he had dark hair and bright blue eyes covered by glasses. Jack figured he was
probably his mom's boy friend. Hello there you must be Jack my name is Dr Andrews. He said this as
he got off the couch to shake his hand. Hey muttered Jack as he shook his hand. Wondering how he got
in there. So how you doing Jack Fine That's good you know I have a son about your age he's
probably a little older Cool, so Dr Herbert has sent you? Yes he did Jack sat on the couch as Dr
Andrews sat on the couch opposite of him. So Herbert tells me you said something about Aliens, tell
me about it. It wasn't real I was just dreaming. Well tell me about it any way, as he pulled out a
notebook. Jack sat there as he told his story thinking about it gave him chills. After he told it he
looked over at Dr Andrews. He looked down at his note book. It wasn't a dream What Jack I'm not
a psychologist Jack, I'm studying extra terrestrials and people who say they've get abducted.
You see a few years ago I was abducted. Ever since' I have spent my life trying to find out about
them so my team and I have been going around interviewing people and researching trying to find out
about them. Most people stories are similar. There is a lot that gets changed in most urban stories,
like Aliens being green. How did that come about they looked white? Do you remember the lights on
the floor? Yeah they were green. I figure they saw them with the green lights on and gave them a
green appearance. Also I think they inject you with something that clouds your vision and keeps you
from thinking straight. My theory is that the Aliens aren't so different from us and that they
look a lot like us. But they still looked different than us like there big head and eyes. I think
they are a little skinnier and smaller than us. I think there head is a little bigger than ours.
Plus there small size would make it look even bigger than it is. The eyes I bet are a little bigger
than ours but because of the lighting and people blurry vision. Would make the shadow around there
eye's look like they had big black eye's. Hey wait I saw another one that was different. Another
one what did it look like? This one was big I didn't see it real well but it was like the size of
a big NFL linebacker. It was covered in some sort of amour and some kind of animal fur. Really I
have never heard that before. Ding Dong, came the sound of the door bell came from upstairs. Well I
probably got to get going said Dr Andrews he got and shook Jacks hand will talk again later ok Jack,
then he started walking to the door. There were some loud thuds as Steve maid his way up the front
steps. Hey what's up, said Steve as he sat on the couch. Nothing you We need to try out your new
game and some kids what's up. Alright let's do it. They sat and played for a couple of hours.
Yeah dude we showed them said Steve excited, hey is your mom here? No she's not going to be home
until tomorrow. Oh that sucks Yeah They sat around and started flipping through the channels. Dang
we've been playing for a long time for a long time, its already1:06. They stopped talking the
sound of the front door opening caught there attention. They listen to the creaking foot steps
above. Is that your mom Steve Whispered? No, it doesn't sound like here and she would have told me
if she was coming back. They went into Jacks room and grabbed two base ball bats. They slowly crept
there way up stairs. The house was dark he couldn't make out much he tried to turn on the light
switch but it wouldn't work. Then the floor behind them started to creek. They turned in horror to
see a huge figure walking towards them. Jack tried to move but he was frozen. The thing crept moving
closer and closer to him. He managed to take a couple of steps back. The creature put his face right
in front of his. He could feel the creature's breath breathing on him. Horror filled his body the
creature stood straight up and reached out to grab Jack. Steve swung the bat as hard as he could at
the creature. It put its arm to block it there was a loud crack as the bat hit. The creature gave a
roar and grabbed Steve and tossed him out the window on to the deck. Something took over Jack and he
started unloading on the creature with his bat. The creature roared with pain but after a few swings
the bat broke. The creature tuned and smacked Jack with his arm. Jack flew back and laid there in
pain on the floor it felt like the creature broke his ribs. He knew he had to get out of there; he
got up and ran out the door slamming it as he went. The adrenalin was kicking in now he looked back
and saw the creature burst through the door breaking it off its hinges. He ran around the house went
thought the gate and locked it after him. He looked back again and saw the creature hope over the
gate. He turned the corner ran into the back yard. He looked back it was gaining on him. He ran over
to try and climb the fence to get a way he was at the top when he felt a hand grab his ankle. He
felt the strength of the creature as it ripped him of the fence. He flew down and smashed into the
ground his head was spinning. He felt a hand grab him and he was lifted into the air. There was a
shot fired as it went into the creatures arm. The creature dropped jack and he fell into the bushes
below. He looked up from the bush and saw the creature extend a blade from his arm and ran at Dr
Andrews he shot the creature again in the chest, the creature swung at Andrews as he fell. The blade
on the creatures arm cut through his hand in between his middle and ring finger. He cried out in
pain, then all of a sudden a light shone up above and a creature dropped down. Landing in front of
Jack, he sat motionless in the bush. The creature looked down at his dead ally. He gave a small roar
and turner towards Andrews. Andrews grabbed the gun with his good hand but the beast hit it out of
his hand and smashed his arm into the side of his head and Andrews fell to the ground unconscious.
The beast glared around the back yard, then he grabbed the dead creature and Dr Andrews. Some sort
of cable came down and hooked on to the creatures back and hoisted them into the air. Jack looked up
to see the light of the ship diminish. Then the darkened ship shot out of the sky.

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