Death for Love

January 14, 2009
By Jessica Akers, Davis, OK

"Mwuhahaha!" laughed the evil queen, Metathoraz. "You shall be locked in here forever!" She laughed again.
"Oh no!" cired the Princess, Esophagus. "Let me out of here! What about prince Francium? He'll never find me here!"
"Mwuhahaha!" the evil queen laughed again and left the princess locked up in the dungeon.
"Nooo!" Esophagus cried out the little window. "Prince Francium!" She prayed he would hear her.
Miles away... he heard her.
He heard her beautiful, angelic, panicked voice. That princdess he was going to marry- she needed him!
Abruptly, he stopped singing to the little birds and bunnies, and stood up. He jumped on his white prancing steed and charged toward the castle.
When he arrived, he bust through the large wooden doors, and ran down the stairs towards the dungeon.
He tripped on the way down.
And broke his neck.
He was dead!

The author's comments:
I like to write stories to make people crack a smile or even laugh. I try to make them original and simple so anyone reading them will understand.

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