Future Shock

June 4, 2009
By NateDawg BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
NateDawg BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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In a small neighborhood in New York City, there lives a 10 year old boy named Jason. He is a small, but brilliant boy who has quite an imagination and loves astronomy and science fiction. Making friends is not a skill Jason possesses and it is actually very frightening to him. At school, Jason is bullied and laughed at. He always plays with his space equipment alone and unbothered. Today, something will happen that changes Jason’s life.
Jason awakes in a zombie-like way, to his buzzing alarm clock. As he gently opens his eyes, Jason sees all of the familiar faces of his posters. Spaces ships, aliens, astronauts and other space and science fiction characters all staring down on him. He stands up, still half asleep, and starts his daily routine of getting ready for school. After, he starts walking to school on the cloudless morning and decides that today was going to be a good day. As a matter of fact, it was looking like a good day for Jason. He was not bullied the whole day, and aced all of his assignments. When Jason arrived home, he decided to go play outside with his model space craft. After playing, he notices a storm was coming, so he made his way to the house. It started to drizzle as Jason reached his door, but noticed the door was locked. He knocks lightly on the door, not knowing his mother was in the shower. He decides to go through his back door and so began to walk. As he walks, he hears the near roar of thunder. He then arrives on his back porch, after being soaked in rain and notices that it’s locked as well. He then begins to pound on the door.
“Hello! I’m wet and cold and I want to come in.” He begins to shout as he continues to pound on the door. His mother still doesn’t notice Jason’s call for help and enjoys her soothing shower. Jason hurries to his front door again, hoping it’s unlocked. When he finds out that it’s not open, he lifts up his hands and starts banging on the door. Just then, a flash of bright light blinds him, as he falls to his back, unconscious.
As Jason wakes up, he notices that he is no where near his house. He is surrounded by thick layers of dead bushels, trees, and a very dense coat of fog. He stands up slowly and begins to search for any sign of civilization. After 10 minutes or so of searching, he grows tired and sits on a nearby rock. He sits there, in silence, not knowing where he is. Jason then sees a dark figure in the distance and decides to follow it. He calls for its attention by saying “Hello? Is anybody there?”
The dark figure then disappears in the fog and so Jason follows. As he walks, he begins to hear strange and unusual sounds. Just then a ferocious beast comes from the trees and lets out a blood thirsty howl. The beast is the size of a bear, but resembles a wolf. Startled by this hybrid, Jason runs the other way, hoping to avoid it, but is blocked off by another. Then more beasts come from the fog and surround Jason. Scared and shocked by these strange creatures, Jason backs up into a tree and begins to call for help. As all hope seems lost for Jason, a loud screech was heard, which made the beasts run away in fear. Jason looks into the direction of the screech and sees two cloaked figures come toward him. “Come with us.” The smaller one says as Jason follows the order.
The two unknown figures take Jason through the forest and to a large, open field. A large space craft, similar to the one Jason usually plays with, came from the sky and landed on the field. Jason followed the strangers into the space ship and into a highly lit hallway. The two then removed their cloaks, showing their scaly green skin.
Confused, and astounded, Jason said “Who are you?” The female being answered “I am Alvana and this is my father Ablar. We protect this world and everything in it. Who are you?” Jason replied with “I am Jason and I am lost.” Alvana did not say anything right away, for she was still observing Jason’s features. She took another moment and said “I’m sorry, where do you need to be?” Jason said “My home is New York City.”, but saw Alvana’s face reply with a questioned look. “New York City? I think I need to check the location. Please follow me.” Alvana said as she walked down the hall. As Jason follows, he sees many creatures that seem to be the same race as Alvana. They then entered a room filled with controls and buttons. As Alvana searched up New York City, Jason took a little tour around the room. He saw many different types of buttons and knobs, but the one that appeared to him most was a big red button. It had the letters G and H above it. Then Alvana interrupted his examining and stated that New York City was destroyed along with Earth over 6000 years ago. Jason stands there, baffled and shocked by the news he is told from Alvana. After minutes of silence, Jason asks “Is there any way I could go back?” Alvana analyzed the question for a second and then finally said “Yes, there...” As she said that, an explosion occurred from the entrance of the space craft.
Surprised from the explosion, Jason jumps up and embraces Alvana. She quickly notices this action and brushes him off. As Jason blushed, he apologized for holding her. Alvana accepts the apology and suggests that they go see what had happened. Jason quickly follows Alvana, as she swayed through each hall. As they reach the entrance, they notice the giant hole made from the explosion. Alvana inches closer to the new entrance to see what had created it, but before she could see, grapples hooked themselves on the entrance. By then Alvana knew that the ship was being raided, so she took Jason into a secret room and told him to stay there. “Use this if you get into trouble.” Alvana said as she threw Jason what seemed to be a gun. Then Alvana hurries out the door, to try and help her follow comrades. Jason sits alone, in the very dark room, paranoid and cautious. He holds the gun very tight and thinks this is unreal. Foot steps, yelps, and explosions are heard as Jason sits in the lonely room. Alvana returns to Jason hours after he was left alone. She goes into the room, covered with scrapes and scratches. They sit together in silence for a long period of time before Alvana opens the door and peaks out. “OK, they’re gone. It’s safe to come out now.” Alvana says as she tip-toes out. “Who was here?” Jason asks as he slowly comes out as well. “Those were Gelgamex ruffians. They steal anything and everything they can from anyone. Last year, we arrested many of them as they tried to steal from a new ship. I guess they haven’t forgotten yet.” Alvana and Jason then went searching for the other crew mates, but failed to find any. Alvana then knelt to the ground and began to sob as she found out that her father had been killed.
Alvana continues to cry as Jason said “I’m sorry about your father Alvana.” Alvana stands up, hugs Jason and says “Jason, you didn’t deserve to see all of this. I’ll take you home now.” “But what will you do?” Jason replies. “I’m going to find the Gelgamex clan... and save my people.” Alvana says. “Good, because I want to help.” Jason says. “What. But don’t you want to go home?” Alvana asks. “My home can wait. Right now you need my help.” Jason says. Alvana thanks Jason for his kind heart and bravery as she wipes the tears off her face. “OK, but we will need all the help we can get.” Alvana says. They go to the control room and set a course for a nearby planet. As they gland on the planet, Alvana says “Stay close and don’t talk to anyone.” They go off into a market square and enter a bar. Jason sees very strange creatures with very strange items. They go to a booth where a very horrific creature sits. Jason is terrified, but Alvana doesn’t seem bothered. “Gelgan.” Alvana calls out. “Oh, hey Alvana. I really couldn’t recognize you without your dad.” said Gelgan as he slowly stepped from behind the glass. Jason couldn’t help but giggle to himself as he saw that Gelgan was the size of a quarter. “Who is this?” Gelgan asked rudely. “I’m Jason, I’m traveling with Alvana.” Jason said proudly. “Oh, well that’s nice of Alvana to babysit.” Gelgan replied. Jason glared at him as Alvana said “ Gelgan, don’t be jealous that he’s with me.” Gelgan than replied quickly with “ I’m not jealous! I’m just joking, he knows that.” “Anyways, I’ve come for your help. My father has been murdered by the Gelgamex and I want to free my tribe from their grasp.” Alvana says. “Hmm… what’s in it for me?” Gelgan asks. “If you help me, I won’t arrest you for being under age in a bar.” Alvana says with a smirk on her face. “Uh… very well. I will aid you in your quest, but only because you’re my friend.” So they all return to the ship and head off, to their destiny.
As they see the head Gelgamex ship insight, they devise a plan. Alvana would board the ship, as Gelgan provides her directions. Jason would steer the ship. And so they began their plan. Alvana had snuck onto the Gelgamex ship, unnoticeable. The plan was working well, Alvana was almost to the prison cell. Just then, Gelgan lost communication with Alvana, leaving her stranded on the ship. Jason and Gelgan sit there in silence, not knowing what to do. Jason suggests that they save her, but Gelgan refuses to go. Jason says “Well I’m going to save her.” Gelgan waits a moment and says “Wait, I’ve got an idea.” Gelgan then moves the ship into plain view of the Gelgamex ship. “Now you go to their ship and save everyone, while I distract them.” Gelgan said. Jason teleports to the ship and follows Gelgan’s directions. He avoids many Gelgamex ruffians by going threw vents and pipes. As Jason searches for the Alvana, Gelgan shoots ineffective missiles at the ship, to get their attention. Jason finally reaches the cells, where Alvana and the others are being held. He frees them from the cells and informs Gelgan what he’s done. Alvana and the other prisoners thank him and go onto their own ship. The ship is being attacked by the Gelgamex ship, as they enter the ship. Alvana says “Get us out of here Gelgan.” “I can’t. The ship is out of fuel.” “Well, how are we going to get out?” Jason says. “We’re not. But you can still go home.” Alvana says. “What do you mean?” Jason asks. “Remember that big red button. Press it and you’ll go home.” Alvana says. Jason stares at the button and asks “Will I ever see you again?” “No. Thank you for trying to save us.” Alvana says. Jason takes a deep breath and presses the button. Then a flash of light blinds him.
Jason awakes with a throbbing pain in his head. He looks around and sees a nurse checking the nearby patient. He asks “What happened?” She says “You are one lucky kid. You got shocked by lightning during the storm. That toy of yours was attracting the lightning on account that its metal.” Jason lay there speechless. Was it truly a dream he thought. As he was thinking, his mother came into the room and cried “Oh, my baby. I am so sorry. I knew I should have left that door unlocked.” A week later, he was able to go home and it seemed like everyone was nicer to him. Even the bullies felt bad for him and decided to stop bullying him. And from then on, Jason always thought that that lightning bolt that struck him was the best thing that ever happened to him. And he’ll never forget Alvana.

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kinda my first one...(did in like 10 minutes, lol)

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