A stab in the heart

July 9, 2009
By Geminie Rubio BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
Geminie Rubio BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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I was all perfect now she felt happy, but how could she be happy if she lost everyone she had ever loved. She was now on top of the world but yet this meant nothing to her. She couldn’t believe she caused all this. A couple of weeks ago she was just a little girl with loving parents and everything she ever wanted and it all went away in a blink of an eye. She was forced to make a difficult decision and choose what was right or if she would just sit and watch things happen. What seemed so right before now seemed like a nightmare come to life.
It was 1985 and they were in Venice Italy, He was the biggest drug lord in Italy and she was the daughter of one of the most feared and respected men in Italy the Josue Andreotti family. I t was a very cold and snowy day; she had gone to the market to get away from the horrible reality of her life. She was walking around when a stranger asked her for directions to the Andreotti residence. She was afraid to say she lived there so she just said she was on her way there and she showed him the way. On the way they talked to break the annoying and awkward silence. This stranger now had a name, his name was Salvatore Miceli, and he was on a business trip. Phebe knew what kind of business he meant because she was the daughter of one of the leaders of the mafia. Once they arrived the maid greeted them both:
“Ciao Ms. Andreotti, I see you brought company”
“No, he is here to see papa”
“Oh you must be Mr. Miceli”
“Sr. Andreotti will meet you in the library come this way”
The maid led him into a very bright room full with books on one side and on the other there was a large desk with an empty seat. The maid let him to an empty chair and told him to stay put, and that Sr. Andreotti would arrive in a while. While he was waiting a lovely small young woman came in the room it was the same girl from the market. She was above average height, with milky skin and eyes as blue the sky, she was a very slender young woman that’s voice sounded like music to his ears. She did not seem like the typical Italian woman, there was something different about her. Was it those eyes or was it her vampire, white, and milky skin? She hadn’t noticed he was in the room but when she did she was straddled, not because of his presence in the room but because he analyzed every move she made like a lion ready to hunt it’s pray.
She started walking towards this man and asked if he needed anything, he said no, but then said,
“Have we met before?”
She answered with a smile and said,

“Not technically, but in the sense that I know your name”

He giggled, and smiled then answered back and said;
“Well, then who may you be madam?”

She looked at him with a strange look in her face as if she were shocked he didn’t know who she was;
“Well if you didn’t figure it out already, I am Josue Andreotti daughter, Phebe”

“So you are the beautiful Phebe? Well it is a pleasure to meet you”
“The pleasure is mine. It has been nice chatting with you but I have to go, it was nice meeting you, papa is coming, Arrivederci!!!”

As she walked out a very large man walked in, he was tall, his skin was olive tone and he walked to the empty seat and sat down and extended his hand out to Salvatore and said;
“Ciao, you must be the young Salvatore Miceli?”
“Well it is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Miceli, I’ve been looking forward to making an acquaintance with you”
“Same here Sr. Andeorroti”
“So, I’ve seen you’ve met my daughter?”
“Yes indeed, I didn’t know she was your daughter you look nothing alike”
“Her mother is of German descent and she is her spitting image”
“She is very beautiful indeed”
“Thank you. Now, sir where will you be staying during your trip in this beautiful city of wonders?”
“I will be staying at a hotel not to far from here”
“It would be rude of myself to not ask you to stay here, it would be better this way so you will not have to go back and forth because we have meetings every so often, and I will assign people from my staff to you so you can have the most comfortable stay at our home, it’s been very lonely here since the death of my wife Gemma and it nice to see a new face every now and then”
“It would be an honor to stay here, I accept your invitation”

Sr. Andreotti called the one of the maids, and gave her orders to do as Mr. Miceli ordered. The maid walked him to his room, as he entered he noticed he was being watched. He was not being watched by the security camera but by the lovely Phebe. As she saw he had noticed, she giggled and her cheeks got as red as a cherry. She said;
“Ciao, Mr. Miceli”
“Ciao, Phebe”
“Let me guess, you are staying here while papa needs you?
“Yes, is he always so friendly?”
“Yes, papa likes to keep his alliances as close as possible if anything changes you know? So would you like a tour of the house? Have you seen the other side of Venizia?”
“Ooooh I see, yes I would love a tour of the house. I’ve only been here and to the market!”

Phebe giggled and said;
“Then you sir have lots to see! Venizia È una bella città! (It is a beautiful place!) It is amazing you’ll see! I am now your own private tour guide! Let’s start!”

She gave him no time to think and before he knew it they had gone through every room in the house and were on their way to Piazza St. Marco (St. Marks Square). She was very adventurous and he was the shy guy whom she always pulled out of his shell. They got along very well.
Years past and Salvatore asked Sr. Andreotti for Phebe’s hand in marriage and he gave him his blessing. A couple of months passed and Sr. Andreotti passed away and everything was left to his loving daughter Phebe and her husband who he became great friends with. Since the family business was passed one, they would now need a new ally like how Salvatore and Josue once were. They interviewed and went through many articles, people came I and out, and out and in. No one was good enough, till one day a young man walked in the door his name was Claudio Guzzo. He was an old friend of Salvatore but they hadn’t seen each other in years, he was everything they were looking for, he was responsible, had been in the business before and had the look of ambition.
Months passed and there was going to be an addition to the family, Phebe was pregnant and it was now only a matter of time till she gave birth to a beautiful child. It was time, the child had arrived. Phebe asked that she was alone in the room only with the doctor because Salvatore was not able to be present because he was handling business in Columbia. For some reason Phebe never completely trusted Claudio, because of his ambition she believed he would do anything to have all the power no matter what it meant he had to do. In her mind he seemed like the kind of person who would kill for power. She knew her life was close to the end, no one was here to defend her and she did not want to face her fear. The nurse came in with some documents for her to fill in. When she was filling in the document Claudio walked in the room and had a tray of food, little did she know that it had poison. Phebe had known about this but had no defense, so before he had gotten in the room she had filled in the first blank in the document which was the name. She put Venitia Miceli, slowly after she eat she felt very sleepy as if her eye lids weighted million of pounds she couldn’t keep awake. After she had fallen asleep she never woke up again.

Claudio found the papers and changed everything except for the name; the hospital allowed him this because he said he was the father of the child. Meanwhile in Columbia Salvatore received a call from Claudio saying that Phebe was weak while giving birth and nor she or the baby made it alive. Salvatore was heartbroken, he seemed lifeless but he still kept his head held high. He had promised Josue that no matter what he would not give up the power he now held in his hands. Nothing would stop him now! He already had lost all he lived for so he was not going to have pity or anything for anyone. He now became the most respected man in Venice.
In the other side of Venice lived a new family, the Guzzo family. Claudio Guzzo worked for the well-respected Salvatore Miceli, the great lord of mafia. Claudio had been tired of being Micelies underdog so he took his chance and took away his joys, his wife and newborn child. Miceli thought Guzzo was a very good friend but little did he know that he was the enemy. Claudio Guzzo married the lovely Alessandra a famous movie star from Paris, in order to cover up his crime.
Five months passed since the death of Phebe, and it was Salvatore’s birthday and they were going to have a party at his house, so Miceli invited all his clients and allies and their families. Claudio took his wife and so called daughter who was now 4 months. The Guzzo family entered and Salvatore said;
“Welcome, wow!! Guzzo you never told me you had a wife and child”
“Well we married recently and it was a small wedding nothing big and the child had already been born before our marriage”
“Well Guzzo you have a beautiful family and your daughter look just like my wife, May she rest in peace!”

Salvatore giggled when he saw the baby because she looked like an exact replica of his wife she had milky skin, and the biggest bluest eyes he had ever seen. The child was beautiful, but he thought it was ironic that she looked exactly like his wife. “Could it be that this is my daughter? But Alessandra, Claudio’s wife also had blue eyes and was from German ancestors so she was her daughter not Phebe’s!!” it was all in his head.
Claudio giggled a nervous laugh in which he got red as blood flowed into his cheeks because he thought his secret had been revealed. He tried to calm himself but yet he sounded nervous so he said;
“Well Phebe was a very lovely and beautiful woman, but remember unfortunately they both passed away the day she gave birth, it is ironic indeed that Venitia looks exactly like her but yet we both have German ancestors, but unfortunately we do not know if your child was a male or female because it was not even able to come out of its mother whom.”

Alessandra looked at Claudio with staggering eyes because although she did not really agree with what he said or what he was doing she loved him and would do anything to be at his side. She also now felt that Venitia was her child because she had taken care of her since the first day she came from the hospital. Now she knew that a mother would do anything to protect her child. She was like a lioness protecting her cube from hunters and the dangers of the world. By the looks of it she knew Claudio could no longer keep his mouth shut so she came into the conversation saying;
“Claudio!! vi indole a me furia!!(You make me angry) how could you say such things it only been five months since the death of his wife and child. Yet you still come in here and dare to talk to him like that”
“Mr. Miceli we are very sorry about your wife and child, we did not want to bring this up on the day of your birth but as you can see Claudio here cannot keep his mouth shut, yes!! Venitia is my daughter by blood and by heart it is very ironic that she looks like your wife, I came here to ask you to be my daughter’s god parent because since the past tragedy happened now you may have a daughter in soul by the Christian church, will you like to give us this honor sir?”

A great smile came on Mr. Miceli's face it was like no other. Salvatore had not smiled like this since the day he got the news he was going to be a father, he thought about it for a while but then he automatically said;
“Sra. Guzzo it is a great honor to me to be able to be a part of this child life, I will happily accept your offer to be this beautiful angels god father, but does Claudio agree with this decision you are making?”

She looked back and gave Claudio a look that gave Salvatore chills, she stared into his eyes and it seemed as if you could see right through his soul in that instance Claudio responded;
“Si, si, it would be great if you would be the god father of our little Venitia, what better god father then my own friend who like a brother to me?”

Miceli responded;
“Well if we all agree then I more then gladly once more accept!!”
Salvatore was a very good god father he spend a great amount of time with Venitia as if she were his daughter. When she needed something and her mother or father couldn’t take it on time or they were busy Salvatore would make an effort to go himself or send one of his guards. Seven years had passed since the death of his wife and child but little did he know that he had his child with him all along. Claudio went to Columbia to take care of some of Miceli’s business because Salvatore was very ill, he had been sick for months and the doctor discovered he had leukemia. The only way to save him was if someone with the same type of blood donated but there was a very rare chance of this happening he was type O-so he could only receive blood from someone with the same blood type. He no family left so the possibilities of him surviving were one in a million. His world seemed more shattered but he had no reason to live anymore he was lifeless ever since the death of Phebe and child. What other horrible things could happen to him now? Maybe it was his time to meet with his family already, but somewhere in his heart there was a part of him who did not want to give up just yet he didn’t work so hard for nothing he had promised Phebe and Mr. Andreotti that no matter what he was never going to give up, so that’s what he once again will do keep his head up high.
Mean while on the other side of Venice were the Guzzo family lived Alessandra, Claudio’s wife was also very ill she had caught a rare disease on a trip to the United States, in Venice there was not a cure for this and it was very deadly. The next day, Venitia woke up to the horrible sound of her mothers excruciating screams. Venitia ran into the room as fast as lightning when she entered the long dark hallway in which at the end was her mothers soon to be death bed, she felt shivers run down her spine as if she knew this might be the last time she ever saw her mother, the sharp smell of rust was coming out of the room, once she entered she saw her mother covered in blood there was blood dripping from the edge of her mouth, she had never seen anyone in such pain. The bed where her mother was laying down was once white and is now just covered with brown and red spots of dry and humid blood. Venitia did not know if she wanted to stay there and watch her mother die slowly or if she wanted to remember her the way she use to be, happy and energetic. It was too late now the smell and image of death was engraved in her brain now and forever. Her mother told her to sit down and to not over react to what she was going to say so she told her;

“ Venitia, We both know it is time for me to go, I know your father and I have told you we have always said the truth, but in that truth there was always a lie which has haunted me since the day I held you in my arms the first time,”

She gasped for air and her lips became purple then she looked back at Venitia and said;
“We have little time left together so ill go straight to the truth, Venitia I wanted to tell you this before but I never really found the guts to say it, You are not my child by birth your father stole you from Salvatore because the only thing important to him is power and money. “

She couldn’t believe what her so-called mother had just said, she felt the adrenaline pulsing through her veins a rush of anger and agony was all she felt. She was confused who she thought was the only person in the world who truly knew her turned out to be nothing more then a stranger. She did not want to see this stranger suffering no more but she was angry with this stranger for keeping something so big a secret. This stranger would not stop talking so the first thing she saw was a metal basin full of steaming hot water which the maid would use to clean the blood. All she could think of was revenge; she grabbed the basin and slammed it on this stranger’s head. Rage took over her and now all she could think of was how her parents betrayed her. She slammed the basin once, twice, and a couple dozen more she could not stop her self, she something crack so she stopped and all she could see was blood dripping out of her mouth and head she had broken her skull. She heard someone behind her once she turned around she saw her so called ex father he was now a stranger to her and most of all her new enemy. Once she turned around he could see the anger and rage in her look she no longer had the look of an innocent child but the look of a killer whose mind itched with the thirst of blood and revenge.
He did not recognize her because he only knew her as a small happy child, he was about to ask her what was wrong but then that’s when it finally hit him, Alessandra had never really agreed with the idea of what he had done to Salvatore. All Venitia did at the moment was stare into his eyes as if she could see into his dark soul and know nothing but the lying and dark truth. That’s when he said;

“ So I see Alessandra has told you the truth, you did good by killing her, Now nothing will get in our way of having all the power, Daughter I forgive you!, now you can join me and be on top of the world there’s no one to worry about anymore they are all dead”

Venitia looked at him confused, he was not going to ask for forgiveness but for her alliance to take over. This made her even more furious this man not only took her away from her real family but he lied to her about whom she was and now all he does is ask her for an alliance. She looked at the bed where the dead body of a stranger laid next to a coffee table by the bed was a small dagger. The dagger was there just incase the now dead stranger got blood into her lungs they would just puncture a hole and all would be well. She approached the bed and sat on the edge leaning on the table, she grabbed the dagger in a very gentle motion in which you could not even notice she got the knife. She acted as if she felt pity and regretted what she did but in her mind she knew that a killer had just been born. While she rubbed the dead stranger’s skin in a circular motion she said;
“Don’t worry papa, I will join you,”
She walked towards Claudio and hugged him, but little did he know that this was the hug of death. She stabbed the dagger into the back of his head, she pulled it out and cut his neck open, and then she let go of him and stabbed him right in the heart. That’s when she said;
“As you stabbed my heart with all these lies I now stabbed yours!!!!”

Blood was dripping everywhere the room that once was bright and white was now red and had the smell of death in it. Venitia walked out of the room and asked the maid to leave her parents in the room alone because her “father” wanted to have a moment alone with her mother. She then asked the driver to take her to the Andreotti residence to see her god father. The driver agreed and before she knew it she was facing the big tall black gates in the entrance of Salvatore’s house.

She hopped off the car and ran into the house as if it were her own, she went straight into Salvatore’s room were he too laid in his future death be. When she entered Salvatore looked at her surprised but she looked back with a face of anger. He asked what was wrong and all she said was;
“I am not a Guzzo, I am an Andreotti my life has always been a lie,”

Salvatore looked at her confused and said;
“Yes daughter you are an Andreotti because I am your god father, I’ve always thought you looked like my wife who may rest in peace but that is just an ironic coincidence,”

Venitia looked at him furiously and said;
“Didn’t it ever occur to you that it was not only a coincidence that I look just like your wife? How could you just be conformed with words from a person you do not truly know? Even worse how could you just forget about your love of your life and only child? Why didn’t you ask for something to prove that I was dead? How could you give up just like that?”
Venitia was furious, she found her father but she did not want him anymore. She thought she would be happy with him but she found out he was a monster just like all the others. She wondered that if her mother were still alive how would her life been. Would it not be a living nightmare or would she at least not have had to shatter so much blood? Salvatore looked at her with a look of shame and he said;

“I never forgot about you or your mother, the dream of living happily with you both still haunts me at night”

Venetia looked at him and smiled and said;
“That’s it?”

He looked confused and took a deep breath and said;
“Yes!!! What else do you want me to say? I was not able to save you all these lies because I was in Columbia doing business, What did you want our family to go to ruins like all those other people? I am sorry I never went to look for you or find prove that you were alive or dead but I was always to busy with my work.”

Once again Venitia looked into his eyes faking to be happy with what she just heard and said;
“Don’t worry papa, it’s okay that you didn’t go look for me we are now together and that is what matters now I forgive you”
Venitia faked a smile and looked at Salvatore. He looked at her speechless from what he had just heard then he opened his arms and asked her for a hug. She walked towards him and on her way she dropped something from her pocket it was the dagger. She slowly looked at the floor and the dagger stood next to n oxygen, machine and an IV full of medication to keep Salvatore from the face of death. She acted surprised by the item that fell out of her pocket so she bent over and got the dagger as she made her way back up she pulled the cord from the oxygen machine and the tubes from the IV that were connected to his arm. Once she pulled this and rapidly moved back all she saw was a man gasping for air with blood dripping out of his arm. She moved towards him and stabbed him in the heart; it was an eruption of blood. All she could do now is watch this man in agony, she felt bad for him but somewhere in her mind she got some kind of pleasure from watching this man die. Once again she repeated;

“As you all stabbed me in my heart, I now stabbed you.”
Deep down she knew she had done wrong, but she felt pleased with her self. She heard a noise that straddled her, it sounded like footsteps coming toward the door. Had they not read the sign on the door that said “do not disturb”. The maid knocked on the door and said that it was time for Mr. Andreotti’s medication. The maid was getting frustrated of waiting so she opened the door Venitia got behind the door with the dagger and once she came in Venitia stabbed her in the chest, and ran out the door.

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