Jerry and Foes: Book of the Demons

January 13, 2009
By Daquan Jenkins- Thomas, Unalaska, AK

Jeremiah Johnson is a young boy who lives on Clueless Avenue in a town called Nowheresville.
Everyone calls him Jerry. He lives across the street from his school. He always goes to school ten
minutes before class starts but he decided to get to school three hours early because he had an
important ten- page fiction story due next week. He hadn't got anything done on it but the title:
"Demons and Jamal." The story was going to be about Jamal going camping with friends. He was
going to be mutated into a half demon/ half teenager. He would've had a saw type thing growing out
of the skin on his arm. His speed had increased incredibly and had brown hair from the tip of his
chin to the top of his scalp. At the beginning of the story, he was a normal person who lives across
the street from his school and later during the first day he would go camping. He would get captured
by demons and taken to an underground chamber. He was bitten by the demons and starts fighting back.
He won and escaped but has no knowledge of the demon blood lurking inside of his bloodstream. As
time went by his blood became more and more filled with demon blood. Soon he would be completely
demon (here is a graph of how rapidly his blood fills with demon blood.) So as you can see, as it
mixes with Jerry's human blood, the demon blood increases exponentially by 1.3. Jerry had no idea
what was happening to him. He was unaware that the demons' bites were adding their own blood to
his and increasing. He also had no idea it was contagious. Every time Jerry came in contact with
anyone, the demon blood would rub off on them. For the next couple of weeks, Jerry had a normal
life. A month and a half later, he started feeling odd. He also had this weird feeling that there
was something odd going on in his life. Unfortunately, his instinct was correct. Two more weeks
later, he ran through the doors of his school and realized that everyone was a demon. They noticed
him and started charging at him. Jerry just stood there. He questioned because he had realized that
they were all students of his school, but didn't know why if they had all turned into demons, he
hadn't transformed first. Time was running out and Jerry was getting closer and closer to his
death as the demons got arm's length away from Jerry, and as he bundled up in fear, a mysterious
character, out of nowhere, landed in between Jerry and the demons. The mysterious character grabbed
his sword and started slashing away at the demons. Jerry had looked up and was both amazed and
frightened at the same time. He hadn't ever seen this much gore in even a video game. The character places his sword into its
case and approaches Jerry. Instead of introducing himself, he gave orders. He is a man in a black,
tight suit with shuriken holders, and boots attached. He is also wearing a bandana and seems very
determined to complete his missions. "You've got to come with me," he said. "Who are you?"
Jerry said. "I'll tell you later, more demons are on their way, we've got to go," he said.
"Okay," Jerry said. The character grabs Jerry and jumps into a tree. From the tree, they can see
demons all shapes and sizes. The character just does a disappearing move and next thing you know,
they're in a village. Jerry and the character go to the village citizens' leader and everything
is explained and everybody is introduced. "Hello, Jerry. Obviously, you're extremely
confused," the leader said. "You got that right." Jerry said. "Let me introduce myself. My
name is Shawn Majagoshi. I am the leader of this ninja clan. I've been protecting people from
demons for almost a decade and I've had dangerous encounters as well as dull encounters. The ninja
that saved you was my son, Ion Majagoshi. He is a skilled ninja. He's only been knocked down once.
Any questions," Shawn said. "Yeah, why am I here. Shouldn't I be at a safety center or
something?" "There is an incredibly large and powerful demon on her way. She is a dangerous
demon who has been away in a slumber from the day she was defeated by the majagoshis. They are
mystical creatures that are mostly like dragons. They look like pterodactyls and breathe fire. The
only other difference is that they don't fly, they jump extremely high. They can glide, but only
for a short period of time," Shawn said. "What does that have to do with me," Jerry said.
"Well Jerry, every thousand years, there is one person who is born with the blood of a demon
inside of him. This is why you didn't turn into a demon. You were born with the blood already in
your bloodstream. Unfortunately, the demon inside of you has not been awakened yet. I have to teach
you to release and control this creature in the thick of battle," Shawn said. Now is the start of
your training. We should begin with how to wield a sword," Shawn said. "Why not guns?" Jerry
asked. "Guns are a waste of time, especially when you have to reload them. I'd say handheld
weapons and magic are the best for battle," Shawn said. "Plus most demons will deflect bullets
and if it hits you in the head, you're dead," Shawn said. "Oh, I never thought about that,"
Jerry said. "Okay enough talk, lets train. Grab that sword! First lesson! You have to know how to
even hold a sword or you will go too wildly when attacking and swing at yourself,"Shawn said.
"So how do I hold it?" Jerry asked. "Put your right hand at the guard and your left hand under
it, and then pull it over to your left side." Shawn said. Training went on for 3 weeks and then
Shawn sensed that, Liza, the powerful demon he mentioned before, was near. "Jerry, you've got to
learn faster, Liza is near. Now, we've got to move on. You know the creature resting inside of
you," Shawn said. "Yes, I remember, what about it?" Jerry asked. "Well I've got to teach
you how to control it quickly so put all the weapons in a safe place and be back in less than 5
minutes." 3 minutes later, Shawn explained Jerry about how the creature inside of him was a
majagoshi spirit. "If you control your Ki and pull it inside of you, you can awake it, but
unfortunately you have to do something totally separate to control. You have to make harmony with
its spirit and control it with your mind," Shawn said. "What is Ki?" Jerry asked. "Ki is the
energy that is inside every object ever created." Shawn answered. "How do I do that?" Jerry
asked. "Well, I can't tell you that. You have to figure that out on your own. Every majagoshi
has a separate kind of harmony. Mine wants the same thing as me, peace on earth and to seal all
demons away forever. I don't know what yours wants. I can only sense it is available for use. Try
to harmonize with it." Jerry closes his eyes and awakens the majagoshi but does not control it.
Instead it controls him and goes crazy. The majagoshi goes after Liza on its own and finds something
to hide behind. There just so happens to be a tall castle right by where Liza is walking to fight
Shawn and his majagoshi. "Liza, you will pay for your sins in the past and the ones you have just
committed. You will pay with your life."Liza hears the voice of the majagoshi and turns to face
it, but before Liza can see the majagoshi, it rams her over a cliff. Unfortunately, Liza was strong
enough to survive a fall like that. Finally, Jerry finds out how to control the majagoshi by
completely placing all of his Ki into his mind and focusing on the battle. The majagoshi fights
back. It turns out the majagoshi and Jerry are seeking the same thing as Shawn and his majagoshi. So
Jerry takes control and battles Liza. Liza is a worthy adversary. Unfortunately, Jerry didn't know
that his transformation lasts for an hour out of every four hours. Luckily, Jerry grabbed his sword
and everything he had learned to use in the battle with Liza. Liza, unfortunately, was way too
powerful for Jerry to battle alone. Jerry was at his final breath when, two majagoshi appear out of
nowhere. They fight Liza to the cliff wall where Liza and Jerry fell off of. Luckily, for Jerry, the
four hours passed by and he could use it again. So Jerry transformed again and together, Shawn, Ion,
and Jerry defeated Liza for good with Shawn and Ions' sharp majagoshi tongues trapping Liza by the
neck and Jerry's going through Liza's heart. It was a devastating battle that lasted about
another 4 hours. Shawn and Ion knew how to keep the majagoshi going for 16 hours straight without
rest so they let Jerry in on his continued training. Now, Jerry knew how to hold his majagoshi and
to wield a variety of weapons. He could hold off and defeat any villain that comes near him. So,
Jerry went back to his home and told a story unforgettable but unbelievable to people who had
nothing to do with it. Nobody even had knowledge that they were transformed into a demon. The
students that were slaughtered by Ion were only temporarily dispatched and as soon as they were
transformed back to their human forms, they were patched together again, although, they had extra
blood from the demons they were transformed into and Jerry could sense this. So, Jerry knew he would
one day be needed again.

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mj357 said...
on Jul. 13 2009 at 6:42 pm
uh.. isn't the person in the story named jamal and the main character jerry or am i having a blond moment? or was the switch on purpose?

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