January 13, 2009
By mike pynakker, Hartland, WI

"You can have whatever you like," T.I. sang as he believed he was alone. "Just look ova you
Shoulder," said Chamillionaire as he slid out of the shadows in the back of the elevator. "You
better watch what you say to me," said the irritated rapper. "Be careful or you'll be
history." "Ay, Who I be? Rubberband man wild as the Taliban, 9 in my right 45 in my other
hand." "Gas Prices raises the money keeps burning, dropout rate rising so what are they
learning, sending the troops to the war so I turn it to today's evening news" said
Chamillionaire, "Hip-Hop Police are listening""Bring "˜em out, Bring "˜em out," said the
irritated rapper "Now you're in trouble, here comes the bill collecta," said Chamillionaire as
he had blend right back into the shadows like a phantom as a short white guy entered the elevator in
a suit that looks as if he may have been concealing something. "I still keep that thang right up
under my shirt," T.I. said to the man. "I don't wanna kill everyone"Just my enemies," said
Pacino. "A hundred thousand to them haitsans you'll be murdered today." "I don't need
bodyguards. I'm from the South Bronx." "They kill you real quick," aid T.I. "I'll make him
an offer he can't refuse." "I Ain't Scared" The elevator doors open up. Al Pacino laughs as
he walks off with T.I. lined up right behind him. Pacino pushes him back in and gives a look like
T.I. was in big trouble. "Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend," says
the man as he whips out his shoulder firing grenade launcher and shoots it straight at him right. He
walks away calmly as he wipes off his face and suit and sticks the gun back under his suit. The
elevator door starts to close when an arm all the sudden sticks through the elevator doors and the
phantom rapper is there again. "Uncle Sam says to pay your taxes, just to learn that I pay for
classes. This is a message to the laws tellin' them WE HATE YOU," sings Chamillionaire as he
casually walks off the elevator looking at what the man did.

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