Trapped in an Elevator

January 13, 2009
By Jackie Pasholk, Pewaukee, WI

Elevator Malibu Barbie looks left, "Ugh, no wonder it smells like baby oil," and right, "OMG!
A wizard!" "Oh great!" Harry Potter rolls his eyes, "another blonde headed bimbo that thinks
I grant wishes." "Yummy
yummy,"Michael Jackson seductively whispers while licking his lips, "come to papa!""Um,
ew, girls like me with long legs and perfect hair don't associate with little boys like you who
have more plastic surgery than me.""Maliskatis elevatoris!"Harry shouts as he raises his
wand up with his eyes tightly shut. Harry opens his eyes just seconds later and realizes he is
still on the elevator with the same brainless people he was before. "AHHH!" He growled with
frustration, "Why does my wand have to break today?""Hey, where did you get that cool stick?
I want one! If they made those in pink, I would SO have one.""Barbie, I think you would sound
smarter if you just kept your mouth shut."Harry rolled his eyes. Michael Jackson reaches out his
hand. "Baby, don't worry about him, just come with me and I'll make your night a thriller."
"Ew, didn't I already tell you to stop staring at my perfectly sculpted body in this $500 pink
diamond studded bikini?"Barbie said. "Would both of you just shut up for one second, I mean
seriously, I have slithering snakes to kill, wands to fix, and quidditch games to win, and I'm
stuck in this stupid elevator with you people,"Harry groans . "Stop yelling at me you big fat
mean fairy man,"Barbie starts tearing up. "Don't cry baby, watch this, it will cheer you
up,"Michael said. Michael begins his moonwalk around the elevator as he starts to sing
"Don't stop ňútill you get enough, ooh, ow ow."He grabs his crotch, thrusts his hips, spins
around "Okay, that's enough!"Harry shrieks with anger, "I'm getting out of here!"He
frantically presses the door open button "let me out, let me out!""I want to leave too, I'm
starting to lose my tan, and I miss my puppy, and my pool, oh and,""Yes yes yes! finally!"
Harry screamed with amazement "Hagred finally sent someone to save me." The doors open and
Harry scampers out with joy on his face. "Here I come Hermoine!""Well I guess this is
goodbye,"Barbie says to Michael. "It doesn't have to be baby you can come with me. I live in
a huge mansion, you know.""Well, um, okay! I will come with you, as long as I get to spend the
whole day in Never land!"Barbie says. "Wow, what a great idea, but you will have to leave at 10
p.m."Michael shrugs and puts his head down, "I have court in the morning."

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on Dec. 23 2009 at 7:36 pm
JacqueleenDubois PLATINUM, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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omg wow i love it! This made me laugh so hard!

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