January 13, 2009
By adora lee, Lebanon, NH

Billy sang with heated lungs constricted beneath his chest high, front button up cheetah print corset covering his grayed hair accenting his chest and right through yellow stained teeth and lip liner made up jowels, shades of lipstick painted on just perfectly so...

I saw the glory of the coming of the lord!...

And with a dramatic sudden hitch of a jet black styled eyebrow, compared to the elaborate intricacy detailed with ink over his right eye and seamless button front up red leather gloved arm on his red fishnet covered hip...

"And I shot that two timing, good for nothing,,, Cause this young machine got a thang called mentality, and honnies..."

Billy hunched in his elegant shoulders a little, but was yet.. too over dramatic and theatrical to keep from facing his best angle in the front stage spot light-

Rockabilly/Psychobilly fanatic school girls like me need all that they can get!

He sneered his last words, dropped the mic, and headed off, tiptoeing in red six inch stiletto heals in a straight line with his hands in the air like a trapeze artist, his blond curly haired wig covering his balled shame only moving when he bounced his head to bask in the sound of the audience's cheer. On top of the world, as Billy always was...

But when he looked in the mirror, trying to block out the horridness of the out of pitch rookie singing 'You gotta have friends', to a quickly leaving punch drunk crowd, he saw an old aging man,... utterly alone accept for the wrinkles that always accompanied him and his schizophrenic tendencies.

His red polished geisha nails reached for the razor, and with his feminine touch pressed a kiss up his arm... it was fatally passionate. He leaned over the counter to make sure his makeup was perfect, life was too stressful if even a smear cluttered his fabulously glamorous exterior. He felt almost too weak to turn on the water, he staggered forward, fixed the splotch. His shiny red line of stud earrings that spelled out, oh no yoko oh no' just as every other detail had to bee seen. He wouldn't want to let down 'the city of shy hunters', And tried to strike a final pose.

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