Underdog, Dr Phil and Papa Smurf

January 13, 2009
By Amy Decker, Hartland, WI

As the shiny doors to the elevator slowly opened, Papa Smurf was shocked at what he saw. A crazy dog
was attacking some guy in a suit. "Everyone what are the first two rules of Smurfdom?" Papa
Smurf said with a booming voice that stopped the two. "Anger is nothing more than an outward
expression of hurt, fear and frustration." Dr. Phil dusted off his suit and stood back, watching
the door slide closed behind Papa Smurf. "There's no need to worry, Underdog is furry" as he
reached to give Dr. Phil a hug. Right as the two touched, Dr. Phil lets out a huge scream. "You're
only lonely if you're not there for you" Booms his echoing voice before he turned into a chocolate
bar. Papa Smurf, stunned by what just happened, moved as far away from Underdog as he could while
Underdog starts eating the chocolate with haste. "You're a monster" screams Papa Smurf,
tightening his hat closer to his face "There's no need for fright. Underdog can bite" and with
that he demonstrated by chomping on the chocolate with more force than before. "If we all got
along, we could play happily in the fields of Smurfdom and you could meet all my little smurfs at
home" chirped Papa Smurf. Underdog, annoyed with this little blue man, took his hat and ripped it
into shreads with his teeth. "What's your favorite color little dog? I bet it's blue!" Papa
Smurfs smile never leaving his face. "I'm colorblind you idiot!" "Oh". Not knowing what
to say he started pressing his floor button as fast as he could, as if to speed up the elevator. The
doors slid open and it was like light coming from heaven to Papa Smurf. After getting out of the
elevator he turned back to wish underdog a pleasant journey only to find that there was no one in
the elevator to be seen. It was completely empty.

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