The Dream

January 12, 2009
By Pedraam Mirzanian, BELLEVUE, WA

Once upon a time, there was a prince. He was the prince of Kazticland. He was the oldest son of the
king so he was next in line for the throne. His name was Pedraam. Everyone loved him and they all
couldn't wait for him to become king. Pedraam was handsome, intelligent, and had a great mindset.
Pedraam had six brothers. The youngest brother was named Luke. Everyone thought he was a little
strange and they were happy he wouldn't have a chance to become king. One day, Pedraam was walking
with one of his other brothers when all of a sudden, his brother fainted. "Oh my god, are you
ok?" asked Pedraam. But there was no response. Using all his muscles, Pedraam picked up his 300
pound brother and ran him to the hospital in world record time. But it was too late. His brother was
gone. The doctors tried all sorts of tests but they couldn't find out why he had died. Finally
Pedraam stepped in. Using his huge brain, Pedraam ran one last test, and he found out that someone
had slipped poison into his brother's drink. He was infuriated. Who would do this to his brother?
The next day, they had a funeral service. Everyone was there. Pedraam's parents, all the city
folk, and six of his brothers were all there. But wait, where was the last brother? Pedraam ran to
the palace, but he couldn't find his brother anywhere. Finally when he went into the kitchen, he
found his brother. "Brother come on. Brother? Brother?" Pedraam exclaimed. But there was no
response. Pedraam found his brother dead. In his brother's hand was a drink. "Aha!" Pedraam
thought, "there must have been poison in his drink." Pedraam rushed back to the funeral, and
told of the horrible news. Now town folk were getting a little suspicious. Pedraam was the first to
find and see the dead princes. What were the chances that he would be there first both times?
Normally Pedraam would have been put under arrest, but since everyone loved him so much, they gave
him the benefit of the doubt. A couple days later, during a huge feast the King had put on for the
deaths of his sons, one of the sons went missing again. Pedraam was scared. He wanted to go and find
his brother but if the prince killer had struck again, he would be blamed for the death. But Pedraam
figured the life of his brother to be more important then some false charges. He ran upstairs only
to find his brother sleeping. Why would his brother be sleeping during a great feast. When Pedraam
went to check his brothers pulse he realized he was also dead. Pedraam was terrified. Three of his
brothers had all died within three days. Someone had a grudge against his family and they were
killing all the brothers in line for the throne. He ran back to the feast to tell everyone of the
new death. He had forgotten of the suspicions. Now this was too much for the city people. They all
believed it was Pedraam who had killed his brothers but they had no clue why. Pedraam was taken to
jail where he would stay until he would undergo trial. Pedraam was disgusted. Not only had he lost
three of his brothers but now he was in jail accused of being the killer. Now there was only three
brothers left. Luke, Bill and himself. He had to save his other brothers but how could he when he
was in jail. He decided to go to sleep and decide what to do in the morning. That night he had a
prophetic dream. He dreamt that his brother Luke was going to come and kill him in his sleep. This
dream scared him so much that Pedraam woke up immediately. He was so ashamed of having this dream
that he felt he should die. He couldn't go back to sleep that night. As Pedraam sat there trying
to fall asleep he all of a sudden heard footsteps far away. He thought he was imagining things so he
ignored them. But they started to get louder. Who could it be? All of a sudden out of nowhere came
Luke. He had one gun in each hand. "Hello brother, how do you do" said Luke. "What are you
doing here?" asked Pedraam "Well I am here to kill you" exclaimed Luke "you have no right to
be king. That right belongs to me. After you and Sam are dead all that will be left is me." "It
is you that is killing our brothers? You are an evil man" I said. All of a sudden, Pedraam jumped
up and started to fight Luke. Luke tried to kill Pedraam but Pedraam was too fast. Luke shot six
times and missed. He was out of ammo so he threw the gun away. With the other gun he also missed
five times but the last bullet pierced Pedraam in the arm. "ARGHHHH!" yelled Pedraam as he felt
the pain. But Pedraam wasn't going to die like this. He jumped up and grabbed Luke. Threw the cell
he kicked and punched Luke. Finally, Pedraam killed Luke. But Pedraam's future didn't look so
bright either as no one was around to help his gunshot wound. He figured that the only way to
survive would be to escape. With one arm he pulled the cell bars out. He then started sprinting to
the hospital. When he got there everyone was amazed. He told them the whole story and they all
immediately believed him because of he was. They treated the wound. A couple years later,
Pedraam's father died and Pedraam became king. Happily ever after.

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