The Victim

June 25, 2009
By Karen Islas BRONZE, Garden Grove, California
Karen Islas BRONZE, Garden Grove, California
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The charcoal sky stood dark while the wind blew furiously loud against Luna’s soft and tender ears. She had traveled on foot for miles through thousands of rows of soaring redwood trees, unable to find her way out while she picked lush round blueberries. The wind tossed her from side to side, and her hair tangled over her shoulders in a million knots. Thick raindrops poured down on the golden yellow wheat valley, as ribbons of light began to strike the dark iron canvas above. The icy cold water
flung heavily down on Luna, causing her gasp immediately for air. Her face damped and icy. Luna’s clothes dripped heaps of water onto the flooded muddy ground, while her fingers and arms turned ashy white. She panted and tore quickly through the chilling night across the mass of macabre trees. As she dashed through a tree the width of a Kenmore refrigerator, she turned her face and caught the glimpse of a sinister onyx mansion. Her chest inflated and deflated as she took in a large breath of air. She had found salvation at last!

Luna slowly approached the grey dark mansion. Silvery cobwebs surrounded the sinister building. Broken glass stood on the midnight window frames. The goldenrod yellow weeds and grass crouched over. Luna held her breath, crossed her stubby short arms over her abdominals, and began to climb the long wooden stairs. She tromped on the porch and fell on her knees. Tiny streams of blood began to drip from her cut knees. The rotten wood almost cracked as she stepped closer to the massive anchored door. Pieces of wood had begun to peel off the mossy green door.

Suddenly, when she knocked on the crimson door, she heard a tremendous deafening boom and looked down to find the door slammed against the fawn wooden floor. Luna shrieked piercingly as bats fluttered out of the petrifying building. She heard muted footsteps of people upstairs. A few rooms away, small children cried furiously loud. Laughter floated through the hallway from the repellent room hidden in the back of the hall. She shivered, as a chill crept on her sine. The tiny golden hairs on her arms shot up as she uttered the words, “Hello, anyone home?”

Desperate for warmth and shelter, she slowly stepped through the door, rotating her head from side to side curious about the diabolical mansion. She stepped further into the house, strolling past the crimson love seat, and into the endless hall, chills running through her body as she approached the first door. The door was unlike any other. It was painted eggplant purple, with a picture of a medium sized glass vase with a mustard colored chemical boiling inside painted on it. She slowly raised her hand and set her small hand on the golden doorknob. Careful enough to be unnoticed, she slid her hand to the left and pushed the door forward, inch by inch. When the door was finally fully opened, she flicked the light switch on, and the lights dimmed softly until they became stable. As Luna’s eyes adjusted to the bright room, she noticed that this room was actually a bathroom without a shower. The foreboding room was odious and foul smelling. It reeked of raw chicken eggs, white vinegar, and salmon. The small bathroom had a beige toilet with a caramel brown wooden seat, a small shell shaped sink, and a shiny silver U-shaped facet with plastic white circle knobs. Her lower stomach began to tingle, and she pulled her baggy Levi jeans down, sat down on the cold wooden seat,
and let her stomach lose. When she finished her business, she pressed down on the toilet plunge. Suddenly, as the water roared up the toilet, the room did a 140-degree rotation. A shingle on the roof opened and threw Luna through an enormous musky white tube. She was blasted through the tube into a dark grave room filled with dozens of chocolate wooden cabinets. Neon orange and green colored jars filled with sickening specimens sat on the cabinets.

As Luna crept closer to the old cabinets, she saw a large gruesome figure in the back. As she approached it, she saw it was a gusty looking, pernicious man. He was repulsive, his skin plum-toned, and his hair a greasy onyx color. The man had large legs and a stomach as big as a beer barrel. His electric blue veins broke through the surface of his transparent coarse skin. Acidic scars colored in crimson red and topaz yellow covered his rocky and uneven face. Luna felt nauseated. Her breakfast, cinnamon bagels, began to rise through her throat, causing her to gag.
“Hello. I have been waiting for you…,” said a deep and menacing voice.
“Move! Get away from me you creep!” She nearly froze as he began to move closer.
“You’re perfect darling! Just perfect.”

He stuck his arms out in a hug formation and began to step closer to Luna who stood frozen with her mouth wide open, unable to blink.

Luna couldn’t have this foul sinister monster touch her; she had to make a run for it. As she dashed toward the door, she stumbled over a large book and knocked down
several acidic orange jars. She immediately got up; sped back to the tube she had come from, and gripped herself like a mud turtle onto the plastic tube. Once she had finished her climb, she fiercely thrust her body upward and clung to bathroom ceiling. Luna leaped down onto the toilet, splintering the wood as she crashed down onto it, and dashed through the rows of rooms, sped through to the entrance and was back in the ominous chilling night.

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