His Eyes Cry Out for Help

June 29, 2009
By Tameria Mosley BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Tameria Mosley BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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For the third day this week, I watched intentfully as his blank eyes stare at nothing impraticular. I waited only a second before I nervously tapped his shoulder for his attention. When his eyes landed on my small frame, I couldn't help but outline his pessimistic genetic features. His faire hazel brown skin, soft textured lips, his eyes...they stand out the most. Their rich green color never ceased to amaze me. Today they stood out because they held pain. This pain could never be mistaken or unheared because it cried out so loudly and deperatly and being that we had been friends since diapers he knew he couldn't hide anything from me. As if hearing my thoughts he quickly pulled his eyes away from mine and starts to walk with a quickened pace down the tenmporarily empty halls of Westlake High. "Aaron..will you wait!" I called out for him. "Why are you always so quick to run away from me..I want to help. Just tell me the problem." He turned aburtly and stared at me with pearsing eyes. "Why can't you ever manage to mind your own business?" He almost yelled. My suprised state of mind took me back a step, but my worried eyes were locked on his. "There are somethings you just can't help with understand? I'm seventeen years old I can take care of my self." I knew he didn't mean the things he said. I could see that he wanted me there. I could see the truth and I could see that he was afraid to admit it. He had to be a man. He couldn't cry and he wouldn't cry..especially infront of me..because he had to be a man."I hate seeing.." "Stop it!" He yelled. "I don't need you!" and just like that he was almost half way down the hall. All the way looking straight ahead of himself..never offering me his eyes or the feeling I get when they gaze into mine. He was out of reach before I could shove at him the guidence and feeling of security he needed.

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