June 29, 2009
By JeanniF. PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
JeanniF. PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Otis dug the shovel tip into the ground.

He was the most logical of the family. He knew it well. He knew Sheri Moon knew it. He wasn’t so sure The Captain knew it.

Otis dug deep into the packed dirt.

He should be the leader of the family. He’d always been the smartest. He could do it. Sheri Moon would drive them into the ground.

Otis pulled the black package from the hole.

He would be able to keep the pigs off their back. He would be able to clean it all up.

Otis opened the package.

He would be the best leader. He was smart. He could remember things, good things, bad things, and he could make them stronger.

Otis cocked the rifle that had been in the package.

“I am the devil,” Otis quoted, “And I’m here to do the devil’s work.”

The author's comments:
The quote at the end is from Charles Manson

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