The Infection

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

6:38 AM
The sounds of death woke me up from my sleep. The sounds were very strange and foreign. I never heard these noises before in my life. I heard screams and growls. I thought it was all in my mind. I wasn’t scared though, not one bit. None the less, I got ready for work. I took a shower. Then I put on my white dress shirt, with a red tie, and black pants. My shirt had a stain on it, it appeared to be blood. I couldn’t find my other shirts, I just wore that. I could tell that this was not going to be a good day.
I went downstairs; those stairs are the most silent stairs ever. They don’t creek at all. I took a small black bowl out and poured some Captain Crunch and chocolate milk in it and gobbled it down. Then I got my keys and my wallet and left.
7:23 AM

I took a few steps outside and I noticed something strange. When I left my home, I saw nobody, not one person. Although, I looked down the hill, and saw a group of people surrounding a house two blocks down.

As I was cautiously walking down that steep hill, I heard gunshots. I saw the group of people fall down. I tried to find some place to hide, anywhere. I jumped in the back of a pick-up truck.

When I was lying down in the truck the sounds of thunderous booms spread apart in time, then went away. I decided to take a peek to see if the coast was clear. I thought it was safe.
As I was hopping out the truck, something leaped on me. I didn’t see it coming, but it jumped on top of me and tried to rip my face apart. He didn’t though. He didn’t hurt me at all. It felt like an eternity, but after a few seconds the attacker stopped immediately. Someone shot him. I looked at the thing that pounced on me. It was just an ordinary looking man in a black sweatshirt. He had a lot of scars, scrapes, and bruises.
9:17 AM

Three people emerged as I was getting up. One was an old army veteran, the other was a tattooed biker, and the last was a little ten year old girl. The two men were carrying weapons. The old guy had a hunting rifle, and the biker had a shotgun.
“What’s going on here” I asked.
“Have you been infected?” the biker questioned me.
“No, what does that mean?” I said.

He walked over to the dead body of the thing that attacked me. He pointed down at it and looked at me.
“Has this thing made you bleed?” he yelled.

I checked my whole body. Not one scratch. I was amazed; it felt like my skin was armor. He knew the answer to his question now. I still didn’t have an answer to mine. “What’s happening” I asked once again.
“According to the government, it’s a scientific experiment.” The old guy said.
“What does that mean? They did this on purpose? Is the whole world like this?” I rapidly asked him.
“Look, we can’t stand here and chit-chat all day. We need to get somewhere safe.” the biker interrupted.
11:54 AM

We were walking about one hundred miles; I didn’t know where we were going. It didn’t seem like there was anywhere safe to even go. I didn’t complain though, I didn’t think I was too welcome anyway.

Along the walk the little girl kept staring at me, I hate it when kids do that. I got annoyed of it eventually, but I didn’t want to be rude. So I just started up a conversation.
“Hello,” I said.
“Hi,” she told me. She seemed very shy and quiet.
“How are you?” I asked her. It was a stupid question.
“Oh, I’m just great, today is such a great day!” she said, she was sure old enough to be sarcastic. The two guys laughed. I wasn’t as much amused. I took a break from speaking after that.

During our nice little stroll, I started to feel dizzy. I felt like I was going to go brain dead. I couldn’t see straight, concentrate, and think. I started to lose balance. They halted their steps; they stood stationary and stared at me. I fell down, I couldn’t help it. I laid down, watching the sky. The sky was bright blue, with white powdered clouds.
It looked amazing. It’s funny how bright and positive some things can look during an extremely dark time. The sky started to get darker quickly, everything did. Then, I fell into the darkness.
2:31 PM

I woke up a while later. I noticed it was dark out already. I didn’t find the three people. They must have deserted me. I bet they didn’t even wait more than five minutes too. I didn’t feel dizzy any more. I felt pretty refreshed. I decided to get up and walk around, maybe I could find where they went. I started walking north; at least I think it was north. I remember we were walking in a parking lot, and we passed graffiti. So I went the opposite way of the graffiti.

I came across a department store named Arget, but I think a piece of the sign was broken off. I peeked inside the store, I didn’t see anyone. The door was locked; it was a sliding door so I couldn’t really kick it down. I saw a car in the parking lot. There was just one small red car. I walked over to it; I thought there would be some sort of weapon that could help me break the door away.

I looked in the front driver’s side window, the radio was playing. It sounded like an announcement. I stood there trying to hear as best as I could.
“…currently under a scientific experiment. You may notice the decrease in population. There is also an increase in violence and death.” I walked towards the back seat windows of the car and looked inside as the radio played. I saw a woman lying down in the back seats, crying.
“If you are a survivor, we want you to survive as long as possible. We will help you in this struggle of yours. Please notice signs of infection.” I knocked on the window as I listened closely to the radio. The woman slowly got up, and stared at me. She was pale and quite ugly and scary looking. She looked like she wanted to kill me.
“First, you die; you lose all short term memory. You will come back into this dark world, from then on your destiny is to be infected. The first sign is loss of physical pain, or feelings. The second is fainting. The third is loss of brightness in eyesight. The last is the actual immediate change into an infected hostile. This whole process only takes twelve hours.” the radio played as she rammed into the car window. Each time her head met the glass, it cracked. The crack got bigger and bigger, and then she broke it completely open. She was on the cold cement of the parking lot, she was grabbing my leg and trying to scratch and bite me. It didn’t hurt though, but I was still scared. I started kicking her with my other leg, until she eventually stopped.
“We encourage you to kill someone if these signs are present for them, including yourself. This act is not murder. It is a heroic action that can save the other survivors.” the radio played as I looked down at the dead crazy woman.

I looked through the car now that it was safe. I found a bunch of golf clubs. I thought that would do well against the door. I walked over to the entrance of Arget, with a five iron in my grasp. I hit the door as hard as I could and, until I cracked the door. I did it a few more times until I was able to get through.

I looked inside, it was a clothing store. I thought they would have a bathroom in the back; I needed to wash the blood off my clothes. I ran over to the back of the store. I went past a couple aisles. There was one aisle I’m glad I noticed though. That aisle was aisle seventeen.
5:13 PM

On aisle seventeen I found three figures on the ground. I went over to them. I looked closely and I noticed it was the figures of an old man, a biker, and a young ten year old girl. I woke them up; I was very excited to see them.
“Hey, wake up! Remember me?” I frantically asked.
“How the hell did you get here kid? We boarded up those doors.” the biker said.
“I broke through it, sorry.” I told them.
“What? Do you know what you’ve done? Damn it! Now we’re done for.” the biker yelled. They jumped up; the two men grabbed their guns.
“Get to your hiding spot! Go! Go now!” the old man told the little girl. She ran away into the darkness past all the aisles.
“Here, take this!” the old man yelled at me as he threw me a pistol. It took me a minute, but I figured out how to shoot it. I fired one loud deafening shot. It was an easy mistake to make. After I did that a noise still shook the area. It wasn’t a loud short bang. It was more like thousands of footsteps along with screams and growls.

We ran towards the entrance.
“Make sure they don’t get through that door! If they do, we’re all dead.” the old man told us. It was the longest twelve seconds of waiting ever. Then we saw them, they were like savages. They didn’t even notice the broken down door. They all rammed into the other doors. Some tried to get in through the broken entrance. We shot them over and over again. They kept coming.
6:38 PM

That very second, I experienced the most excruciating pain you can have, even though nobody was attacking me. I fell to the floor. The pain was everywhere. I couldn’t stop it. Then it went away. I got up. I ran towards the old man and the biker. I killed them both. I ran towards the little girl. I killed her too. I realized what I was now. I ran outside the store with the mass number of infected. We ran out through the parking lot, past the car. As I past the car I barely heard the repeated distress signal.
“…your destiny is to be infected”

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Zero_K DIAMOND said...
on Jul. 6 2009 at 11:07 pm
Zero_K DIAMOND, Moosic, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Life's no fun if you're not insane, otherwise you grow up to be an accountant." -Moi

Wow. This is good. In fact, if you wanted to, you could stretch this to novel length. Bravo! <(o.0)>


on Jul. 6 2009 at 7:51 pm
trombonewriter BRONZE, New Glasgow, Other
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That is a great story about how experiments and things in general can go horribly wrong. Keep it up!

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