The Real Reason You Have To Clean Your Room

January 3, 2009
By Kayla8208 BRONZE, Hayden, Alabama
Kayla8208 BRONZE, Hayden, Alabama
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Once upon a time there was a girl. Now this girl wasn't anything special. She always wore a floorlength, white dress and kept her blonde hair(which had never been cut in her nine years of living) down. She was just a plain blonde haired, blue eyed girl that lived in a small village. But her story was not plain at all.

One day she was playing with the other children in the village square when another child falls and scrapes his knee. This girl rushes over in a panic. "Are you okay?" She would ask. Now, the adults begin to run over to address the situation and look from the hurt boy to the girl. Their look becomes a glare on the girl and they pull her up by the sleeve of her dress. "What have you done?" They would yell. "You wicked, evil child!" They accused. The village went insane, accusing this girl of trying to kill the boy and nearly succeded, all over a scraped knee. The girl's parents were furious at the village and would not let the girl play with the other children anymore and kept the girl locked up in her room, bringing her food three times a day when one night, the girl's father enters to bring her her dinner and steps on a doll and falls face forward into the floor. His face hit the metal tray of food so hard that he was killed instantly. Her mother rushes up to see what had happened leading to such awful racket and finds her husband dead and her daughter sitting only a foot away on her bed looking horrified. "You! Your a wicked, evil child!" screamed the mother and grabbed her daughter and pulled her all the way up the village hill to a castle where the mother locked her away in the highest room in the highest tower. Her mother guarded the outside like a beast. Making sure no one could enter to their death when eventually the mother died. And not long after the boy who had fell and scraped his knee so many years before comes to see the girl. He throws pebbles at the window that was said to be hers and waited until the girl appeared. The girl was now much older and she opens the window and sticks her head out to see who was calling upon her. When she does her hair falls out of the window in one long beautiful braid she had made in all her years in the dreadful castle. She sees who has come and her face lights up. When the boy sees the braid he gets a wonderful idea and grabs hold of the braid and yanks. The girl comes flying out of the window and just as she is just about to land in the boy's arms, he steps out of the way and she hits the ground and is killed. The boy looks down at the corpse and grins. "That is for trying to kill me, you wicked, evil woman!"

Now the meaning of the awful tale is to explain things we do in everyday life today. "Mom! Why can't I go??" It's simple. Because if I let you go you will be doing something and someone will fall and scrape their knee and then you will kill your father and I will be forced to lock you up in a catsle and guard it until I die and someone comes and kills you. I am looking out for you safty!

And another thing. If I do let you go out and I have to lock you in your room and "ground" you as punishment after you do something stupid while you are out, your father will be coming to give you your food and will trip in your god awful room. Keep it clean and we will not have that problem now would we?

So before you ask... No. You can not go.

Go clean your room.

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