When the Cicadas Cry chapter 2

June 25, 2009
By lexwithtexmex GOLD, Clearwater, Florida
lexwithtexmex GOLD, Clearwater, Florida
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The night was peaceful. One of those nights where not a soul is awake to see the moon smile in it’s upturned smile. All of Italy silent except for of few cars driving into small alleys behind tall buildings. Watching them above the city on the balcony of the sireity girls was a creature only thought of. He watched silently only to glance up at the stars watching a comet fall passed the horizons edge. He laughed silently to himself about it, how it was constantly falling, falling into nothingness. What would stop something so beautiful? Only something of complete ugliness.

His attention now turned to what laid beyond the glass door but before he could look through he was something he was not used to seeing. His reflection. He froze and looked at the figure mimicking his expression. Ashen blue skin wrapped around thick muscle, smooth and unnatural. He noticed the lack of clothing he had compared to all the humans he has ever saw. Cloth that was once pants now torn shorts up to his mid thigh covered him. His chest was bare. His face was his true wonder. Sharp angles and flat planes for cheeks. Harsh blunt nose and eyes that sunk in. golden eyes with a black dot in the center. For so long remaining as stiff as marble he has wondered what he looked like. He wondered and pondered for days, months, decades, even centuries if he was like all the rest around him or was he something different. Opening his mouth he looked at the pointed knives of teeth. He was impressed on how unique he looked. One of a kind. He smiled bright in pride when the door was drawn back.

There was the little girl, hair drawn back into a braid of auburn. She wasn't even scared but instead ran to him and hugged his bare waist.

“ You came! I can’t believe it! You found me.” She embraced his leg in her tiny arms her face smashed into his thigh. He couldn't understand why she didn’t backs away, why she wasn't scared or crying. She embraced him tightly and failed to look at him, as he knew he was meant to be seen as. He knelt to be on her level. She sparkled like a freshly cleaned gem in the light, radiant with awe.

“I told you I would come. You have a nice view,” he smiled trying to give her a bit of a fright but instead she was in oblivious that he was made to scare her. She walked past him to look over the railing, which she had to stand on her tiptoes to see. He followed her and looked upon the city like the statues on the cathedrals, watching the people and their actions. There was a musician playing a guitar at a cafe, thieves hidden behind the alleys, couples drunk with love.

“ I like the view too” she sighed, he looked down at her only able to see the top of her head. Glancing up at him she scrunched up her face and looked at him hard.

“ Are you real?” It was a question he knew he should had expected but it still took him for surprise. He chuckled darkly then knelt again to her level watching her eyes flint with innocence and curiosity. He extended his hand to her offering her to take it. Slowly she laid her palm in it almost not sure if he was going to vanish in thin air or turn against but his palm was hard and smooth. Excited she giggled into her free hand.

“ You are real! Sofia and Natalie thought I was day dreaming but I wasn't, I knew I wasn't. I knew you were talking to me.”

“ Who are Natalie and Sofia?” There was a scream from under the balcony. They paid it no mind, more fascinated by each other.

“They’re my sisters. Natalie is 10 and has dark wavy hair like my dad along with always being happy and telling a fib. She loves telling stories. She can draw you know. Real good but she rather makes up a story. Sofia is 12 and thinks she’s better than anyone is. She has the brownish blonde hair. I don't know why but she fears dad being mad at her. You can tell Sofia is related to us because we all have the same eyes. Green. She looks more like daddy when I look more like mom. Natalie looks kind of like mom but sometime she looks like dad. I'm Morgan. What’s your name?” He ponders at that for awhile. He looked all around for a good answer but came out with nothing.

“ I don't have a name”

“ You don't have a name?! You had a name on the plaque, Nox.” He laughed.

“Do you know what Nox means Miss Morgan? It means night in Latin.” She crooked her head almost to try and understand what he meant. Then it hit her; he could only come out at night. He could only see her when the stars were out and people were asleep. She stared at his fang like teeth, how jagged and white they were. Leaning in closer to his smile she grew a sense of fear, a crawl up her spine warning her to run and don't look back. To warn her sisters and get out as soon as she could. He was too interested in the way she looked. With his free hand he reached up and combed her hair between his fingers. Twirling the auburn threads in his hand watching the sheen in the dim light. From her hand he found her ear. Soft and delicate with a gentle curve down to her chin.

“Morgan why are you up? OH MY GOD! WHO IS THAT?” Natalie stood in the glass door way on the verge of screaming. Her glass of water dropped and spilled all over the ground seeping to the bare foot of Morgan who was shocked to see her sister. Natalie froze solid, body rigid as Nox stood up to his full height and beamed down at her. Natalie thought nox, the middle sister. He smiled a sinister smile to see if he had the same affect on her than Morgan. The moment it took him to look like a fully-fledged nightmare Natalie had been surpassing a shrilling scream. His eyes were a darken gold and every muscle in his body seemed tensed. Fully he smiled.

She screamed. She screamed so loud that lights from neighboring buildings turned on and Sofia flung herself to the door.

“ Natalie? Morgan? Are you okay?” Nox merely looked down at Morgan and vanished into the shadows.

“Who, who was that Morgan?” Sofia stuttered bending over to calm Natalie who was desperately crying. Morgan looked around searching for her new friend but he was no where to be found. She ran to each corner of the room to inside the suite as Sofia convinced Natalie enough that she needed to come inside. Morgan didn't say anything; she couldn't even care about the tears rolling down her sister’s face. Instead she crawled inside the covers and cried herself to sleep.

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