Movie Moment

June 25, 2009
By Natalie Price BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Natalie Price BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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I was walking through the hallway when I saw what looked like a scene from a movie. A girl with shy eyes and glowing skin walked over to a boy. She smiled and looked up, locking eyes with him. Then they moved as one as they leaned forward to kiss and the sun glinted of their hair creating a halo. As I stood watching I suddenly wanted to be them. I wanted to have my own boyfriend and have my own movie moment. But that can’t happen for two reasons. One: that wasn’t me. Two: Because He wasn’t standing next to me. He wasn’t in the same room, school, county, or state. He wasn’t even in the same region. He was where it snowed and I was where the flowers bloomed. Even when he had been here his mind hadn’t. He mind was focused on a girl with sapphire eyes who loved to watch the ocean storm.

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