cats and dogs

June 24, 2009
By Anonymous

One day little Kitty Teresa was walking down the street until this nasty, evil, and ferocious dog came chasing after her. As she started to run the ferocious dog that was named Juan and he was chasing the Teresa. As the dog was gaining onto to Teresa and some other cats came out of the garbage can with food all over their heads. And they smelled like if the were someones gym socks that haven't been washed for years. As they were trying to over take piggy in running they had been in this chase for over 5 minutes and both of them were all tired like if they were in the 100 mile dashed. They were all sweeting a lot and people didn't like the smell of them. As they were all over the restaurants many people that were eating in the patio were disgusted with the animals that were going by and by.

Some minutes later they had finally ran out of gas and they were going on though but Piggy had catch up to Kitty Teresa and she had ran into this abandon house were all the action came. As Kitty Teresa came out of a room she had a baseball bat and started to hit piggy right in to head. BANG home run. In so on the cats though that they were the strongest ones there but there came piggy with a knife in his hand. He started to stab what ever got in his way and then he started to make a few mistake because he was PIST OFF for what had happened. They were still fighting and many animals had came to join the fight until the Kitties bodyguard came to put a stop to all of the fighting that has been happening all day.

The fight was coming to an end and Saul the bodyguard was having trouble handling the dogs but especially PIGGY. As the fight was about to begin they had popcorn to throw at the opposite team. Both players were going to the ring to start the fight. Piggy was brave to take on Saul bot either way this wasn't going to be a 1 on1 match many other cats and dogs had joined but there only was one ruler to the whole city. The fight has begun and cats and dogs were flying in many direction but many of them were thrown off the ring to prevent them to getting in back to the ring.

5 minutes into the match and only Saul and Piggy were at the ring and they were colliding like if they were in the movie MATRIX. As both Piggy and Saul were still fighting the pound had came and they all had ran but them to. They were mad but they never new what was going to happen for what was going on. They were working together because they new that without each other they would both end up at the pound. So they fought for what they believed and they had beat up the pound.

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