The Game

June 28, 2009
By Jacob Rossignol BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
Jacob Rossignol BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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As though it were yesterday, the smell is still integrated in my nose. The scent of a goal about to happen to tie the game was coming to me. My legs still feel as though I were in the last twenty minutes of the game. I had been running for seventy minutes because I was never taken out of the playoff match. We were playing our rivals the Dust Devils. We had been neck to neck the whole game and it was 3 to 2, we were down one goal. I remember very vividly looking at her in the bleachers and remembering the promise I made her that day. I was playing center mid and we had kept the ball off our half of the field for a long time yet it seemed as if it was impossible to get the ball in the net. The forward gets in a bit of a sticky situation.

“Pass back! Pass back!” I screamed as loud as my body allowed at that moment.
The field was a lush green and it was very slippery. It had been raining the whole game. There were puddles scattered everywhere and mud flew at every movement. The chalks on the sidelines were slowly eroding away. The screams and chants of the people were ear splitting. There was a distinct difference in the voice of the separate fans. The fans for our team even sounded genuine yet the fans of the opponent were obviously dirty, just like how the players played.
The ball rolls back to me. “Set up! Set up! Mark go far post and Sean you go near! Frank take corner and post up to your man!”
I start heading towards the goal and one by one the defenders come up to me. I go through them with ease but then they dropped back along with the mid fielders and then I started getting into trouble. I passed the ball to Jonnie and he passes it to Mark and he heads it in.
The crowd went crazy and we hollered at the top of our lungs. Now we were tied and we had five minutes left. They pass the ball to their team mate and Sean blocks it and shoots it into the goal and the keeper tips it and we get the corner kick. Rain was pouring harder and harder and made the chalk disintegrate almost as fast as time did. I took the corner kick. My heart beat made it seem like my heart was going to come out. My sweat was dripping off my skin from the perspiration of the clouds. I shoot and Jonnie jumps higher than everyone. All of a sudden he was upside down and I knew exactly what he was doing. He was conducting a bicycle, a trick that he invented earlier in the year. As he was upside down he drills the ball into the net and puts a hole in it. Time runs out and we had won! The people in the stands come running out on the field.
“Were you really a part of the Soccer Olympics Grandpa?”
“Whoaha yes I was, it was some of the most amazing times of my life and it all happened on one fantastic field. That was also the year that I had met your grandmother. She came to that game and that was the day that she said one word that meant even more than that soccer match. It was the best answer she could have had for my question and that is the reason we are together today.”

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This article has 3 comments.

spandya123 said...
on Jul. 9 2009 at 5:37 pm
Amazing story!

jfez602 said...
on Jul. 9 2009 at 3:07 am
Great story - fast paced and such a sweet ending!

3144Vicki said...
on Jul. 8 2009 at 10:33 pm
This story puts you in the game. The descriptions given are one of a kind and the words used are perfect in every sentence. I love the sentence, "My sweat was dripping off my skin from the perspiration of the clouds." I was amazed at how this story is captivating and how the author decides to tell it. When I reached the end and you come to realize this is a story about long ago that a grandpa is telling his grandson I just had to reread it again because it was that intriguing.

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