disappering part 1

June 24, 2009
By dashun mcdonald BRONZE, Aurora Co, Colorado
dashun mcdonald BRONZE, Aurora Co, Colorado
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It was a hot day in Colorado and me my friends Rachel nayomi and mike got together and when deiced that I would buy the ticket to Los Angles the plane it took 2'hours on the plane.then we got there and we went to the hotel and when we got at the check in desk and they would like to see a concert what kind of concert is it micheal jacks MichealpJackson3 songs they are beat it,thiller,thriller we went to the concert and mike sat up in the front and Micheal Jackson and he lick his lip at mike and nayomi said what was that all about so they sat down enjoy the music. Then everybody was leaving because the songs was almost over so mike asked Micheal Jackson if what to come to my room and play games so micheal jackons said ok .then they mad to the room and monea and rachel was sitting on the floor wacthing teletobs and I was in the kictern and I said mike can I talk to you in here alone so I talk to mmicheal jacskon and he said to monea what up baby girl you are so cute but micheal jacskon that you anit my type like other gender monea asked and said what is your type he said I love boys butts. So then mike and meaheal was the game said that he was going to have to leave mike with micheal to his never ever land but mike did not know so they went to his house micheal jackson took mike in a room where could if could scream so mike went in the room like dumm and then micheal jacskon ccame in there butt naked and said shut up and micheal jackson and then mike said some body help me please because getting hurt and we went to look for mike and we could him then micheal jackson came to or room and ssaid have we seen mike cause he left my house and then monea and rachal and nayomi goes with micheal jackson and then I stayed at home because he might come back but micheal jackson tried to kiddnap the girls so then it 3 hours later and I stilled haved not found them yet.

The author's comments:
this very intersing because it talk about michael jackson.

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