Harloman Switch: Part 1 Anibrius, the King murderer, Guy

June 18, 2009
By NovelistJoshF. SILVER, Erin, Tennessee
NovelistJoshF. SILVER, Erin, Tennessee
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As the grass whips away by the will of the wind, the clouds roll in. The trees start to shake and the dogs bark like mad. The kids are no longer playing in the field because the earth starts to rumble. The storm stirs up in the distance when Rosemary Fay jumps from thunder. BOOM! The thunder shouts, yet again not expecting the thunder to roar, she jumps. She finally cowers, and darts inside her house to hide in her room. Rosemary finds shelter under her newly sewn blankets. They were a birthday present from her mom a few months back.
She sits there looking out the window and hiding back under her covers when the time is right. This happens continually for about five minutes. Her mom comes in and tells her, “Rose, what silly thing are you up to now?” “Finding my safe place from the scary monster outside”, She whimpers. Her mom asks, in the sweetest and kindest voice that she could imagine, “Well now how about I make you and nice cup of hot cider to warm you up. Would you like that?” “Yes, please”, she answers.
As her mom exits the room softly, Rose quietly sneaks up to the window and peeks at the monster lurking outside. When the monster finally sees her he grunts as if he is in pain. She wonders what could happen if she goes back outside. When she was thinking a mysterious character starts to pass by her window unnoticed. It keeps on going back and forth. The thing finally gets mad and yells,” Hello? Is anybody in there? Hello? Hey!” It throws a rock at her head. “Ow! Cut that out”, she cries. “I am sorry to have bothered you. I was just hopping by with my pogo stick and saw you staring out into the storm. As you can see I am wet from the rain and I would like to come in. So can I? ”, he asked with big puppy dog eyes. “I’m sorry, but no”, she bluntly stated. “Really?” she whimpers. “My mommy would never allow whatever you are in” she said. “I mm-muh all alone. I have nobody. Please?” he cries out loud. “Okay, okay but you have to be quiet. First, what is your name?” she questioned. “My name is Harloman Switcha, the Elephant Lord of the Pogo” he said. “What very weird name.” she thought to herself. So she let him come in and hide in her stuff animals.
“Psst! Psst! Hey, are you there?” whispered the voice. “Huh,” yawned Rosemary. “What, what is it?” “It is time”, the voice said. “Time for what?” she said. “Time to go”, growled the voice… “Time to go where?” she screamed as she was being dragged away in the cold, damp darkness. “Wuh-what-what’s going on?” Harloman said nervously. “No, wait I am supposed to teach her first…. Harly intended on finding her before those creatures use her to destroy everything. He knows where they are but, not where they are at. He grabs his pogo stick turned it on as hopped off into the wilderness.
When he came upon the great field Harly found people at the bottom and then a great bird blocked his view and they evaporated. He starts to walk when he evaporates too. He winds up finding that they transported him to a place where no elephants can live. Since they evaporated him, technically, he is the only elephant that can live there. As he hops he thinks to himself. Why did they want to take her to a grimy, disgusting, slime covered trash heap in mid-air to pronounce her queen? He knew this because he was sent to protect her from the Anibrius’s henchmen. Anibrius is the head honcho of this garbage heap. The only reason he wants her to be queen is so that she can watch over the land while he goes out and assassinates the other rulers so he will be king over all. Only girls around the age 5-8 who have brown hair and blue eyes can be queen. She cannot be queen because she is no yet of age. The leader in the Giant Trunk is the Wise Mammoth and he is the father of Harly.
Harly finally finds Rose but he finds out that Anibrius is there and never leaves her sight. Harly screamed, “Rose, I’m here, blum- blum…..” “Be quiet!” said the concerned citizen. “You don’t want him to know that you’re here. Since you are an elephant he will probably kill you.” “Not on my magic pogo stick which can travel a gazillion miles faster than his.” said Harly. “Oh, okay well go at it.” said Peanuts, which is his name. Boing, boing sounded his magic pogo. “Hark, who dareth come into the king’s halleth with a pogo sticketh.” announced Anibrius. “It is I LORD OF THE MAGIC POGO.” pronounced Harly. “Areth you really Lord of thee magice pogo sticketh?” interrogated Anibrius. “Uh, yeah I’m pretty sure.” quoted Harly. “Well, what difference does that make.” said Anibrius. “It makes a lot of difference. See watch this.” Said Harly arrogantly. He jumped the highest he had ever jumped. SQUISH! The king had been pogoed. Harly grabbed Rose and was headed off without a problem.
He bounced and he bounced and he bounced until he made it all the way back to the big field. He got her home safe and sound right before her mom came back with the apple cider to warm her up. To hide from the dark, monstrous storm. Wind whipping, grass waving, clouds turn in an insanity of blue and gray. Margaret jumps as the thunder roars at her. She jumps again and as soon as she touches the ground she runs to the house……The End?

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on Jun. 30 2009 at 9:44 pm
NovelistJoshF. SILVER, Erin, Tennessee
5 articles 0 photos 4 comments
I kind of rushed this so it might not be so great. If you read it could you please give me feedback I really want to know what I did wrong or "write". No puns intended.

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