Molly the weirdest dog on earth

June 17, 2009
By connor sparks BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Washington
connor sparks BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Washington
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Every time I go over to my friend Adam’s house. There dog Molly would always attacks me (she licks me to death). Adam, Lane and I were playing out side in the winter of 07. I think it was about two weeks until Christmas. His driveway was pure ice. We were sliding down like penguins. Sliding down the driveway out to about 35 feet off the driveway.

Me, Adam and Lane were inside having some hot chocolate wail watching “Invader Zim: Horrible X-miss Ever”. Molly was upstairs in Adam’s room taking a nap. We took a sip of the hot chocolate; it was so hot that all of us spilled some on the floor. Out of now were we all could hear Molly up-stairs barking at something. We all ran upstairs. Molly was on Adam’s desk barking at a squirrel sitting on the edge of the window. At first glance we thought it was a real squirrel.
“Take the pillows and hit the squirrel!” Adam told us as he grabbed a pillow and started to hit it.
I was about to take my second hit when I took a closer look. I then tolled every one that it was Molly’s squirrel toy. We were mad!!!

One time Lane and I were playing “Halo 2” at Lane’s house. Lane was talk to Adam through a head set.
“Met me at the cross point. Were you respond, on top off the building. K.” Lane said to Adam through the head set.
“K, Be there in five minutes.” Adam said to Lane.
“Connor go get the Spartan Laser and the gravity hammer.” Lane told me to do. “So we will be safe.”
“Ok will do.” I said.
I could hear every thing that Adam was saying through the TV. Every time that something exploded. I could here Molly Barking louder than the TV. Lane took off his head set and throw it across the room. All I can remember is that first the explosion happened. Molly started to bark louder than the TV. After that Lane throws his head set and I could here Adam screaming saying for Molly to shut up. She finally became quite after ten minutes. Every time there was an explosion she would bark louder than a car’s horn. It was finally the game was over. We all met outside and we went over some ground rules for playing on the X-BOX (Halo 1-3).
Never let Molly in Adam’s Game room
Always remember to close the door to the game room
Four years ago something happened I will not soon forget. I was in fourth grade. It was the first day of school. We were waiting for the bus. The Bus Stop was not far form Adam’s and my house. It was right in front of Lane’s house. We were all with in five houses of each other. We were standing around talking about homework we had.
“Adam hurry, catch Molly!” Mr. Kane yelled at us.
“What were is she………………………O NO!” Adam was saying as he saw Molly darting across the street.
We all dropped our backpacks on the ground and took off running to get her.
“I don’t see her! Were is she?” I yelled to Adam.
“Just look for white fur….there she is right be hind the big oak tree in the middle of the roundabout. Go corner her.”
“I see her and I’m going in.” Lane said.
We all went in to get her when she found an opening. She darted around as. We turned around and found her almost at the bus stop. When we saw that we all stared at each other. From the aspersions on our faces we all knew that we would be in big trouble if we did not get Molly back. We took off following her. Molly finally stopped to smell something on the ground. We saw that we had a chance to get her. We got to her and we could tell she was tired. Adam picked her up finally.
“We finally got her.” Adam said with a sigh of relief.
“Ya, we did.” Lane and I said at the same time.
“Jinks, you owe me a soda.” I said with in a split second after we said the same thing.
After we put Molly back inside Adam’s house we went outside we took three steps and we saw the bus pull up to the stop. We took off running. We barely made it to the bus on time.

So if I had to describe Molly in eleven words or less. I would say: Molly is the funniest dog on the face of the earth. So that is what I have to say about Molly. She is weird, funny and one of my most favorite pets I have ever met.

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