The Straight Shooter

June 17, 2009
By Anonymous

"State your name"
"Bob, the Bullet"
"Bob will you kindly tell the court what happened"
"Well it was one of those afternoons, I was sitting on the shelf with my friends, or my bullet buddies. Sitting there we could hear every thing the tumble weeds, the lapping of water, the sound of innocent people screaming. Next thing I know the door slams open and we could hear boots clanking across the rickety old floor bored. The lid to are box was torn clean off a hand came in and grabbed five or six of us…”
“Yes, yes that’s all great Bob but can you get on with the story.”
“Just hold your horses am telling you what happened!”
“Ok, please proceed.”
“Thank you”
“As I was saying the man who came in, he was the sheriff, like I said he ripped the lid off and grabbed me and my friend Bill the other bullet, then he put us in the gu.. The gun, the gun is a cold and unforgiving place; it’s where bullets get lost forever. On the way to the bank robbery or at least I heard it was a bank robbery I don’t know for sure. Sitting in the barrel of the gun lying on my side I could see nothing, but I could hear every thing, screaming, shooting. Then BOOM!, Bill gets fired off. Then the steal turns and the barrel moves. Now sitting there looking down the barrel I can see him, Black Bart..”
“Yes can u give us a description of this, Black Bart.”
“Well he was about 6 foot, Black hair, ratty old cloths, and…”
“Ok tell us more of the story”
“Well, as I said I was looking right at him, but I didn’t have much time to react because I was fired out of the gun, quicker than I could think about anything; let alone know what was really going on. Then I hear a splat, and I woke up inside Black Bart’s heart. It wasn’t much of one as soon as I was shot into it. I didn’t stay there for long, a Dr came and removed me from his chest, and I was brought here before the jury.”
“So would you say that Black Bart was guilty?”
“Yes I would.”
At that same time the gun walks in and yells

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