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June 12, 2009
By Amy Wang BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
Amy Wang BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
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The last word that Tommy Smith heard me say to him before I planted my fist into his chin was quite atrocious. Looking back on it now, a full 10 years later, I might have done some things differently.

For instance, I am not too sure that using my bare and at the time, very delicate 7-year-old hands, to inflict physical pain on another classmate was the wisest move. Sure he stole my fruit roll-ups but I had another one in my Transformers lunchbox. He was supposed to be my friend, and friends share.

So why I decided to react in such a violent manner is unknown to me to yet this day. But I think it had to do with Susan. She was the number one girly girl in the class and all the boys had a crush. Who wouldn’t? From her pink and red ensemble to her Hello Kitty necklace, Susan was a walking talking Power-Puff Girl.

I was everything Susan was not. I could not play skip-rope; instead I resorted to rocket ship. I did not own any Barbie’s, but Susan had a village full of them hiding in her closet. Of course, Tommy had to admit at lunchtime that he had a big crush on her. Needless to say, when he nonchalantly grabbed my fruit roll-up from my lunchbox, my fist found its way to his chin.

I had truly learnt my lesson; mixing love with friendship was a bad idea. And if I didn’t learn it right that second, I certainly did when I got called into the principal’s office. The penalization was enough to silence my fist from hitting anything for a long time.

After the whole ordeal I apologized to Tommy for my actions and he quickly forgave me. We continued building mud castles on the field like we did every lunchtime. It was then that I suddenly realized, my act of jealousy did not do anything positive for me. Not only did I get in trouble with the “authorities” I also lost a bit of respect from my fellow peers.

Sometimes, when I find myself in moments of moral dilemma, I look to this memory. I am reminded once again of how a simple action can bear a great consequence.

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