Vampire Terror

May 23, 2009
By sweet_candice SILVER, Georgetown, Other
sweet_candice SILVER, Georgetown, Other
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I tumbled down the stairs. Tears filling up my lungs. I was breathless, I could take no more of this horror. The cruel laugh tickled my ears, made me want to cry in this dark nightmare. I curled myself up to be smaller, hoping that he might not notice me. But I was wrong, it was just the beginning of him taking me away. My throat wanted to let out some help signal but it just didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. My eyes shut tight hoping that I would not see all of this terror. I kept shivering and my whole body finally gave up on all of this and I let tears spread all over my face.

His sharp laugh hurt my ears like knife poking through my heart. He gave me the shivers. The window finally opened up and wind rushed in my house. My hair swayed with the breeze, trying to comfort my fear. But it was all useless, he was there, waiting just for me. He grabbed my arm and looked at me with his ruby-red eyes. His hand, cold as ice yet sharp as blade. His hand cut my skin on my arm and made me bleed all over. I refused to look at him, struggling with all my might. It was useless, he was much stronger than me. He laughed at me, showing all of his sharp white teeth. I tried to fight against him, but he grabbed my arm even tighter, making me bleed even worst.

I cried, hoping that someone who cares about me would notice my cry. He stopped laughing and stared at me. He was mad. He stared in my eyes, putting his other hand on my neck, making it bleed. I was breathless, I stopped moving, my heart stopped pounding, my eyes stopped blinking and even my shivers stopped. I knew exactly what’s going to happen next. He came closer to my neck, placing his sharp teeth on it.

I looked at him, causing him to laugh. He sucked up my blood bit by bit. It was so painful that I hoped he sucked a whole big bite and just let me die but he was enjoying the scent of my blood, sucking bit by bit. Tears trickled down my neck and mixed with the blood, he looked up and was mad. He slapped me, so hard that I flew to the other corner of the room. He slowly came over, laughing sharply. All my breathing and pumping was wrong and out of beat. I was about to die. He came over and sucked once again and I knew that it was really the end of my life. I sucked in my last breathe and let my last tear trickle down my face because I don’t have the energy to wipe it away anymore. I thought about the flashback of my life and smiled. It was the end. It really did end.

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