he never left till he had killed them both

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

One day there was an old man. His name was Mr. Bee, and while he was reading his book his wife was taking a calmly bath, but then he went to go get a glass of milk with cookies. When he came back….NO BOOK! But he saw something under the rug. He kept thinking what it could be. He said “maybe that’s my book, but how could it be able to get down there”. Because he was so curios, He was brave enough to check it out. He picked up the rug… “WHAT”, he said “how could my book be there if I left it up there in my chair”. That same night he was all quite he didn’t want to tell his wife he didn’t want to scare her. ”honey why are you so quite”? His wife said, when they were about to go to sleep. ”um um I, I, I, oh nothing honey I’m just feeling a bit sick” he said. His wife said “what are you feeling, do you want medicine, and you know what I’m not going to ask you you’ll just say no I’m going to go get some o-”. “NO! I’m fine just going to sleep” he said. “Ok” she said awkwardly. The whole night he could not sleep, he knew it wasn’t so big but he was nervous because, the only two people live in his house, him and his wife. That morning he woke up early with dark circles under his eyes because he could not sleep. He got a pan and put it on the stove to make breakfast, but he went to get the eggs from the fridge. A soon as he got back…the pan wasn’t there. He thought it was wife, but his wife was still sleeping. But still he went to check on his wife just in case it could not have been her. When he got up his bedroom his wife was still asleep, that’s when he freaked out. He went to go check if it was under the rug like his book, but nope. He was mad and scared. He said to him self “could this be real or am I just really crazy” That day he was watching TV but thinking at the same time, he was thinking of asking his wife, if she had ever scene anything like that but, he was scared she properly think he’s crazy. As he was thinking of that he felt a shiver and heat in his feet. He was so scared that he screamed “ALRIGHT WHOS MESSING WITH ME, IV GOTTING ENOUGH OF THAT!” 5 seconds past as a silent, awkward silence. Then he heard his wife scream loud. He hurried himself up there to where he heard his wife screaming. As soon as he got up there he was trying to look for her but he just heard her saying “mmmmmmm” trying to speak but, having like something in her mouth. He look in there restroom, nope he looked in the closest and there she was tied up and having a bandana in her mouth, that’s way she could not talk right. She was crying. He went to her and untied her. As soon as he finished that he tolled her “what happened who put you there?” She said, “Dddonn’t knows hhoow iiii ggoott there” she said very scared. He went to go make her tea to calm her down. But as soon as he got there with the tea all done….she was dead… she was laying in the floor, he left her on the bed sitting down. He said screaming as soon as he saw her there “HONEY HONEY, SPEAK TO ME DON’T TELL ME YOUR DEAD HONEY PLEASE!!!!!” He was crying a lot he could not believe she was dead and not knowing how she could be dead. He said to him self,” I’m going to go figure this out”. He was outside his house sitting in a chair on his porch crying and thinking what happened. So he called the funeral to pick up his wife’s body. He called all the relatives and said his wife just died, everybody asked him how but he had no explanation. They all went to the funeral it was the day after she died. He knew he was all alone in his house nothing to do just figure out who or how they killed his wife. The next few days were exactly the same as if his wife was there, he meant like the strange things, the missing things, diapering. He never went out; he only had 1child but was 21 and lived with his family in California when he lives in a Texas, he was as if he was dead as well. He never stops crying. He went to sleep, he never got used to not ever seeing his wife again. The next day he woke up hearing a knock on the door, he wondered who it could have been he went to go open the door, and he saw a 2 police officers there. He said “hello officer, what’s wrong?’’ officers said” uh yes Mr. Bee nice to see this morning, but we are here today to investigate the death of your wife” oh ok perfect I was thinking of calling yall, I’m really sad now that she’s gone” Mr. Bee said. The officers said, “Yes we are really sorry your wife is gone now, but we promise we will find who or how she died”. “Ok thank you”. They began the investigation. Many hours past and more cops came, they never told him anything about the ghost hunters, and he started to freak out even more. Well they finished the search around 10:20pm that’s when they told him to sit down that they had to talk to him seriously. He freaks out even MORE! They began to talk they started out by saying..” uh Mr. Bee the ‘thing’ that killed your wife and that has been spooking you out , the missing pan,,ect,ect,ect.. .well I’m sorry to tell you but it was no person that was ‘ALIVE’ it was a spirit a evil spirit that just wants to harm”…” WHAT ALL THIS TIME” he said. Ugh, yes sir. “What should I do?” cops said,” you can stay here, or something easier just leave the house”. “But I can’t leave this house, my wife and I have been living here since we first got married” he said. “I mean you can stay but you just have to deal with all the spooky stuff sir” the officers said. “I will, I guess I will” Mr. Bee said. “Ok it was your choice, now we will be leaving sorry for your wife” they said. Mr. Bee said,” thank you, thank you”. So many days past and he tried to talk to talk to the spirits, but nothing ever. But one day at night he heard something, something unnatural that he had never heard before. It was like a sigh, he understood something like “your going to die!!” he got scared. He was thinking of calling the ghost hunters but he remember that, the cops said that it was he choice. So many days past and well he was begging to get used to it. But one day he slept way to long and never woke up……he was dead.

The author's comments:
i love books where girls have problems like with there parents etc.

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