The Mysterious Blue Pebble.

May 22, 2009
By Kindell Pickard BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
Kindell Pickard BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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It was a strange day in June, 1922 11:22 a.m. at Michigan Lake.
Tommy and Harper Green were spinning an afternoon at the lake as
They’ve often done before. But this particular day with these particular
Pebbles changed their lives forever. Sometimes things happen in life that
You can’t explain, but that’s what makes life a mystery itself. Now, they
Always just picked up pebbles on the side of the lake, but today, for some
Odd reason their weren’t any there. So they walked over to the big tree close-by. Lying on the ground by the tree were pretty blue sapphire pebbles
That has never been seen before. “Whoa! Look at these Harper.” “Yeah I
See Tommy...” “You think we should use these?” “Well their aren’t any around except for these, so go ahead.” So Tommy picked up the pebbles and
Brought them over by the lake. “Do you want to throw one Harper?” “Sure.”
Harper took the pebble, threw it and it bounced on the water and floated down to the bottom. “Your turn.” Tommy took the pebble, threw it and it did the same as when Harper threw it. “You can throw the last one Tommy, I don’t mind.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” Tommy took the pebble threw it and something happened that amazed and caught both of their eyes. They looked and saw that the pebble was just sitting and floating on the water. Harper bent over from her sitting position, nearly falling in the water with amaze-
ment. The pebble started spinning faster than a tornado and leaped out of the
water with surprise and landed on Tommy’s lap. Astonishingly it started to talk. “Hello Tommy.” The mysterious blue pebble said. Tommy quickly dropped the pebble and got up. “How do you know my name?” “I know quite a bit about earth. You see I am not from here; I am from a planet
called Microsoft where our species is not known here. But unfortunately I
Fell out of the sky from the orbit being too weak.” The pebble had a mysterious evil tone to his voice. Nothing like the 2 kids have heard before.
“Why did the other pebbles sink and not you?” Harper asked. “I am not like
the rest, you see I can unleash powers that the other pebbles can’t. These
powers were bestowed upon me by our leader.” “Do you have a name?”
Tommy asked. “My birth name is Ralph but my leader gave me the name
Malevolence.” The pebble was a beautiful bright sapphire blue but some-
thing about his eyes revealed violence and rage. “I do need to get back home
soon, do you think you can help me?” “Well I don’t know.” said Tommy, “What do you need us to do?” “I need you to take me to a secret place that no one knows about.” “What’s the place?” Tommy asked. “Look in my eyes
and it will show you everything.” Said the pebble deceitfully. “NO! Don’t
do it.” Said Harper. “Oh don’t you trust that I won’t do anything to harm your brother. I swear.” “Well, maybe I can just try it Harper. Just this once.
Looking in someone’s eyes shouldn’t hurt.” “But he’s not just anyone, he’s a
talking pebble!” stated Harper. “Oh don’t worry so much Harper, I promise nothing will happen, are you ready Mr. Malevolence?” “Certainly, now just look in my eyes very carefully and it will tell you everything you need to know.” The boy nervously looked into the pebbles eyes with a scared look on his face. He went into a shock mode that made him feel small and weak.
He didn’t know what was happening to him, he felt crushed as if he was forming into another creature. But he wasn’t, he had lost all control of his
Abilities to walk, talk as if he were himself, and do anything that would be
Perfectly normal for Tommy. Out of the blue he disappeared into thin air.
Harper didn’t know what to do; she went into Shock as well. But didn’t lose anything, she knew he shouldn’t have looked in the pebbles eyes. She knew something wasn’t right. “What have you done with my brother?” “Oh not to worry child, your brother is just simply taking a rest from the world, he shall be back soon, and everything will be how it should be.” “No! You can’t do that. Bring him back to normal now or I will get my parents, the cops, and anybody that will help!” “So, you think that all those people are more powerful than me? You have another thing coming little girl!” Harper took the pebble and ran home with it, and surprisingly no one was there. “Mom! Dad! Where are you? What have you done with my parents?” “Why, they are in the same place your brother is. You should be happy, there is going to be great things happening soon.” “NO! I want my brother, my parents, and everything else back to normal now!” And all of a sudden the pebble reacted to her screaming and it abruptly froze itself. Harper just stared and the pebble got colder and colder until she couldn’t even hold it anymore. Unexpectedly, everything around started to turn into chrome and ice. The girl started to get chills up her spine and felt like she was delusional.
She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her house, her floor, her yard, everything within eye contact was changing. Harper quickly picked up the pebble and ran back to the lake, and that too was chrome and ice. She didn’t know what to do, and as much as she tried melting the pebble with her hot breath and breaking it, nothing would happen. She was stuck in a world of loneliness
And the terror of being alone. She waited and waited, but nothing happened.
The fright, and terror eventually led to suicide which led to shattered memory’s and loved ones, and the mysterious blue pebble stayed chrome and ice with the rest of the cold strange world that just sat there for the rest of life’s history.

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