The Day my World Altered

May 22, 2009
By smurfie BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
smurfie BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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On the 27th of April 2007 my two year old cousin drowned in a pond at my uncle’s house. The worst part was that I was the one that dug the pond that he drowned in. So I have gone two years and have never forgiven myself for that. I have always blamed myself for his drowning. He was my little buddy. We did every thing together. He was my mini me if you will call him that. He would be 4 years old if he wouldn’t have drowned. I really miss the little guy. I and he got into so much trouble together out at my uncles house. I and he laughed at everything. He had a really good sense of humor. We got along great. We would go all over the place out there on their farm in prosser. We would run and play hide and go seek in their grape fields.

Then on the afternoon of the 27th of April I got the call from my uncle saying that hunter was missing. So me and my dad went down to prosser to go and look for him. We ended up calling the sheriff and they came out and we searched the property all over. Then I decided that I would go and look to see if he was at the pond that we spent so much time together at. And that is when I saw him, laying motionless in the pond at the bottom holding the teddy bear that I had bought him for his birthday just a couple months earlier.

Then the weekend afterwards we had to do his funeral. My uncle only let me and my dad be the Paul bearers. That is a lot for a fifteen year old teenager to handle. It was bad enough that I was the one that found him. It was even harder being the one that had to put him in his grave.

For two years that day has been playing over and over in my head. Then I came to realization that it wasn’t my fault. It was his time to go. God had it all planned out since the day that he was born. He was going to die that day no matter if I dug that pond or not.

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