May 22, 2009
By Tyler Hughes BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
Tyler Hughes BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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My feet ached as I waited in line and the sun blared down on my forehead. For the past two hours I had been wiping sweat out of my eyes while attempting to stay hydrated. My clothes were clinging to me. I desperately needed a shower. The line for Batman was extremely excessive, why did I choose to go stand in it
“Excuse me, do you know what time it is?” I asked the man standing behind me.

“Why it’s 12:00pm young man”
“Thanks.” I replied
I leaned against the cold, metal railing and waited for the people in front of me to move. They would only take a couple of steps at a time but it was still progress. Their feet inched forward and so did mine. I waited like a cheetah to pounce on any space between me and the person in front of me.
I inched my way closer and closer to the ride. All the sudden, someone tried to cut in front of me.
“Hey!” I shouted
He looked back with a daring look in his face.
“Yeah, hey you! You cut me.”
His sunglasses blocked the evil expression that was probably painted all over his face. His body was thin and his shirt barely hung onto him. He pushed a relatively large hand through his blonde, sandy hair and smiled. When his lips opened, they reveled a mouth full of gaps. I presumed he was a hockey player and decided to leave this one alone. I didn’t want to get my a** handed to me on a silver platter.
It didn’t matter to him that I was going to let this one get away. He just kept walking.
Time kept passing but I felt like the line was standing still. I was dying of boredom and longed for human contact. I looked around and saw no one appealing. Suddenly, I realized I was trapped inside my head just like I was trapped inside this god-forsaken line.
My mind began to race, I started thinking about all the things I would rather be doing right now. I could be at home, in the air conditioning, relaxing on the couch and enjoying the company of my Golden Retriever. I could be at work. It would be just as terrible, maybe even worse, but at least I wouldn’t be standing in some line for over three hours.
My body was beginning to weaken, so I leaned harder on the cold, metal rail. The muscles in my stomach were contracting so I had somewhat of a stomachache. I wished my head wasn’t pounding so horribly because then I could see straight. Suddenly, a wave of exhausting swept over me. My knees were locked and I was getting dizzy. Without a moment’s notice, my fragile head slammed against the unforgiving concrete, I had been waiting in line for over three hours; I was just about to get on the ride. Too bad I had to pass out.

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