From Good to Bad... In Just a Matter of Time

May 21, 2009
By Ashton Chatelain BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
Ashton Chatelain BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
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Just becoming conscious, Stevens woke up and started looking for Evans.
“Evans... Evans where are you?” Stevens yelled frantically.
Stevens searched the area intently until she found Evans. He was lying there, not move and not breathing. She started to think, they were the reason for everything that had happened. These monsters, these machines, had to be destroyed and the only way to destroy them to stop them from ever being created.

It was the year 2353 Derek Evans and Lilly Stevens had just become partners for a police department. Evans was already assigned to this specific police department; however, Stevens was transferred from her old department after it was destroyed by RIA. Evans and Stevens had met once before at a police academy, where they became good friends. This was a surprise when they were assigned as partners because after they graduated from the police academy they lost all contact between each other.
“Evans… Derek Evans, is that you?” Stevens asked surprised.
“Lilly Stevens, you haven’t changed a bit. How have you been?” Evans replied.
“I have been well. I have just been taking in a lot, since my department was destroyed by… well you know,” Stevens exclaimed.
“Yeah, I’m sorry to hear about that. You said you have been taking in a lot since then, so how are you able to balance that, a new department, and your love life?” Evans asked curiously.
“Well, you got two of those three things right. There is no love life in the mix yet. I just haven’t found the right guy yet.” Stevens explained.
Once Stevens mentioned she did not have a guy in her life, Evans grinned a little. Evans who always had a crush on Stevens, started to think back from the police academy days. He never had the nerve to tell her how he felt, though. After he lost all contact with her, he never stopped thinking about her, but he had to focus on getting his life started and finding a job.
“Derek… Derek…” Stevens kept calling his name. Finally, Stevens just flicked him on the nose.
“Oh, sorry, was thinking about when we first met at the police academy. Good times, good times,” Evans exclaimed in a humorous tone.
“Evans, I see you have already made your acquaintance with Stevens,” said Captain Morgan.
“Yes, Captain, we go way back, all the way back to our police academy days,” Evans replied.
“Well, I would love to chat, but you know we need to try and stop…” Captain Morgan looked at Stevens and then whisper to Evans.
“Yes sir, I understand,” Evans replied.
The Captain walked away and Evans looked at Stevens then looked down.
Well, let me tell you about RIA. RIA stands for Robotics Industrial Army. RIA is robots that were created to fight in wars against the enemy planets. This robotic army, nearly indestructible and very intelligent, did things on the demand of the government. They used to help save lives because human did not have to fight in the wars. However, all RIAs made in the past 5 years have turned against their creators and the entire Earth because of bad hard-wiring. As I mentioned, before they are nearly indestructible, but they can be destroyed. The only way they can be destroyed is by themselves or by the other robots. Therefore, when the robots with the bad hard wiring started taking control, they killed off the good RIAs. The bad RIAs do not attack randomly and will not attack unless they feel threatened or become aggravated with certain people or groups. They are fully armed with the latest weapons and every piece of technology ever created. These machines have created much conflict between planets and every group on the Earth.
“Hey, I know what he was going to say. I struggled with the loss of my captain and my colleagues from the department, but I am over it now. It’s best that y’all don’t try to hide what happened to my department from me,” explained Stevens.
“I understand what you’re saying. Since you don’t mind us talking about it, what exactly did your department do to aggravate the RIAs?” asked Evans.
“Well I don’t know exactly what my department did because they kept it under wraps for the most part, but not long before we were attacked, news started leaking through. What I heard was that our department was funding a government project to create a better, bigger, and non- destructible RIA. They were getting close to finishing it. They had the plans drawn out and actually started to assemble the machine. They tripled checked the hard- wiring this time,” Stevens said, giggling a little “Well, as I said before, they were getting close to finishing it, but they couldn’t create a metal that was stronger than metal already being used. They tried everything, but they just could not create a stronger metal. The bad RIAs somehow heard about this so they attacked us. As you probably know one of my colleagues and were the only ones who were not killed. My colleague, of course, is in critical condition, but I was lucky to escape before they ever noticed me. I do not want to sound selfish or anything, but I knew I could not stop them so I got out of there as soon as I could. On my way out I could see my colleague barely conscious under a bunch of rubble.”
“Wow, Lilly! You have gone through so much. Well, actually I have heard some news around here similar to what your department was doing,” exclaimed Evans. “You don’t think, oh no….”
Evans just thought about what Captain Morgan had said. His eyes widened, and his mouth dropped.
“Derek, what’s wrong?” asked Stevens nervously.
“You know how the Captain said. He had to go to try and stop the RIAs?” Evans yelled.
Steven’s eyes widened her realizing something she wishes she did not. Evans then caught a glimpse of something behind Stevens. Behind all the cubicles, behind the front entrance, Evans could see tons of them. There were at least 100 RIAs heading straight for them to kill them all. They had all their weapons drawn ready to shoot. Then, one did shoot. Evans saw this and yelled.
“Watch out!”
He then grabbed Stevens and pushed her out the way. The wall the RIA shot collapsed on Evans.

You are back at the beginning of the story.
Stevens, just becoming conscious, woke up and did not see any more RIAs. Stevens then started looking for Evans.
“Evans... Evans where are you?” Stevens yelled frantically.
Stevens searched the area intently until she found Evans. He was lying there, not move and not breathing. She started to think they were the reason for everything that had happened. These monsters, destructive and incapable of stopping, needed to be stopped.
Stevens started shaking Evans. His eyes started to open and he began regaining consciousness.
“What, what happened?” Evans asked dazed and confused.
“We have to stop them. I almost lost you, and I don’t want it to happen again,” Stevens said anxiously.
Evans sat there pondering about what they could do.
“There has to be something we can do…,” exclaimed Evans.
Then at the same time, they both said: “We can go back in time!”
They smiled at each other and then quickly, but carefully, left the destroyed department. They hurried into the police rover, put on the sirens and lights, and drove as fast as they could to Washington, D.C. Evans sat quietly. He did not want to ask, but he did.
“Were you really worried you lost me?”
“Yes! I would have been devastated if I lost you now that I finally found you.”
“I have to tell you something Lilly… I love you; I have always loved you ever since I met you at the police academy.”
Lilly sat there staring at Derek. She then spoke quietly, but intimately.
“Derek, I love you too. I have also loved you since the police academy.”
“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”
“Me too.”
They smiled at each other again, grabbed each other’s hands, and the vehicle was silent again.
About five hours after their conversation they reached Washington, D.C. D.C. looked like a rag town. There was trash everywhere and homeless people walking the streets.
“Oh my gosh, what has this world come to?” asked Stevens.
“I don’t know, but right now all we need to worry about is getting to the White House so we can try to stop this,” replied Evans.
They finally came upon the White House, but and it was not so white anymore. Actually, it was many colors, with graffiti everywhere. They were both surprised to see what it looked like and both wondered if the President was even still there. They were able to walk right up to the front door and knock. They knocked on the door for about five minutes and decided to walk in. They called for the president, but no one answered. They went to the Oval Office and called once again. Unfortunately, they did not hear anything until right when they were about to leave, a jar of pencils fell off the desk. Evans and Stevens both pulled their guns out and went around to the other side of the desk. There under the desk all curled in a ball and scared to death, sat the President of the United States of America, President Jalalabad.
“What do you want?” cried the President.
“Mr. President, my name is Derek Evans, and this is Lilly Stevens. We have come to you to tell you our plan to stop the RIAs.”
The president came out from under the desk, looked at Evans, then Stevens and laughed.
“That is impossible they are indestructible,” exclaimed the president.
“Not if we go back in time and stop them from ever creating the RIAs,” Stevens said confidently.
The President sat there quietly, then looked up and said: “That might just work. The only problem is the only time machine that still works is in the basement.”
Before asking, Evans thought there must be a problem. Then he asked: “So what is the problem?”
“That is where the robots are taking each other when they become damaged.”
“Then we need to draw them out of there so we can get to the machine,” Evans explained.
“You make it sound easy, but the guards have gone down there and, as you can see, I have no more guards.”
“Well, we must out smart these robots, but for us to do this, one of us must sacrifice themselves,” Evans said cautiously.
The three of them looked at each other, but no one talked. Then the president said: “I will. I haven’t done anything good for this country so this will be one thing I can proudly say I did.”
“You know if we go back in time and fix all this, no one will remember any of it,” Stevens mentioned.
“I know, I know, but I have to do it.”
They sat down and drew out a plan of want they would do. Luckily, the president knew exactly how the basement was laid out. About a half an hour later, they headed for the basement. When they reached, the door they can heard a bunch of commotion. Evans gave the sign to the president. The president threw a pencil downstairs, and yelled for them to come and get him. Next thing he knew they were all coming up the stairs. Evans and Stevens hid behind the basement door, while the president ran the other way, better than any other president now days would.
As soon as they thought it was clear, they slowly moved downstairs. All they saw were two robots that were split open and their body parts torn off. The body parts were moving around on their own but were not dangerous. Evans and Stevens easily reached the time machine and went back in time. There, they met Doctor Ria, the creator of the RIAs, maybe she could stop them. They explained everything that had happened in the future. She seemed very understandable and stopped doing all work on the creation of these robots. After they got everything settled, they started to head back to the time machine. They got in and were about to take off when Stevens heard something.
“Did you hear that?” Stevens asked curiously.
“No. What did it sound like?” replied Evans.
“It sounded like something was crawling across the top of the time machine,” Stevens said nervously.
“It was probably just your nerves getting to you. I know I am ready to see what the present looks like now,” Evans stated excitedly.
They set the time machine back to the future and took off.
After they left, Doctor Ria stepped forward, and there on the ground was the arm of a robot. She picked it up and stared at it in awe, completely forgetting the encounter with Evans and Stevens.
The time machine stopped, and Evans looked at Stevens and said, “Are you ready?”
“I’m just a little nervous. How about you?”
“Same here.”
Evans opened the machine door and there, standing taller than before, were seven RIAs. All weapons drawn and their eyes glowing a bright red, Evans stepped back and grabbed Steven’s hand.
“If we get through this, will you marry me?” Evans asked with a little humor.
“When!” exclaimed Stevens.
“Honey, I don’t think it’s the time right to plan right now,” Evans said sarcastically.
“No, ‘when’ we get through this, I would love to marry you,” Stevens replied.
Evans turned to Stevens, smiled, and then kissed her. In the background, you could hear the lasers charging and as they said their last ‘I love you’.

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