Mystery of the Phantom Stallion Chapters 1 and 2

May 6, 2009
By thatoneperson999 SILVER, Everson, Washington
thatoneperson999 SILVER, Everson, Washington
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Chapter 1: Not an Ordinary Teenager

"Oh look you guys! There he is!" I sigh as I watched the snow-white stallion gallop across the field. "See, I told you guys he's beautiful."

"Yeah, Yeah. Come on Sam, we have to get ready for the dance." Karina says while pulling me away from the fence. Karina, Kimmy, and Jessi, my three best friends in the whole universe, start talking about the dance as I walk along, Pretending to listen. I smile as I distinctly hear Kimmy say, "Did I tell you guys what color my dress is??" and Karina and Jessi respond in a monotone voice, "yes, it's hot pink." "Yes!!! And it's totally awesome!" Kimmy shrieks. Kimmy is usually pretty laid back, but when it comes to dances, she gets really hyper. Karina is the type who really doesn't have a type... she is what is. Some days she's as serious as me, but other times, like Jessi, she can be a total goof ball. I'm definitely the tomboy of our group; I'm not an ordinary teenage girl. I am sincerely dreading the dance--I couldn't get a date to save my life-- but luckily, my friends decided that they'd turn down any date offers, and we'd go together instead.

I begin thinking about the stallion as Karina, Kimmy, and Jessi kept on talking about typical 16-year-old girl stuff... It had been a year since he appeared in the field next to our school and 1/4 mile away from where Karina, Kimmy, Jessi and I live (we're all neighbors) but I still hadn't thought of a name; nothing fit him. I don't know where he came from, just one day he was galloping across the field, and he's been there ever since. Nobody lived in the house near his field. There's been a "for sale" sign there as long as I could remember.

When we got to my house, we rushed into my room after yelling "we're home" so that we wouldn't have to listen to my dad's lame jokes. My room is covered with all horse related stuff. You can't even see the walls because I have pictures and posters of horses plastered everywhere.

We pulled out our dresses and started getting ready. I was the first one done because the others were putting on makeup, a thing I will never do.

After the dance, Karina, Kimmy, and Jessi slept over. We talked about the dance all night. Amazingly, I had fun. Although my friends were asked to dance several times, nobody asked me. That was fine with me.

That night I dreamed of dancing and the stallion.

Chapter 2: Phantom

Karina, Kimmy, and Jessi left the next day around noon. After they'd left, I went for a walk to see the stallion. As I was walking, I noticed the for sale sign was gone from the house near the stallion's field.

I got to the field, and hopped up on the post of the fence to wait for the stallion. Suddenly, he appeared, almost as if he was a ghost. "That's it!" I thought, "I'll call him Phantom... I wish I could tame him."

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