June 24, 2009
By SamuelS BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
SamuelS BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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This is my story about why I am writing this story. The reason that I am writing this story is because I need extra credit. The reason I need extra credit is because I do not do homework’s and I talk an excessive amount. The reason I don’t do homework’s is because I have a poor work ethnic and I really don’t know why that is. So I know what you’re thinking write now here is another kid writing another stupid essay, and know what I say to you…????? You are exactly right except my boyish charm, Manish wit will make this entertaining and intellectually stimulating So as I recently stated will explain the events leading up to this essay.
So here is the story of my life…
On November 2, 1???I was born. It was a stormy day and I was born in the back of a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro on the way to the hospital. My mother had always told me that when I was born the storm worsened terribly. On my first birthday I got a copy of Forest Gump my daddy always told me life was like a blank canvas you paint your own pictures. When I was 4 I met a boy named Anakin he was a strange young lad always walking around with a hood on and a stick that was painted blue boy was that kid eccentric. Later that year my dad joined a Jimmy Hendrix Tribute band he made me be a roddie and it was worse than that time I watched grease 2. When I was 6 my house was about to be demolished when I found a GPS system with directions to the lost mall of Staten Island. Me and my friends Corey Feldman, Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Castle and Baby who I met up in the Catskills while I was at my summer home learning dance. Unfortunately I did not find the mall so my house got demolished and I moved to Gotham City where I befriended and boy by the name of Peter Parker who was in love with Louis Lane. When I turned 8 my mom and I went on a ship called the S.S Sam is Awesome. Unfortunately my mother insisted on bungee jumping and landed on a pirate ship but she was never heard from again. I no she is coming to get me soon
(Sad music in background)

Maybe far away
or maybe real nearby
he may be pouring her coffee
she may be straightening his tie

Maybe in a house
all hiden by a hill
she's sitting playing piano
he's sitting paying a bill

betcha they're young
betcha they're smart
bet they collect things like
ashtrays and art

betcha they're good
why shoudn't they be?
their one mistake
was giving up me!

so maybe now its time,
and maybe when I wake,
they'll be there calling me baby, maybe...

Betcha he reads
Betcha she sews
Maybe she's made me
a closet of clothes

Maybe they're strict
As straight as a line
don't really care
as long as they're mine!

So maybe now these prayers
(Song from Annie Maybe)
the last one of its kind.
won't you please come get your baby, maybe...
(Tear runs down face slow clap sob, sob)

After that I got into a lot of self destructive behavior. I started partying with Drew Barrymore before she went to rehab I walked train tracks home I drank juice boxes after dark and didn’t leave cookies for Santa the young boy who used to walk around with a twinkle in his eye and a hop in his step was no a rebel without a cause and the coolest kid in the 2nd grade. In fifth grade I became a crayon dealer. I had every color ever. If you needed Mac and Cheese I had it if you need magenta blue I had it I was a millionaire by the end of the year and invested all my money in the company Microsoft. When I was in 6th grade I got my life back on track. Me and my best friends Tomas J. and Vanda Sultenfuss always dreamed of running away with the Brady bunch. Until Tomas J. who was allergic to Bees got stung. After that I stayed alone in the corner until I remembered what the late great Johnny Castle had said “nobody puts baby in the corner. So I entered high school a kindred spirit. One day I got detention on a Saturday. My life would never be the same. That principal wanted to know who we were so this is what I wrote to him
Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact

that we had to sacrifice a whole

Saturday in detention for whatever

it was we did wrong. But we think

you're crazy to make an essay

telling you who we think we are.

You see us as you want to see us...

In the simplest terms, in the most

convenient definitions.
(The Breakfast Club)
Later that year I chose to take a day off that will be remembered forever. My best friend Cameron Frye picked me up in his dad’s car when we picked up my girlfriend Sloan Petterson. Where we ventured to New York City . We went to Moma and I sang in a Parade we went to a baseball game all before my sister and my parents got home. It was Senior year and I got arrested for trying to steal the answers for the SATS when I got sent to Shawshank National Prison. Were I met men named man named Reed and Blue my first two hours were the worst they are for all men thank gosh my dad my dad came and bailed me out where I went to Saint Elmo’s Bar to play in a band with Rob Lowe. 20 years latter I went to a Giants game and ran on the field and got sucked in at the 50 yard line. Guess.. who I found there???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy Hoffa. I found him I am I hero. But the problem was that Jimmy Hoffa became quite bizarre he claims to have found the sorcerer’s stone and the ring of power you know that whole one ring to rule them all mumbo jumbo so I ran and got out of there on my magical carpet with my chum Aladdin me and him ate some curry and went to never land where we met Michal Jackson, Peter Pan and Robin William (star of Hook a good movie with him but he gets annoying after a while so it’s hard to watch at times.) Then I went to an old people home read a crazy lady a story write this essay at 11:40 eastern standard time and sleep

So that’s the story of my life. I told you would be entertained. Hope I get the credit

The author's comments:
Before enter the story I wanna give you a little background I wrote this story for extra credit in English so I wouldn’t fail because I don’t believe in Homework

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