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June 21, 2009
By brenda bonilla BRONZE, New York, New York
brenda bonilla BRONZE, New York, New York
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Leah was the average seventeen year old. Always trying to fit in with the ‘in’ crowd. She was lying down at home on the couch when she heard the house phone ring. She ignored it knowing for a fact that her mother would pick it up. “Leah! It’s for you!” Leah smiled and got up. She then walked to the kitchen “Thanks mom.” She took the phone and held it to her ear “Hello?” She spoke into the phone. “Hey Leah” her best friend tiffany said on the other line “Hey, I’m having a party. You want to come over?” Leah was tired but didn’t want to say no. She knew that if she said no then Tiffany would think that she was being a loser. “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes” Leah said trying to sound perky and happy. “Great! See you here” tiffany said then hanging up the phone. Leah knew that she didn’t even have to ask her mother to go outside so she took a shower and put some clothes on. She wanted attention from guys so she rolled her skirt up just a little bit higher. She hopped in her car and headed over to her friends house.

When she was done parking her car he walked into the party. The place was packed. She knew where she had to be so that people would notice her. The kitchen. She passed through people who were dancing, drinking and kissing. Once she got there people had started passing her drinks form left to right. She knew for a fact she could not refuse if she wanted to be cool. She swallowed drink after drink having more and more. After a while not even being able to resist. She reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a pack of beers. She chugged them all down.

Leah knew something was wrong. She couldn’t stand. She tried asking for help but was unable to speak clearly. She crawled into her purse and looked at her eyes in the reflection of her cell pone screen. Her eyes were bloodshot. She called 911 but they could not help since they did not understand her. After a while she layed out on the couch. She looked at the light bulb noticing the light getting darker and darker. She knew what was going on. She was dying. Her eyes closed and she knew right then and there that this was the end.

The next time she could see all she was clouds. She then saw a few people approaching. She looked at them confused but stood there anyway. “Hello Leah” they all said in union. “Where am I?” She asked looking around. “Heaven” they said in union once again. Leah raised her eyebrows in amazement. Heaven was not what she thought it was going to be. She thought that god would be right there when you arrived and there would be happiness. But here when you arrived you were greeted by the strange group of people. Also people were not happy; they were lying in beds watching television.

She saw a bed that had her name on the headboard. She was frightened but had a feeling that it was the place where she was supposed to go. She layed there in the bed waiting to be told what to do. “Excuse me, what am I supposed to do here?” The group looked at her confused. “You lay there… FOREVER” she began to cry and cry knowing that there was no end. And that crying would make nothing any better.” “Its over, Leah. This is your life” they said.

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it was originally for class but i decided to post it here

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