Behind the Lights

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

If only they knew, he thought. But of course that would ruin the results. Everything must copy or related to the first test. Otherwise the outcome would be inconclusive, and this is his only chance- no, their only chance to prove the funding, secrecy, and above all the disturbing feelings of if only they knew what they were doing to them, was worth it. Yet the highers risked adding a new operative to the team.

No one in M.T.R-7 like the “highers” in control, but lately their grasp has tightened. Their patience with M.T.R-7 was now thin, ever since 1989 M.T.R-7 has worked and studied for 20 years. Those 20 years the highers, a.k.a Higher in Command, have done little to disrupt the research. The way it should have been, Dr.Baiden thought, if you don’t understand the study, then don’t act like you know how to lead it. But the thought never escaped his mouth, and they were already hanging by a thread held by the highers.
“Where is he?” Dr.Baiden said.
“In the recruitment room.”, an agent walking by him said.
“Not like he has a risk of being rejected, the Highers already ordered his recruitment,” Dr.Baiden said in disgust, “he better not be a waste of time.”

They approached room Recruitment-B and the two stood by the door.
“I’ll go inside, 17 years of this job is enough to know what’s of worth in this room.” Dr.Baiden said, and entered the room to get yet another obstacle in the quest for accomplishment.

The man inside didn’t expect much more than an assistant, let alone the man at the top of the research.
“Welcome Mr.….” Dr.Baiden checked his clipboard, but the man was ready.
“Johnson, I prefer just John if that is fine with you.” The man said.
“Well, John, I presume you’ve been through recruitment procedures. So you’re ready to begin.” Dr.Baiden said settling in to a chair facing John.
“By the way, aren’t you-“, John began.
“Dr.Baiden, Chief scientist and Director of Operations for Military Tactics Research sector 7.” Dr.Baiden briskly finished, “A pleasure to accept you, at least that’s what they want…”
John was given a question from an answer, “Excuse me, but who is ‘they’ everyone is disgusted by?”
Dr.Baiden sighed,” Let me help you adjust to the situation. Obliviously you’re new to this, and now I need to tell you all the events taking place, a 3-hour topic, I have 3 minutes for. First I need to know about you, nothing personal included.”
John cleared his throat, this was like a job interview, “my education is a 4-year degree in computer technologies and networking. My specialty is visual interfaces, and I heard I’m responsible for getting results to the scientists.”
“Good, but I’m going to give you the honest truth John.” Dr.Baiden said with a more stern face, “Right now this sector is on the verge of shutting down, 20 years to the Highers- and I expect you know what that means- is a good lifespan. Until now the Highers have left command to the professionals. But with the absence of war and economic disturbance, our cause seems invaluable. On top of that the research is yet to impress them, and this last test must be perfect or all the work is wasted. 20 years, do you know long that is for a study? But back to the point, they hired you thinking you’d help wrap things up. Sorry, but you are living proof of their ignorance to interfere with such a crucial time. Last, this test is to confirm an original test done years ago. We need the same results, so the same surveillance, data options… the works, all like the original test. They must be the same! Can you do that John? Can you make yourself of worth and do this right? If you can’t, don’t waste my time and just tell me now.”
The energy in the room was filled with pressure as the question hung in the air.
“Yes, I can.” John singly replied.
Dr.Baiden leaned back, but no relief was shown.
“Good luck John, you may talk to your new co-workers in room 157 down the hall. I recommend you do so. And one last thing, every ‘may’ I say means an order, but if you can’t then don’t, that’s why I don’t say can.”
“Interesting.” John said standing and collecting his things.
“I’m a social expert John, remember that.” Dr.Baiden said, and then he was gone.
The day continued, with the test on everyone’s minds. At least the testing would be over. Yet the new recruit was the only one unknowing the fact every operative in M.T.R-7 was going to remember what really happened that day, what the strange event really was…

2 hours after the meeting with Dr.Baiden, John was already working on the observation equipment. The whole place seemed like a secret spy movie, recruitment, the secrecy, agents guarding doors, top secret operations, and numerous private meetings and conversations. The halls complimented the theory with no pictures or decorations but the white light filling the building.

In the end everything was aligned, none but operatives in a high position like Dr.Baiden knew the entire complex of jobs and tasks. But at least everyone was the tests, because then is when everyone works on their part to commence and record data on the test. He must be good to be hired by the government at such a high level. John paused his work, smiled at the thought, and continued. This is a smart guy; it’s a good thing he’s in charge. The happiness will only last until he sees the test, and like the others, will think if only they knew…For now he was glad, only for now he was sane…

The man was a genius. Dr.Baiden was top of his class. Usually some think being a psychologist is giving therapy, but his study was different. Social interactions, human behavior, human reactions to events and then their social interactions, and for this criteria, massive social group behavior. Observing humans and recording reactions made Dr.Baiden feel inhuman. As if he was curious on how humans behave. He was in a sort, inhuman, if inhuman meant unaverage. In fact he was beyond average. He knew how people learned and how they used what the learned. With this, he had every operative ever so organized, and now a new person added. Dr.Baiden sighed, at least that problem was fixed.

Dr.Baiden stood in his office, and attached his papers on to a clipboard. Then while walking out the door and locking his office, as predicted he was joined be his assistant.
“Well Mr.Kane, I believe it’s time.” Dr.Baiden said turning the key.
Mr.Kane followed him down the hall towards the observation room.
“I’ll ready the Operatives.” Mr.Kane said, and then he quickly moved on.

After 15 minutes the test was then ready for starting commands. Dr.Baiden was joined by his colleges in the Observation room overlooking the wall screen, and the dark floor covered with equipment and operators. Dr.Baiden sat behind the Director’s desk and went over the original test’s operation logs. The tension held in the cool air.
This is it, Dr.Baiden thought. This test will confirm the original results, if those results are confirmed, then 20 years of work will actually be worth it.
Obstacles and differences between the 2 such as location (so the residents haven’t witnessed the event before), time period, and others, must be used in a way so the replicated original circumstances. For once it was a challenge of difficulty instead of quantity. Dr.Baiden was ready.

John did his job well, surveillance showed a town ready for testing. Before the test begun, there was a pause like always, and the thought everyone in the room gets came u, is this legal? Why wasn’t it? They weren’t in anyway attacking the town, what ever they do because they see some lights in the air, is up to them.

Dr.Baiden read the logs for the 12th time. At least this time the time of day was just like the original:

Action 1 – M.T.R-7 Test A9
Time: 19:50.
Procedure: Reveal ‘unknown light formation’, Location: above residential test area.
Length: 10 minutes.

Dr.Baiden gave the first order to the field operatives through the microphone.
“Reveal light formation.” after a moments pause, the light formation was revealed above the town on the screen.
“Move formation to northern boarder over the course of 7 minutes, 45 seconds.”

A screen showed phone connections form the houses, after 32 seconds the first phone call was made after the revealing, nothing unusual. But then the swarm of calls after 1minute 14seconds confirmed social interactions. The best part was the emergency lines were cluttered in chaos, and the local government was detangled. Obviously they must have been concerning the lights; the data was match able to the original data. So good so far.
If the original data is match able to this data, then the form of military tactics being researched will prove once and for all, the reactions to these unexplainable events distracts the government, therefore allowing a more effective attack in war. After more testing, the original results matched the present ones. But through the screen the horror stricken residents very so noticeable were seen by all the operatives. Now John saw, now John knew, now John never forgot the sight, and now John joined the rest of the operatives with never-ending grief. Dr.Baiden was the only one happy, because in his mind it was over, the work was done, and he was actually finished. Confusion and fear had struck the town without any violent attacks, just a couple flying lights! It worked, 20 years of research, and finally the proof was confirmed.
They were done. Yet no celebration had started, only weak sighs for the end of guilt, even though the end never came.

Dr.Baiden was a psychologist. He knew what they’d feel in the test area. He knew other outsiders wouldn’t believe them, and the fear will stay with each witness in the test area for a long time. It was like that every test, and Dr.Baiden had been through it for 17 years. Grief did enter his mind, but never stayed long. He cheered himself at times, and others did also.
“You’re a genius Dr.Baiden.” said a general, “by all I’ve seen this is incredible!” smacking the reports in his hand with the other.
“Well I hope you got what you wanted general. You better make this worth while. If I hear you take any credit for all we went through to get this, then I swear your position of a general will be nothing more than a thought.” Dr.Baiden said, staring at the man smoking at the desk with dead serious eyes.

Dr.Baiden left the office, M.T.R-7 was no more, but it’s impression was still on the minds of those it was related with. May it be fear, grief for the fear, or inhumanity, it lasted until all who carried it’s impression were gone.

Secrecy was strict. If they knew, if the public knew, government would never be trusted. Using their taxes to scare them would be all over the media. But miraculously the secret was sealed, so the thought still stayed on those who knew, The thought that haunted them forever, If only they knew. But they didn’t, weather they blamed it on aliens, or airplanes, or pranksters, they still never knew for sure.

The operatives suffered as the public they affected did, and their story is only know among themselves. The story, the truth, and the lives, ever so hidden behind the lights.

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