No More Pancakes

June 3, 2009
By Meghan Walsh BRONZE, Katonah, New York
Meghan Walsh BRONZE, Katonah, New York
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“I hate you!”

“Really Tina I was just thinking the same thing”
“God Maddy this is all your fault you don’t even deserve to hate me!”
“ My fault, sorry Tina I guess I intentionally ruined my own life.

“Hey Tina”
“Yea Maddy,”

“My mom isn’t up yet, do you want to make breakfast?”

“Sure, how about pancakes”

“Oh! I love pancakes”

Christina and I mixed up all the pancake batter we could find. We cooked all of them changing the shape, sizes, flavors and even the colors of them.”

“Tina this is so much fun”
“I Know who thought we could have so much fun making pancakes”
“I know everyone says, we belong together. I guess we really do. We can have fun doing something stupid like making pancakes.”

“Promise me we’ll be best friends forever” Christina said sincerely
“I promise.” I replied

“Um… hey Christina,” I said awkwardly.
“Hi,” she said trying to avoid my eyes.

My mind raced as I reminisced of the days when we were the best of friends. I wondered if Christina remembered the day we made pancakes, when we promised that we would be best friends forever. Did she think about how that one stupid fight ruined something great? I couldn’t believe that life could change so drastically in the blink of an eye, It just didn’t make sense to me. Christina and I were inseparable. We were never apart. And now, that was all gone, no more sleepovers, no more walks and definitely no more pancakes.

“Bye Maddy.” Christina said softly bringing my thoughts back

“Bye.” I replied

And in silence we both walked away nothing but a quick hello, and a quicker goodbye.

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on Jan. 18 2010 at 2:01 pm
aleigh_says_rawr BRONZE, Hawley, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
I hope to be alive after I am dead -Anne Frank

I love it, reminds me of a friendship I used to have. Sad but well written

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