The Birth of Jack Rose

June 3, 2009
By Anonymous

One gloomy night a thief named Jack Rose was running down the streets with the sound of blazing sirens in the background. He ran down the street and entered an abandoned building. He shut the door and tried to find a hiding spot and soon realized that he was in an abandoned laboratory. The police soon came rushing in and Jack tried to run for the door on the opposite side of the room. As he was running across the room one of the policemen turned on a switch that he thought was a light. But it wasn’t. Suddenly a blaring light appeared right above Jack and a large ring on the ground around him started to glow. Jack stopped running and stood to stare at the three pillars that just started to swirl around him. The pillars started to swirl so fast that when the police shot at Jack none of the bullets could get by the pillars. Electricity started to cross between the pillars and then started to go to Jack. Jack started to writhe in pain as the strands of electricity shot through his body. When the electricity stopped and the pillars stopped rotating Jack fell the ground and went unconscious. The police gathered up his scarred and burned body and brought him to jail. For one week he lay there motionless seeming as if to be brain-dead. But he wasn’t. Jack’s body was going through a metamorphosis. His brains cells were disconnecting and then reconnecting in different places, new brain cells were formed and a part of the human brain that is never used was opened. Suddenly, Jack woke up. He crossed his legs and sat there for several hours thinking of what had happened to him. For when he was going through his metamorphosis his entered a kind of state where he left his body and was watching what was happening to his mind. He knew that he now had the ability to control things with his mind. He looked at the bars of his cell and they burst out of their frames. The jail keeper came to investigate just to see Jack floating in the air with his legs crossed. Jack flicked his wrist and the jail keeper flew against the wall and fell unconscious. Jack floated out of the jail and vowed to never steal again, and to also stop other people from making his previous mistakes.

The author's comments:
just an idea I had for a book later on.

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