June 3, 2009
By cory nagl BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
cory nagl BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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There we were, great Niagara Falls. It was that time of the year again when my family and I go on our yearly vacation. Last year we went to Disney World. But this year my mom insisted on going somewhere more natural. I guess Niagara Falls is a whole lot less modernized than Disney World.

Anyways were here and I’m pretty bored. I think that my parents are getting really tired of my complaining. So my dad says that we should go on one of those boat rides to the bottom of falls. I told him that, I really didn’t care about what he wanted to do because I thought that I would sill be bored.

We had about a mile long walk to the dock were we would bored our boat. It was a peaty quick walk down the hill. But it seemed like an eternity. We finally got to the boat that we were going to ride in. And surprisingly the boats were much bigger than I expected. After we got on the boat we slowly started to move down the river. We turned around the corner of the river and saw the colossal falls. They were much more than I had expected. It was like being in a huge rainbow.

About ten feet from the falls, a sudden thump lunged the boat forward into the side of the cliff, where the water pored down from the top of the falls. The only thing that I could remember was the sudden sight water all around me. Then it all happened, I awoke from my unconsciousness, to see the sight of my family sprawled out upon the bottom of the wet cave floor. The hole in the cave wall that we fell threw caved in. The only one moving was my dad, a quickly ran over to him to find that he had been impaired threw the head. He was dead, and so was the rest of my family. I was the only survivor.

After realizing the dark reality that my family was dead, I moved about the cave trying to find a way out. I couldn’t find any way out. Realizing that I was probably going to die in this dark little cave with my already deceased family, I became enraged with anger. I picked up the closest stone and threw it with every ounce of strength that I had. It hit the wall; a loud thud echoed threw the cave. Then a violent shaking came across the cave. Then it all went black, the cave caved in on me. Now a was with my family.

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