The Witch's House

June 3, 2009
By MetalKid7 BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
MetalKid7 BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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Around the outskirts of town, there was a small house located at the base of a hill. It was definitely ancient, most likely built around the 1400’s, scary-looking, and uninhabited, save the animals that took residence. No one knew who lived there and they definitely do not want to know the hard way. Each time someone gets in the vicinity of around 13 feet from the house, a ghostly presence seems to tell everyone to leave and flee with their lives. For this reason, no one had ever set foot on the house, not even on the front porch…save one. It was my great grandfather who, to this day, remained to be pale white ever since his adventure in the house. When he told me the tale, I can only get a glimpse of the horrors he faced…

As Sigmund walked up to the house, he started to hear a voice that tells him to leave while he still can. This only made him even more curious to see what’s inside the house. As soon as Sigmund placed his first step on the front porch, he felt a feeling of impending doom sliver down his spine. The atmosphere no longer feels exciting and fun, it is now scary and frightening. Cringing, Sigmund turned the knob on the shabby looking door and opens the door. Suddenly, 6 black cats dashed from the door, knocking Sigmund down. Surprised, he got up and allowed himself inside.

When Sigmund went inside, he immediately went into a coughing fit. The house was definitely dusty and filled with the remnants of cobwebs, but what is the most interesting that there are only three rooms, a bedroom where the entrance had caved in, a kitchen, and a living room, and a basement in the house. Eventually, Sigmund got used to the air and began to scan the house. A small skeleton on the kitchen table caught his eye and he began to examine it. Using his knowledge of biology, he concluded that the skeleton was from a dove that seemed to be killed by crushing blows localized on the head, the right side of the rib cage, and the right wing. As Sigmund examined the skeleton, a voice echoed…telling him to flee for his life! This spooked Sigmund, which caused him to drop the dove skeleton where it smashed into pieces to the point that the damage is irreversible…

Swearing under his breath, Sigmund went on the living room, scanning for important details to share with his friends. Out of the darkness, Sigmund found some set of clothing, a well cared set of armor, and a severely charred half set of armor. From what he can see, the set of clothing is composed of a black shawl, top and bottom robes, and a black cape…oddly; it was near a skull tipped staff. Sigmund cringed at the idea that this set of clothing belonged to a witch. He then examined the first set of armor, which is composed of a black helm, black plate body, black plated legs, and black shield and well polished before the dust settled in. This created a sense of fear to Sigmund that this witch was a supporter for the Black Knights, probably one of the vilest threats in Medieval Time legends. He took note of that in his mind and examined the second set of armor. Surprisingly, it was a whitish steel type of armor that was charred to a crisp and bloodied. Interestingly, the plate body had a cross on it and the shield (of what’s left of it) had a holy looking coat of arms…perhaps the remains of a paladin?

Excited of his discovery, Sigmund could not wait to leave this gloomy house, but he was curious to see what’s inside the basement. He began to walk down the oddly charred stairs when a ghostly voice called up to him, this time more distinctive than before, that warns him to flee for his life. Sigmund ignored this warning and went on to open the door. He immediately started coughing as a cloud of ashes exploded on him. Using his handkerchief to breathe, Sigmund looked inside the room. It contained a lot of ashes and a lot of cobwebs with the remains of flies on them. He walked to the center of the room and found evidence that a large bonfire took place here. Then, he found that he stepped on a switch and three nooses fell from the ceiling…one with a dove on it, one with a human skeleton on it, and…an empty one! He heard a loud cackling laughter…and he ran out the door screaming for his life…

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