attack of the aliens and wolfs

June 3, 2009
By john pitt BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
john pitt BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
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It was just your normal day in the big apple o.k. New York City and matt comes out side and he picks up his news papers that are on his steeps, then he stops to look at his Volkswagen bus and tie-dye stuff it’s so awesome he bought it like that right off the show room floor it was awesome. So he thought then all of bomb!!! Crash!!! POW!!! Kaboom!!! Bang!!! Mat turns to his van Jacob!!! Oh my gosh no!!! My van, he drops to his knees and begins to cry as he is weeping his ex who he still likes comes up,
the stairs and she says wow smoking van interesting then she asks “are you crying” “no!!! Yes just a little well why do you not see Jacob who is Jacob my van he’s dead he got blown up by what that’s what I want to know. Well we should inspect the van and see like if it was a rocket or a bomb or something nerdish like that ok but let me get dressed first as he walks in to the house with his blue and yellow boxers then she gets out her phone and calls her friend to tell her what kind of boxers he is wearing but her phone starts to shock her and then I dies so she gets out her other phone but that one is dead to. All the phones in the city were not working either. She thought that was wired so her went in side and matt opened the fridge to grab some stuff matt asked do you want some beer oh no I don’t drink I meant do you want some root beer oh ya sure I mean you said beer and well you did not let me finish and she said sorry then matt comes out of the kitchen and sees her smelling all of his stuff what the!!! Your stuff smells like fibers ya I know but why do you smell my stuff I love the smell of this stuff it makes me crazy, so matt runs to the bathroom to get some more as soon as he opens the door there is a ware wolf straitening its hair and there is and alien in the bathtub he screams and then faints he is past out long enough for the ware wolf and the alien to get away, then he wakes up looks in the bathroom and there’s nothing in there then he said wow my head hurts he gets up and walks in to the bathroom the straitener is hot and there was bubbles in the tub and the floor is wet but nothing is here that’s wired I could have sworn there was something in here or is there?

The author's comments:
i love righting and this is my first time ever rting

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