The Lonesome Day

June 3, 2009
By Jose Gonzalez BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Jose Gonzalez BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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Johnny was a normal fourteen year old boy, but little did he know that today would be a strange day. For it was going to be the strangest day of his life.

It started off normal. He woke up at six thirty and went down stair to eat breakfast. To his surprise there was no on the table, usually his mother would always have food ready for him. “Mom!” Johnny said. “Mom are you there?”

He walked to the clock in the living room, it read seven forty five “I’m late, I’m late!” he shouted. He ran back up stairs to his room and grabbed his back pack. He zoomed down stairs and out the door, since he had already missed the bus he had to run to school. He lived with in walking distance so it only took about ten minutes to get to school.

At school he ran to his locker and expected the hall ways to be packet with student but instead they were empty. He grabbed his science book. And want to class. He opened the door to the room and walked it, but there was no one there “They must be outside working on some experiment or lab” he told him self “I’ll just wait here until they come back.”

Two hours had past until he realized they weren’t coming back. He walked out of the empty class room and just decided to go to his next class, English . So he had to go back to his locker to get his English book. Again the hallways were empty. Once he was done with his locker he went to English. Again like science the class was empty, and the lights were off: he knew then something was wrong.

He walked thru all the other classes and noticed they were also all empty. He then felt confused and lonely. Confused because he had no idea where everybody was at. Lonely because there was no one there, not even his mom. “Hello!” he shouted, “any one here?”

“Hay you!” a voice shouted from behind, “What are you doing hear?” Johnny was both relieved and scarred to hear the voice.
“What do you mean I go here?” Johnny answered
“Schools closed today, your schools got a serious bug problem I’m just here to kill them, they told me no student were going to be in.” said the exterminator. Johnny had forgotten about the assembly on Friday about people coming to his school, and school being closed on Monday. At that moment Johnny felt like stupid eighth grader that doesn’t pay attention.

He went home to see if his mother was there. “Mom, are you there?” he shouted “Mom?”

“Yes, son,” she replied “Where were you this morning? I went looking for you but didn’t see you, I figured you were with you friends”

“You wont believe what happened!” he said. He told her every thing that happened, the empty class rooms, and even about the exterminator. She laugh, and laugh and told him that she had to work a couple of hours that morning

“So that’s where you were,” he said

“Tomorrow I don’t work, and will be able to make you breakfast,” his mother said “oh, and you don’t have school tomorrow either so make sure you don’t leave again.” She joked

“I won’t,” he answered. He went back up stairs to go to bed after his lonesome and strange day.


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tiasory said...
on Jul. 1 2009 at 3:56 pm
Very good mijo! Thanks for sharing. Love you =)

Angie77 said...
on Jul. 1 2009 at 3:35 pm
Great Job. Very creative and detailed.

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