Adventures of Dr. Drizzle

June 3, 2009
By Jacob Abbott BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Jacob Abbott BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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Dr. Drizzle was not a very happy man. Growing up in Portland was hard for a struggling rapper. Mostly because nobody ever liked his music. Dr. Drizzle had a parrot that he always wrote his music with and rapped with. Dr. D., has to work. He doesn’t get paid much but he’s employee of the month every month at his coffee shop.

He opens up the shop at seven every morning, and works until about five. At work Dr. Drizzle gets no respect from his customers. They must not know of his rapping career, Or maybe they do. Maybe that’s why he gets no respect from them.

After work he works on his rapping career. Some days he’s writing, some days he’s recording on his Mr. Potato casset tape recorder, and some days he’s on the streets trying to sell his tapes. Nobody even seems to give his music a chance. They take one look at his ugly face, and weird clothes and don’t buy his music.

Dr. Drizzle tries very hard to come up with good material and to sell his music. He will not give up on his rapping career. Every day Dr. D. goes straight from work to the streets selling his music, or at least trying to anyway. Everybody knows Dr. D. and everyone feels bad for him. The ones who don’t know him though, laugh. They laugh hard. He doesn’t know he’s being laughed at though. Nobody ever has the hurt to laugh in his face, they all wait till he’s not looking. Dr. Drizzle has never sold a single album.

One lonely weekend Dr. Drizzle had an idea, ho got all of his money out of the bank, except a few thousand, and bought a really nice studio, he went around to advertizing companies and had himself advertized allover the city. He even bought a train ticket to go advertize n other cities. Dr. Drizzle spent pretty much all of his money. He had never been more broke than he is now.

Now all he could do is go try and sell his records. Still not a single person wanted his music. People actually laughed at him, because now people had actually heard his music. He put up a song on a commercial he made. His parrot ruins his songs, but Dr. Drizzle doesn’t make them any better. Dr. Drizzle couldn’t take all this laughter and ridicule.

The weekend was over, it was Sunday night and Dr. Drizzle was in his apartment singing the blues with his parrot. It was a very sad day for them. He was hoping all his advertisement and new studio would get him money, but it just ended p costing him a lot. He would still have enough money to pay rent and get groceries, but he had no money left in his account almost and he’s been saving that his whole life.

Dr. Drizzle was looking through the paper. He saw and advertisement for a fire fighting academy. He decided he was going to be a fire fighter. His rapping career Pretty much failed, worse than any other. I mean really my grandma’s fish could have had a better rapping career than him. But I guess he wasn’t made for it.

He did have to save for it a little, but he had enough money to be trained as a fire fighter. So now he is called Dr. fire fighter. He saves the people that used to laugh at him. That’s how cool he is. It was a hard decision choosing between fire fighter and rapper, but in the end I guess we go with the better paying job.

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