The American Hero

June 2, 2009
By Stephen Navarro BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
Stephen Navarro BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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January 20, 2056- Washington D.C.

The President of the United States was speaking with Senator Bethany Peldo. The President, Brian Pace, was newly elected, and his first law that was passed went against the Second Amendment of the Constitution. He had an anti-gun law. As Senator Peldo was congratulating President Pace on becoming the new nation’s leader, a smoke grenade flew inside the White House. As the Oval Office was filling with smoke, a shadowy figure jumped through the window. Shrouded by the smoke, the Secret Service was useless. The President heard the screams of pain coming from his guards. As the smoke began to vent out the windows, all the President could see were the bloody carcasses of his guards, and Senator Peldo with a sword through her back coming out of her chest. When the sword was removed from her body, her carcass fell to the ground, and a tall man wearing dark clothing stood behind it. More Secret Servicemen came in but the intruder had vanished. There was a note where he stood.
January 21, 2056

In a school just outside of Washington D.C., A science teacher, Kowalski Thomas was teaching his class. He was a husband, father, hair-losing middle class teacher, and just barely getting by on his teaching salary. Kowalski was about to realize that his skills in science and fencing would serve him more then getting him a wife. It would change the fate of America forever.

Kowalski heard about the attack on the President, and everyone was nervous because there was a no-gun law. Every firearm in the country was destroyed. As he was finishing up his day at school, he noticed that the sun faded slightly out of his window. He stepped outside with other curious teachers. A bluish dome shield was surrounding D.C. like an upside down bowl. Many were not sure what to do. Kowalski ran inside his classroom and commanded his students to be calm. Then, the television showed the Emergency Broadcast Service with President Pace saying that they don’t know what is going on, and that the U.S. Military will handle it. As the military approached the outer layer of the dome shield, they could see the city, shaded blue. One of the soldiers was told to walk into the city through the barrier. When the soldier’s flesh made contact with the shield, the man was zapped into nothing but a pile of pale sand. The soldiers backed away from the dome and waited for further orders. Kowalski, being a professional science teacher, knew the structure’s compounds, and also knew how to disable the barrier, and get into D.C. He mixed some chemicals that he apparently brought with him, and was able to make a hole in the structure big enough for himself. One of the soldiers tried to stop him, but before they could, the hole closed up again. Kowalski was inside D.C., and his adventure had begun.

This newly found Terrorist was obviously a specialist in martial arts, and was extremely skilled with a sword. Kowalski thought that the only one that could stop a sword wielding terrorist inside downtown Washington D.C. was himself. And he was right. Everyone was told to stay put. Most citizens were too afraid to even leave their homes. But not Kowalski. He was soon going to be an American Hero. He went to the White House to consult the attack with the President himself.

The President was baffled that a science teacher was risking his life to save the newly elected President didn’t even vote for. The President had a strange feeling, though. A feeling that this man would soon be the new face of the United States of America. The President agreed that Kowalski Thomas would be able to be his guard from the upcoming attack, an attack that was guaranteed in the letter that was left behind after the first attack.

January 22, 2056- Inside the White House
Kowalski knew that in the note, it said that the next attack would be today. The note also said that the first attack was a warning, and if the President didn’t change the law, then he would surly be killed. One thing that the terrorist was neglectful to include in the death threat was what law to change. President Pace and Kowalski had no idea what the terrorist was talking about. All they could do was wait for the assassin to return.

They were alone inside of the Oval Office. Their blood was filled with adrenaline as they waited for the next assault. Every time they heard a noise of any kind, they would jump to their feet in dreaded fear. Unexpectedly, another smoke grenade flew into the Oval Office and filled the room with thick, white smoke. Kowalski had expected the plan and had already found a solution. He had placed fans near open windows which sucked the smoke outside of the Oval Office and blew it out into the quiet city, giving Kowalski a clear view of what was about to happen. The assassin jumped into the window and quickly withdrew his sword. Kowalski withdrew his sword as well, and it became a standoff. The assassin made the first strike, not at the President, but at Kowalski. Kowalski blocked the swipe, and was able to stop both swords from moving. Kowalski tried to talk the man out of the attack, but he wouldn’t listen. Now that the terrorist’s sword was free, they were smashing each other’s swords together, and the sound of clashing metal and blinding sparks made Kowalski feel nervous. He knew that this man was better with a sword than he was, and it would only be a matter of time before Kowalski would be defeated. Kowalski was able to stop both swords again, and pleaded the man to stop the attack. The man refused and began to release his sword from the hold. Kowalski noticed an opening that he could strike in. But by striking at the terrorist, he would also be open to a blow to the chest by a razor sharp blade. Kowalski’s mind was racing. He had to make the decision, and he needed to make it fast. It all came down to this. His one and only chance.

The blue shield faded away, and the sun was out. The President met up with the military and quickly went on the air of national news. President Pace spoke in a proud, but melancholy tone:

“Citizens of the United States of America, you have probably heard about the recent attacks on myself. I am here to tell you that I am fine. I am better than fine, thanks to one proud American citizen. He sacrificed his life to save his country. This man is a true American Hero. His name is Kowalski Thomas. That is why I am declaring this day, January 22, Kowalski Thomas Day. This man should be noted for his bravery, and love for this country. God bless America”

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Chance's Mom said...
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Great job! Loved your story and the fact that you've published it for the world to see. I've sent a link to Ms. Eubanks so she can see how you have grown and matured as a writer. Love ya.

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